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  1. Your brain isn't capable of changing two letters and you're avoiding the fact that you can't prove a gd thing 🤡. Period.
  2. Well if you read the context and understood it and had more than one braincell to rub together, you could have figured it out. You really that bad with American history 🤡? You are doing everything you can to avoid the fact that you can't prove a gd thing.
  3. We also have this to look forward to. Sorry I didn't feel like making a thread for it. Where have we seen this before? https://www.politico.com/news/2021/07/05/biden-housing-dilemma-low-income-497921 WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s move to fire the top U.S. mortgage regulator is triggering calls from fellow Democrats to use the agency to expand access to loans for lower-income people, who have struggled to buy homes since the financial crisis.
  4. Apparently just as hard as the typo I made that you were too retarded to figure out. 🤡
  5. trummp This makes no sense at all. Try it again without butchering the word.🤡
  6. I can blame you for not being capable of thinking critically.
  7. Slaves. You really couldn't figure that out on your own? No wonder you blindly trust whatever your tv tells you.
  8. your claim was that they just told him something about pence before he made the tweet: unproven now your claim is he made a tweet about pence as they were entering: proves nothing you just tried to make the argument Trump wanted them to enter: also unproven every bs claim by the left happens this way and they expect you to rely on the emotions they feed you. this is why they kept salves illiterate, to keep them believing only what they were told. now they found a new way to do it to people who can read, by getting you to believe things even though you can't verify them.
  9. "minutes after he learned his vice-president was in physical danger" lol, again you're pretending to know what Trump knew. every one of these claims has no way to verify
  10. you can't prove what someone wants or thinks. pretending you can is just as meaningless as watching cnn and not verifying anything they tell you. and trusting a source like npr is just as naive as trusting cnn. without verification what they say is meaningless.
  11. reliable according to someone who watches cnn and questions nothing
  12. pretty sure they were already being let in and he's not telepathic
  13. and for all I know whoever you copied and pasted it from did make it up. try again
  14. he also didnt tell them to insurrect. you have proven nothing.
  15. because people dont lie do theym and a coppied and pasted quite from them is 100% proof? nah try again
  16. that's nice. she still turned down national guard presence and those capitol police stood by and let them in.
  17. no, it's not. she turned down requests for national guard presence
  18. Pelosi is the one responsible for security at the capitol
  19. yup, and they could have told this guy exactly why they were there and asking the right questions would get you the confirmation you need to unlock the door
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