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  1. Good, I was starting to think there is not many Republicans left in california.
  2. You continue to spew these words out of your mouth, but you never back it up with evidence. Do you think you can do better at explaining how Trump was treasonous or is a criminal better that booby mueller and his $40 million dream team of Trump haters. Or are you going to be better than the fbi, and their hatred of Trump, or the southern district of NY and their hatred for Trump, or this stupendous mistake the dems made to impeach him, and none of the articles have a crime attached to them. How bout that, all the powerful men and women in the swamp have tried to impeach Trump for 3 years, but you know why they haven't, because they can't find a crime. And the idea that he is a traitor is rediculous. His motto is America first. Not Mexico or Canada, or China, or russia, or europe, but America. It is in the air and America is more prosperous than ever before. People (especially colored people) are liking Trump more and more because he is actually doing things for them to earn more money and pay less of that money in taxes. Remember it was Trump that said to the dems: I will let 1.9 million illegal immigrants (dreamers) become a part of the American dream, if you will compromise on 2 other issues regarding immigration. The dems said NO. Which message to the dreamers was, we dont really care about you, we just care that you vote for dems. Well Trump is winning them slowly. By nov. 2020 I would not be surprized that 50% of our colored population vote for him. Won't that just eat your heart out.
  3. How is he illegitimate in any way? And you know, there is talk that because of the dems refusal to acknowledge him as President and have resisted with every bit of strength they have, he is maybe going to ask for his second term to actually be his first term, and then run for re-election in 2024. How would that be to have Trump for another 9 years? It's called wonderful.
  4. A switch is like getting 2 seats instead of just one seat. The dems lose 1 and the Republicans gain 1, so we will take him in a heartbeat. Think about it. Is this a precursor to a GOP landslide back into a house majority?
  5. You must think you are clever and nobody will know what you are doing, but we all do, and you just look stupider than we think you are.
  6. And you think he said, can I be re-elected and everybody said no, do you think he would have gone through with the switch. No, he had his ducks in a row. The GOP will take a conservative dem (some of them are better than liberal Republicans). The dems will fight him though, but NJ is moving Republican anyway and he may issue in a new era for Republicans in NJ.
  7. Has anyone asked her why the north pole is still here. Didn't her god, al gore predict that by 2015 the north pole would be under water. Ask her if she believed him? Then ask her why it didn't come true?
  8. Again, you are just making yourself look stupid, where were you between 2008 and 2016? Absent for debt discussion. Dems cannot talk debt with Rebublicans, you just look stupid.
  9. A sad statistic if it is true. Everyone has the right to have unprotected sex for pleasure and recreation, but after the fun and happy moment, be prepared for the obligation to at least bring the human to birth and let some other woman who cannot get pregnant have a beautiful baby to love and take care of, rather than go abort and throw the baby into a trash can or cut it up for organs and profit.
  10. We should treat them, but not for free or off of the taxpayers. There should be consequences for stupid behavior. Smoking is so stupid, it is mind boggling that someone would be a smoker in this day and age of information. Smoking, however, does actually only affect you, unless you give second hand smoke to your loved ones or friends. But when you willingly allow a climax in you, and you are aware of exactly what is happening to your body, and that a fetus starts the second the egg is penetrated, you no longer are just you. You are 2 people in 1. You no longer get to make a decision just about you and your wants, there is more than you in you. You have created another person, with a heartbeat and brainwaves, it no longer is about you alone. How supid do you have to be to get pregnant with all the protections that you have to work with these days, not even discussing the moral issues. How stupid can you be to willingly allow a 2nd person to start to grow in you and then snuff out its life. How stupid, and then how selfish. Just get a brain and keep your pants up and do the right thing when your pants go down willingly and with full knowledge, and eyes wide open to what is happening.
  11. No, it just supports your narrative. Lets see what happens when the revenues start shrinking because jobs were created and revenues increase. Lets look at this next year and then you can get a better idea if you are right.
  12. A stupid dem tells me that the DEFISIR is now out of control. Where has your head been since 2008???????????? Where were your worries when the DEFICIT soured from 10B to 18B in 2 years under obama? Did I hear your concerns then? Were you upset then? Did you say anything then? Did you write on this forum that obama was a knucklehead and should reign in the budget DEFICIT? No, I didn't think so. So you just need to be stupid and shut up and let a real man run the Whitehouse. The deficits may grow, before they start down. It takes a while for the whole program to get to max efficiency. The hope is that you give the money to the job creaters instead of to the beaurocracy creators, and the job creators create good paying jobs and so far less people are sucking off the tit of the government and are working to support their families, and contributing to the tax base. The jobs are being created, now we have to watch as the deficit start to shrink. If that doesn't happen like we need it to, Trump will start trimming government spending. He will do what is best for America, not what is best for obama and stupid dems.
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