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  1. He has. 7 of his lackies have been convicted of federal crimes. Rudy, Lev, and Igor who work for the Russian Mob (you did know that right), will be going to jail next. Barr who hid the evidence of the Muller report will be on the list to. Dishonest Donny is so incompetent his swamp, the real swamp, just keep getting caught. Maybe you tools will eventually start watching the news instead of Korean State run tv. You'll find out what's actually going on in the world. The best thing will be after President Pay to Play is no longer a protected criminal. We are going to find out all the crimes he's committed. I bet he defects to Russia.
  2. I think 7 of Trumps swamp have been convicted of Federal crimes now. We know Rudy is going down. I wonder if Rick Perry who was trying to get contract from Ukraine for his buddies will end up on the list too. How about Barr burying the evidence from the Mueller report, or Pompano. Isn't it amazing that all the lies the radical right make up turn out to be true about Trump and his lackeys. Karma
  3. Dip Sh*t. Tell me you were watching the Fake News telling you no one is interested in the crimes Dishonest Donny committed. What did you think about another of the Trump swamp being convicted?
  4. Sorry YOU LOST. Don't tell me you didn't watch Fake News all week, and the did EXACTLY what I told you they would do. Did you learn how it works yet? Sorry about the tax link, that was an accident. I think I'm going to donate your money to Bernie just to piss you off.
  5. Here is some help for you taker. I of course have been at work but I DVR's that sh*t and it was pure uncut BS just like I told you. Soooo 😉 Here's your payment plan. I hope you learned something stupid. https://www.irs.gov/payments/payment-plans-installment-agreements
  6. That's very true. Fox and MSN are both pure propaganda. People love that sh*t. It's why we have all this tribalism.. No one wants to hear the news. They want to hear how the other side is the devil and their sh*t smells like roses. Hey I'm guilty. We all are.
  7. Boy, tisk tisk tisk. How would you prefer to pay me? I can put you dumb ass on a payment plan. Awa Your stupid but you had to see what I told you. There's no shame in admitting you're an idiot. I won't let you forget. So You can pay me 100 a week until the box your living in melts. Than it can go to 50. So how does reality feel?
  8. Ok so I'm guessing it's on the internet. You do know that this is were Fake news actually comes from. Russia especially on Facebook, make the stories look like they are from sites you would trust. Say Fox's web page, or some right wing newspaper. Just something to be careful about.
  9. You can go ahead and give me the money now if you can't hold your nut. I know I'll give it too illegal aliens as they cross the border. The funny thing is you should know who this is going to play out. They will show the Republicans doing their dance of BS and then they will cut to the commentators. I know you've seen this. I know I'll donate it to refuges coming to make america a socialist hot bed. I'll have to make sure they write you thank you letters. As for your fake news. Who gives a sh*t? The Whistleblower blew the f*cking whitslte. Okay, so the f*ck what. Now we have all the evidence including 2 confessions. Sooooo the whistleblower is a distraction. Seriously how old are you? You have the mind of a child.
  10. 1) Who gives a f*ck who called 911. It's a distraction and he's not a "spy". The fake news has you living in a fairy tale land. Trump committed a crime. You should be mad about that. What if Obama had done this would you be calling this guy a spy or a true american hero. Come on, you conned. 2) You really listen to way too much BS. Railroaded???? He wasn't being impeached in the closed door session stupid!!!!! They were getting information that will now be public, and your boys were in there with them. See how they take something and create a narrative you mindlessly believe. Again how old are you? I don't care what rock you live on. You can't be this naive.
  11. Ok, here is exactly what FaKe news will do. When the Republicans have the floor they will let them scream they're talking points. It will be all theater. You'll see that. When it comes time to answer questions. They'll go back to their "commentators" so you don't hear the questions or answers. I'm going to enjoy spending your money. Maybe I'll give it to Bernie in your name.
  12. You don't have a paypal account? where the f*ck do you live? Now we are going to be clear here boy. I told you what the fake news was going to do. I will DVR it since I have a job. I will copy back down here what I told you they will do. Then you can use your new PayPal account to send me your money you have lost on the course.
  13. I'll have to learn more about his positions. Hopefully the field will think down so he can be in the next debate.
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