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  1. No. It was a very difficult time to be alive and America was hardly great. A great nation would have come to the defense of others before it was attacked. And being at home then wasn't great either. Your statement is nothing but ahistorical, therefore highly inaccurate, bias...
  2. Few alive then would have thought so. Very few...
  3. Still waiting for someone, anyone, to tell us when America was great...
  4. Harryhands


    Burn baby, burn...
  5. I dream of killing all humans but I don't really have to much now, the species is doing just fine on its own. Nothing more than a matter of time...
  6. Good luck with other things. One thing I know for sure, without exception, is my life is always better when I'm not here (which is why I so rarely am now). Long ago this place was terrible, simply terrible. Now it's so bad there even aren't words to describe it. Godspeed and thanks for giving a damn. That seems to no longer matter in Trump's America...
  7. Too many humans, not enough non-humans. Is it really that hard for you to understand?
  8. Harryhands

    How can a transgender

    How they came to be, by surgery or like the girl about, wouldn't matter, That's like saying I can't date her, she had a boob job. Idiotic...
  9. Harryhands

    How can a transgender

    The wife wouldn't like it but it doesn't bother me. Nature is not a simpleton like those here... And she's XY, has always looked and been trested as a female from birth. Are you saying you couldn't date her?
  10. Harryhands

    How can a transgender

    Sure, if I were her age. She's a nice girl. And she might even be XX, solving your problem...
  11. Harryhands

    How can a transgender

    XX isn't always female, nor XY always male. Look it up. And those are only two of several combinations...
  12. Harryhands

    How can a transgender

    It's a tough life. If you didn't fear having that little thing you are so proud of cut off you might get that...