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  1. The White House just confirmed that Melania Trump will no longer be joining Donald Trump on his upcoming foreign trip later this week, with the first couple being mocked across Twitter following the latest news about the Stormy Daniels affair. http://bit.ly/2BkJBNm
  2. Donald Trump Jr. just lashed out in a failed attempt to attack Democrats and brag about his father over the government shutdown ending, but was quickly met with massive backlash in return. http://bit.ly/2DzDoSJ
  3. Watch as an MSNBC panel just ripped into Donald Trump and also his supporters for continuing to deny the president's blatant racism in his rhetoric and policies. http://bit.ly/2G81VNs
  4. Donald Trump just broke his silence on the end of the government shutdown by taking a sarcastic shot at the Democratic Party, though his remarks were quickly met with backlash. http://bit.ly/2DpSmr7
  5. Watch as Mike Pence's speech to the Israeli parliament was just interrupted as lawmakers who oppose Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem attempted to charge at the vice president. http://bit.ly/2DvapjP
  6. Watch as Sarah Huckabee Sanders just struggled to defend Donald Trump over the government shutdown with the press secretary getting grilled over the president failing to work hard enough to reach a deal. http://bit.ly/2DrlUEU
  7. Donald Trump just lashed out during his latest meltdown on Twitter, this time doing his best to avoid any responsibility for the government shutdown in an attack on the Democratic Party. http://bit.ly/2DxoDkc
  8. Donald Trump just tweeted out a message to Fox News while ignoring the government shutdown, which quickly resulted in the president being mocked for his childish post to his favorite cable news channel. http://bit.ly/2DnhrTO
  9. Alec Baldwin just went off on Donald Trump over the government shutdown, while going as far as comparing his presidency to a "home invasion." http://bit.ly/2DyDdHf
  10. Watch as the 24th annual SAG Awards just threw some hilarious shade at Melania Trump and Donald Trump as Hollywood's opposition to the current administration continues. http://bit.ly/2DnOKG1
  11. Watch as a host on Fox News just turned on Donald Trump and the GOP, calling out the Republican Party over their hypocrisy of blaming Democrats for the government shutdown. http://bit.ly/2Dp0oAP
  12. Listen to the new White House voicemail that Donald Trump just had changed in order to blame Democrats for holding the country "hostage" over the government shutdown, which didn't go over well on social media. http://bit.ly/2mYNJhw
  13. Donald Trump Jr. just got hit with a reality check after having the nerve to claim that Democrats are the ones who want to "destroy" America over the government shutdown, with the president's son getting called out across Twitter in the process. http://bit.ly/2G086D1
  14. Watch as "Saturday Night Live" just hilariously mocked Donald Trump and his entire administration, including taking shots at Sarah Huckabee Sanders over the Women's March, as well as the president's recent physical exam with Dr. Ronny Jackson. http://bit.ly/2DzBscU
  15. Tomi Lahren just completely humiliated herself during a failed attempt to defend Donald Trump and attack the Women's March after nearly a million people came out to protest the current administration. http://bit.ly/2DSYPMr