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  1. if you're joking you need to drop a less subtle hint because no one is gonna laugh when you do this.
  2. i didnt ask about your beer gut. anyways yes, forcing to do something against their will is textbook fascism.
  3. they are as easily fooled as the Jews who turned in their friends and family to spare themselves.
  4. isnt forcing someone to do something literally fascism?
  5. probably some of former vice president biden's 400 executive orders
  6. I did but you clearly didn't read my question. Try it again
  7. Awe I bet you spent months working on these didn't you. Too bad they're junk now
  8. did you hear those words "suckers and losers" come out of Trump's mouth?
  9. We're a republic. Majority rule doesn't work in mental institutions. It's how you divide a country by creating differences.
  10. I wish I could see nancy pelosi's face right now
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