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  1. more fearmongering propaganda. if a politician can be bought, so can a "scientist" or "doctor"
  2. you vote for the party trying to normalize pedophilia and transition children, dirty little faggot
  3. ok then. adblock extension helps. I have no problems whatsoever. ya i see a link for porn but nothing happens unless I click on it https://ip108240468.ahcdn.com/key=oHFcLmriGmovgAYnAo91jw,s=,end=1632363405/state=YUvfRqy-/buffer=689751:12199,10.7/speed=98536/reftag=0245847143/11/1692/4/264415204/content/2021/09/a3bb05b9.mp4 this one should have no ads
  4. there is porn but there should also be a video. you probably need adblocker, sometimes there are redirects. try this one CrazyShit.com | Dying protester says his name is Kyle Mitchell - Crazy Shit
  5. Kyle Mitchell Melbourne Obituary - Know Cause Of His Death - StarsUnfold MAN KILLED BY POLICE IN MELBOURNE | theYNC (graphic)
  6. you literally vote for the party of slavery you retarded fuck
  7. ya you're describing yourself. your team divided everyone by race
  8. and just like a good little nazi, you make everyone you dont like out to be a jew or in your case a wHiTe SuPrEmAcIsT. you're doing the exact same thing the nazis did, you're just too stupid to see it.
  9. who locked your coutry down and forced you to wear a mask? the same retarded team who told you Trump said white supremacists were fine people. lying propagandists who cant get by without gullible people like you.
  10. lots of countries use an eagle crest, stupid. this one is from poland. you're an idiot
  11. https://theragingpatriot.org/2021/09/20/cnn-poll-52-of-americans-dont-think-biden-was-legitimately-elected/ CNN POLL: 52% of Americans don’t think Biden was Legitimately Elected
  12. that was bound to happen no matter what. go drink wine with your cats
  13. Tucker never told anyone to not take the vaccine. you idiots are living in the land of make believe.
  14. well if you're fucking everything that walks then test yourself or prepare to deal with the consequences of your own retarded decisions
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