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  1. maybe a lot of them have no interest in furthering their education because why would they even need to bother
  2. Today nancy pelosi did this right after she made mask or arrest mandate at the capitol.
  3. When is the cdc going to recommend closing the border to infected illegal aliens?
  4. What difference does that make? Can you prevent lung cancer by not smoking? Can you give someone else lung cancer by smoking around them?
  5. So someone with lung cancer from smoking or liver cancer from drinking can just go home and die too?
  6. you dont watch enough fox news to know that clearly. you can still extrapolate the truth by eliminating inconsistencies, but you would have to listen to both sides
  7. if you cant read, all you know is from what people tell you. they control you by telling you only what they want you to know. that's how so many people only watch cnn and never fox and only get half the story.
  8. those african nations are probably going through the same thing that's happening to blacks in the usa. an uneducated populace is easier to control, that doesnt mean they are incapable if learning.
  9. I dont remember that screen name and I didnt learn anyone's actual names
  10. No one claimed they created covid19 And yes it did fund research that made animal viruses transmisible to humans in that time period, that is gain of function.
  11. The possibility of Trump taking Nancy's job and squatman squatting to pee.
  12. Maybe there wasn't any, but now there certainly won't be any now that voters need an id. Sorry cupcake, no cheating.
  13. Yes he did. Paul asked something like "youre telling me adding proteins to an animal virus to make it transmisible to humans isn't gain of function reaserch?" And fauci responds "yes" The whole argument they are using is there is some panel of doctors that decided this time it wasn't gain of function even though that's exactly what it was.
  14. You pretty much have to stop talking about if you're being sued for it. That doesn't mean there wasn't fraud, that just means they can't talk about it.
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