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  1. So many Christians, so few suicide bombers (and lions)...
  2. If I'd hacked you, you'd never be able to even look at your pictures again let alone post them...
  3. Jail with the Beaners should be - educational for him...
  4. Left-Right ... What are your top 5 issues going in to 2020? 1. Trump 2. Trump 3. Trump 4. Trump 5. Trump
  5. 1. I'm not. 2. I don't. 3. If anyone ever does you tell me and I will kill them - as a favor to them...
  6. Listen, Jerkoff, I have nothing at all to do with whatever you are into. Nothing. So, kindly STFU. And I picked the first picture I saw that wasn't one of your mindless memes - the dead dog. Now, GFY....
  7. Hold your finger down on the picture, select copy, then paste...
  8. Dumbass, no one, at least not me, is in your account. What I post of yours is - Public. https://photobucket.com/gallery/user/StillMack/media/cGF0aDovdGF4IG51dCAyX3pwc2E5dGI0dmVxLmpwZw==/?ref= Click on the link above, then click on StillMack, then click on page whatever to see all the memes from the biggest dumbass cannon fodder on the board. 827 pics of utter BS, including you - page 9. Got it now, Dumbass?
  9. If someone is, I doubt it, it's not me you f*cking mental case. I couldn't care less whether you live or die...
  10. Harryhands

    Without impeachment,

    Suit yourself...
  11. Harryhands

    Without impeachment,

    It doesn't read that way, it reads you giving Trump a pass for being a mental case.
  12. Harryhands

    Without impeachment,

    No. Trump is guilty and sick, but so is America.