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  1. the virus probably isnt that bad and the vaccine is probably what they say it is since both sides aer pretty much telling you the same thing
  2. turn on msnbc they are still denying everything nvm i might have misunderstood looks like they are still blaming republicans about voter suppression
  3. maybe this was their redistribution plan all along, because they might start suing people who took part in it
  4. ya and the world is not big enough for two of those so we might be in trouble
  5. i literally asked in the op. you're dodging even harder now
  6. I'm not asking for your opinion on illegal immigration. You missed the point completely. Society has deemed it racist to talk about just so it can continue and shun people away from talking about it. We don't other our own people here, that isn't American.
  7. Auto correct. Rub your last two braincells together and try to think what i might have meant. If you can't even do that you're not smart enough to talk to .
  8. well it still happens. What happens when a white person wants to bring up illegal illumination? You call them a racist and shun them right?
  9. what do they call it when society makes unwritten rules that only one group has to follow and if they don't they are shunned away?
  10. Someone took down the extensive list of America's grievances and exploited each one. Democrats lost their way and abandoned their own country again.
  11. theres nothing left for them to argue they got what they wanted
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