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  1. how is this "77 months of growth" and not 8 months of growth and 7+ years of stagnation?
  2. other than all the other million reasons that have nothing to do with taxes
  3. someone needs to pull up posts from 8 years ago with all the libs here defending obama's massive debt and deficits
  4. dummy you still a 2/3 majority vote in the senate. hold your breath you absolute moron.
  5. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=best+rope+to+hang+yoursself&s=l&qtype=search&ovr=1
  6. lets make sure illegal immigrants get healthcare though bcuz them republikanz aer unimerikan
  7. it's easy is it to call them liars when they cant call their own witnesses
  8. Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart said the state’s own experts felt the death penalty wasn’t acceptable for Pilkington due to her "mental defects" https://nypost.com/2019/11/19/jealous-ohio-mom-gets-37-years-in-prison-for-killing-her-3-sons/ https://bustedlocals.com/mother-sentenced-for-killing-her-three-sons-because-she-thought-they-would-grow-up-to-abuse-women/ Mother Sentenced for Killing Her Three Sons Because She Thought they Would Grow up to Abuse Women
  9. that's nice. blacks in the usa make up about half of all murderers. literally cut our homicide rate in half if they vanished. we would be in the top 10 for lowest
  10. they know they cant win in 2020 so they kick and scream their way out
  11. https://i2i.org/why-the-national-public-vote-scheme-is-unconstitutional/ Why the “National Popular Vote” scheme is unconstitutional
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