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  1. They can't figure out which bathroom to use or what to do with tide pods but they know better than you what to do about the second amendment.
  2. Is this one of those states that wants to destroy all voting records before anyone can look at them? Totally not suspicious at all. Nice spin too
  3. You hide behind the first as it's protected by the second you prancing little fairy.
  4. And? Skinhead lesbian seems pretty accurate. Another example of how out of touch liberals are with reality.
  5. False. You have no data to back up such a racist claim.
  6. You leftists wouldn't exist without fake outrage. Now you can add hypocrit to the list along with racist and homophobe.
  7. No you weren't, those were your words not theirs, bigot.
  8. Lol, nigros and fags? look who's racist and homophobic now. You're right at home in the party of Jim crow and the kkk.
  9. diapers on aisle 4 for the mess in your pants and tissues on aisle 6 for your constant crying
  10. then you truly do share the same political knowledge as children.
  11. like what, "racist" "bigot" and "homophobe" that is basically all your dimwitted liberal arguments boil down to.
  12. lol liberals have the same beliefs with and share the same political knowledge as children
  13. "you're more likely to die from slipping in a bathtub than you are from a shark attack so lets just put some sharks in your bathtub" -liberals
  14. better them than unarmed students in a liberal gun-free cuck zone .
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