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  1. you cant go 10 seconds without thinking about him
  2. he probably paid someone to do it
  3. they just started talking about it today or yesterday
  4. it's amazing how many people still think he said white supremacists are fine people
  5. https://vidmax.com/video/204825-new-york-hitty-cctv-footage-shows-black-man-knocking-out-a-random-asian-woman-in-chinatown
  6. believing him or not isn't the issue, the issue is whether or not I believe this leftist toilet rag and I dont. I wont believe he said it until I hear the words come out of his mouth myself.
  7. lol pantifa attacked like 15 different people they thought were Andy Ngo, just because they looked Asian
  8. “If you don’t know if you’re for me or trump, then you ain’t black” - Joe Eagle
  9. no, it is literally a virtual classroom. where did you go to school?
  10. kinda seems like no other option is available at this point. I meant what specific thing did it
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