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  1. Alexander Acosta, Trump’s Labor Secretary, Broke the Law ... The prosecutor who helped a rich serial child rapist ... Here's the back story. Trump has a fellow pedophile buddy named Jeffery Epstein. Trump and Epstein like to rape little girls. Epstein got arrested to raping 40 little girls. The prosecutor Alexander Acosta, worked out a deal that gave Epstein 13 months in county jail that allowed him out 6 days a week. Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl Long before Trump ran for president there was a lawsuit filed against him by a woman he raped when she was a 13 year old girl. Of all the people Trump could have picked for his labor secretary he picked a pedophile enabler who gave Trump's pedophile buddy Jeffery Epstein a sweetheart deal. If anyone can still defend Trump they belong in a cage.
  2. In America prosecutors have to follow the law. It's not like in Russia. Read the articles dum dum. In America judges up hold the law. Prosecutors Broke Fed Law With Secret Plea Deal For ... Federal Judge: Acosta broke the law in Jeffrey Epstein’s ...
  3. No dumfuk, there was no prosecution. He gave him a plea deal. If never went to trial you filthy liar.
  4. Eskimos are things? You suck at hiding your racism dumfuk. You read too much of the Daily Paul. Libertarians are dumb!
  5. You dumb bitch, Trump's buddy Epstein is the pedophile. Acosta is the enabler but not prosecuting him. Get with the program dum dum! You are still on probation. Putin is not happy with you.
  6. Alaska is just teeming with blacks. You are such a dumfuk. You lie worse than Trump.
  7. Dum Dum, he raped 40 girls and he was sentenced to 13 months in county jail and was allowed to be out 6 days a week. Anyone else who raped 40 girls would be in prison for life you stupid bitch. He broke the law dummy. By law he was supposed to notify the victims and he didn't. He should face a firing squad like the rest of you traitorous MAGAts.
  8. Are you certain you want to keep lying? I'm not the only one here who can dox trolls and traitors. I'm law abiding but others may not be. Watch your step liar. Trump's pedophile enabler may be going to prison along with Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, and Roger Stone. I hope he gets beaten to death by the inmates. Inmates hate pedophiles. I bet you are on a sex offender list. Most pedophile defenders like you are. Be careful where you lie liar, it could come back to bite you. I think the punishment for pedos would be to baste your balls in gravy and feed them of a pack of starving dogs while they are still attached. That would be good.
  9. That's all you MAGAts have. Can't lie your way out of this one MAGAt. How Trump's Labor Secretary Covered For A Millionaire Sex ... Trump's Labor nominee Acosta cut deal with billionaire in ... Alexander Acosta, Now a Trump Official, Broke Federal Law ... You now have my permission to stick your tongue in a light socket. You are dismissed loser!
  10. It would be a miracle if you popped a stiffie limp dick. Maybe if you say a picture of Ayn Rand and that flit boy Paul Lyin Ryan you could get a boner. The Folly of Libertarianism, pt. V: Ayn Rand does not ...
  11. The people who live off the government teet are in the red states but it is not their fault. They are very stupid. Almost as stupid as libertarians. There you have liar. The moochers live in Trump country. You now have my permission to eat shit and die. You're dismissed loser.
  12. The MAGAts have gone silent. They can't lie out of this one. Why is Donald Trump's Name in Pedophile Epstein's Little ...
  13. I bet your wife tells you that a lot. I bet a lot of you MAGAts have a hair trigger and a short barrel and a small caliber. I see how you MAGAts shoot. It's pathetic. If I were in a gun fight with this MAGAt I'd need a harpoon.
  14. If I were in Putin's gun grabbing Russia, I would know exactly what to do with a gun. Putin says Russia needs stronger gun restrictions - Guns ... Here is a list of Russian kleptocrats. It won't take long to liberate the Russian people and save Russia from the criminal oligarchs. When the Putin regime is gone it will be open season on criminals in Russia. Keep that in mind trolls. America knows where you are and who you are. Fuck with America and pay the price.
  15. I forgot more about guns an ballistics that you will ever know. Conservatives are not a threats you moron. Some of the guys I hunt with are conservatives. You MAGAts call yourselves conservatives. real conservatives like Bill Chrystal, Joe Scarborough, Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe, Rex Tillerson, Mad Dog Mattis, Jeff Sessions, George Will, Richard Painter, Jeff Flake all condemn Trump and defend democracy. You are a Bad wording moron. I don't hate conservatives and not hating conservatives doesn't make me a conservative. What I hate is enemies of America and you and your fellow MAGAts are enemies. True Conservatives are not my enemies, MAGAts are. I will be supporting Bernie Sanders 100%. Real Conservatives and Liberals are not the ones ambushing our police, beating up reporters, bashing gays, hating immigrants, and supporting treasonous, lying lawless Trump. Anyone who supports Trump is a traitor and unAmerican. You are an idiot Russian troll. You are trying to sell the idea that hating liberals make one a conservative. It doesn't. Keep in mind troll, Putin will be gone soon and we have a list of the 10,000+ Russian trolls. Do you Russian trolls think you are going to be safe when Putin is taking a dirt nap? Think again asshole.
  16. BlueDoggL

    The Importance of Gun Rights

    KnobJob, would a Russian troll trash Russia using undeniable facts? Maybe compared to the Bible Belt, where you live. Russia is less of a shithole maybe not.
  17. Russia is a shithole and that's a fact. Putin is already restricting gun rights there. Putin knows that if Russians had the firepower that Americans have, some former military Russian sniper would take him out and his oligarchs. Russian snipers are famous and celebrated. The righties in the US are armed to the teeth and they are dangerous. Whether you like it or not we need to be armed unless and until the MAGAts come their senses and they have no sense we would be smart to protect ourselves. It sucks that we have to do that, but what other choice do we have. Sure, we can push for the much needed gun control but we know how that has worked out. The laws are such that any madman can easily get his hands on a killing machine. MAGAts love AR style killing machines because they are the best guns for killing people. The answer to gun violence is not restrictions because there already is a glut of guns in circulation. The only way to stop gun violence is to get guns out of the hands of the MAGAts. There is no other way. The Righties are correct when they say, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Guns just make it much much easier. MAGAts have this idea that they can over throw the government with their AR-15's. I hope they try so that the get crushed once and for all by real soldiers but they may never happen. Trump has fired up his MAGAts before and they have killed on his orders and now they are waiting with baited breath for their marching order and listening for dog whistles from other trash on the right. There is no denying that the MAGAts are unhinged and dangerous. They do intimidate our government and when they shot, Lincoln, RFK, JFK, Reagan, Gabby Giffords, Garfield, McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Attempted assassination of Harry S. Truman, they attempted to kill President Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, four attempts on President Obama. The MAGAts have attacked reporters and protesters. They are a major threat. Getting armed is not a perfect solution and it is not the only solution but it is all we have for now. Guns are not our enemy. MAGAts are our enemy and they are the enemy of good people everywhere. List of United States presidential assassination attempts ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_presidential_assassination_attempts_and_plots
  18. BlueDoggL

    The Importance of Gun Rights

    Now you are getting it JT! BluDog is a snake. I told him that not all liberals are a bunch of peaceniks and anti-gunners. He didn't like it. He moved this thread from the liberal forum because I was kicking his ass. He's not a liberal, and he has no idea what liberalism or progressivsim is. He's Teacher's flunky. Liberal Forum is owned by a person in Israel. Why would a forum dedicated to American politics be owned by a foreigner in Israel? See if you can connect the dots. Israel has a Muslim population of 20%. Think long and hard about that. Do you think the Russians are the only people who want harm political discourse in America and the West? I've read your stuff on other forums. You actually sound like a good guy. Whether you want to believe it or not you are a bit naive and you are being played.
  19. Here is a post on LF that proves what you are.
  20. His other crimes listed here.
  21. What is the fascination you MAGAts have with homosexuals, anuses and sex with your mothers?
  22. He's guilty as sin. Here's more dirt on him.
  23. BlueDoggL

    The Importance of Gun Rights

    I don't have to make you look bad Mindy. You are doing a great job of that all by yourself. So Mindy, why won't you debate me one on one? Has the Xanax kicked in yet? http://acnow.net/liberalforum.org Registrant Name: Mindy RutstenRegistrant Organization:Registrant Street: Bee Rav Yaacov 15Registrant City: JerusalemRegistrant State/Province:Registrant Postal Code: 12345Registrant Country: ILRegistrant Phone: +972.526694999Registrant Phone Ext:Registrant Fax:Registrant Fax Ext:Registrant Email: david@webdesignoffice.usAdmin ID: CR63635261Admin Name: Mindy Rutsten
  24. BlueDoggL

    The Importance of Gun Rights

    Queen's English? Diction: the style of enunciation in speaking or singing. English is kinda tricky ain't it comrade?