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  1. please read National Sunday Law The discussion is 666...What realationship does it have with the seal of government that involves religion,currency and government laws.not leaving out the survival of the fitness and making sure that God stated come unto me little children..what do we as political figures think that mean and why does it states the seal of the government have or will become corrupt because of changes within fundamental aspect of living through changes.Does the seal of government owed by 666 or is it owed by the Seal of the God's of government> Whom has the power to produce the seal of government
  2. National Sunday Law written by: A.Jan Marcussen describing the forces unite between religion,law and politics.The most confusing passage was understanding the mark 666 and what political power it has between government and people.The second passage was understanding that God had a reason for searching the Devil even though heaven and hell are two different dimenision not accounding the time that the word makeup began with greatest king ever..Alexander the Great.The third passage was understanding what meant by>>>>VICARIUS FILII DEI,Latin for