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  1. Alec Baldwin just mocked Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani during an epic Twitter takedown, which quickly received instant praise in return. https://bit.ly/2JmJEB1
  2. Donald Trump just lost it during his latest Twitter tirade, insulting both Democrats and fellow Republican Jeff Flake before receiving massive backlash in return. https://bit.ly/2M68bbl
  3. Donald Trump Jr. just lost it on Twitter in an attack on Samantha Bee over her remarks about Ivanka Trump, but quickly faced humiliating backlash and a reality check in return. https://bit.ly/2J5vOis
  4. Meghan McCain was just given a reality check by her co-hosts on "The View" after dismissing Planned Parenthood as a major women's issue, before losing her cool in the process. https://bit.ly/2kf7Nug
  5. Donald Trump just broke his silence over the news that Kim Jong-un could cancel their upcoming meeting, which resulted in the president being humiliated in the process. https://bit.ly/2GIEp8y
  6. Sarah Huckabee Sanders just lashed out at Democrats and accused them of a "War against Women," before going on to defend Donald Trump in her latest tweetstorm, resulting in the press secretary getting a harsh reality check in return. https://bit.ly/2Lo2iWG
  7. Howard Stern just revealed disturbing comments Donald Trump once said about Ivanka Trump and how he would rate his own daughter on a scale of 1-10. https://bit.ly/2GDkwja
  8. Donald Trump just took a jab at the NFL over the national anthem while honoring NASCAR at the White House, which quickly resulted in the president going viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. https://bit.ly/2KJhsVj
  9. Watch as Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro and others just recreated the final scene of "The Sopranos" to completely humiliated Donald Trump and his entire administration. https://bit.ly/2GzeIqT
  10. Donald Trump just responded to the school shooting in Houston, Texas, but was quickly met with a harsh reality check after his controversial remarks on Twitter. https://bit.ly/2Irh8O9
  11. Donald Trump Jr. just lost it during his own Twitter meltdown in defense of his dad using the term "animals" during an immigration debate, which quickly resulted in the president's son being humiliated in return. https://bit.ly/2L9WL5V
  12. Watch as Donald Trump and top members of his administration, including Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders, just gave their thoughts on the viral "Laurel or Yanny" debate, which quickly resulted in the entire White House being mocked for wasting taxpayer money. https://bit.ly/2k4Ny2t
  13. Alec Baldwin just mocked Tomi Lahren during an epic takedown on Twitter following her recent response to being called out for having undocumented immigrants in her family tree, leading to social media going viral in the process. https://bit.ly/2L95sgS
  14. Tomi Lahren just failed miserably in her Twitter ranting response to the news that her family tree includes undocumented immigrants, with critics not letting her off the hook in return. https://bit.ly/2ILVcN0
  15. BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump just broke his silence after Melania Trump was taken to the hospital for kidney surgery, but his reaction was not well-received in the process. https://bit.ly/2IfHnqN