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  1. Melania Trump just addressed attending Barbara Bush's funeral, which quickly resulted in the first lady and her husband getting roasted as the viral image of herself laughing with Barack Obama remains a hilarious headline. https://bit.ly/2JcHDTx
  2. Kellyanne Conway just went on a multi-tweet rant on Twitter in defense of her humiliating interview on CNN where she struggled to respond to questions about her husband's criticism of Donald Trump. https://bit.ly/2F7tCEm
  3. Watch as Kellyanne Conway just made an embarrassingly blunder by claiming James Comey was "sexting" with Democrats as part of his disdain for Donald Trump. https://bit.ly/2qMU7uu
  4. Donald Trump just lashed out on Twitter in response to a story claiming he mocks Jeff Sessions to his face by calling him "Mr. Magoo," but the president's rebuttal didn't go over well on social media. https://bit.ly/2F6J6bn
  5. Donald Trump just responded to Barbara Bush's funeral after not being given an invitation to attend, while Melania Trump was caught on camera at the service smiling as she sat next to Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton. https://bit.ly/2HkETTJ
  6. Donald Trump just broke his silence over the news that Michael Cohen could turn on him and flip in court over the Stormy Daniels scandal, with the president accusing the media of using drug addicts and drunks as their sources. https://bit.ly/2F5JVS2
  7. Donald Trump just failed miserably in his attempt to attack James Comey on Twitter after getting caught forgetting to proofread his tweet with yet another grammar blunder. https://bit.ly/2HkFowL
  8. Donald Trump just responded to the news that he's being sued by the DNC for colluding with Russia during the hacking of the 2016 election, with his reaction quickly backfiring in the process. https://bit.ly/2qNKZpr
  9. Donald Trump just got caught using an imaginary poll to promote his phony approval rating, which resulted in the president being mocked across social media in the process. https://bit.ly/2HFE7Uu
  10. Sean Hannity just humiliated himself after taking a cheap shot at Chuck Todd and his wife during his latest Twitter rant, which led to critics making sure to correct the record within minutes. https://bit.ly/2HfAS74
  11. Donald Trump and the Russian government just got sued by the Democratic Party in a multi-million dollar lawsuit, with the head of the DNC speaking out and explaining exactly why it was filed. https://bit.ly/2qMChYs
  12. Donald Trump just confirmed that he won't pay his respects to Barbara Bush in person and has decided to skip the former first lady's funeral, which resulted in the president going viral for all the wrong reasons. https://bit.ly/2HCyczq
  13. Donald Trump just lashed out in his latest Twitter tirade, this time trying to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans but the "choice" he presented didn't go over well in return. https://bit.ly/2vuU7nA
  14. Donald Trump just broke his silence following the release of the James Comey memos, but the president's Twitter tirade was not well-received. https://bit.ly/2HAHxI3
  15. Watch as Stormy Daniels' lawyer just made a bold prediction about Donald Trump's future as president, while elaborating further on the possibility of Michael Cohen flipping on Trump. https://bit.ly/2vteuS1