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  1. I'm trying to help you keep your job. Hey what year did you graduate anyway? What was you prom song?
  2. I keep forgetting your Russian. What year did the Great Depression start and end?
  3. Well let's think about this. Polsi bated Trump (cause he's easy) into taking responsibility for the shut down. Then bullied by Anne and Rush he demands money for his wall. Gee who could see that coming. He doesn't think through what he's doing. He doesn't know. I'm sure he had no idea this would happen. Your criticizing grown up thoughts on a partisan basis. If he was a Democrat, I would say the same thing about him. I bet you would have an entirely different view. It's true that the TSA workers are going to be bitter and will eventually stop showing up. They will probably start doing a bad job with an attitude. Human nature. If I'm a terrorist. Now's the time. Think. The services the workers provide us we need. He is punishing innocent people (and dumb dumbs listen to his oh their just Dems, guess what, if you have a brain, they are now) Trumps an idiot. He's being out played, but this is not a business he can run into a the ground. It's our country. The good news. His days are numbered.
  4. Let's review. Get your crayons, if you get it right, we'll give you another sticker for your helmet. Let's start with Bill. He was fortunate enough to have the birth of the technology on his side. Allan Greenspan convinced him to end Glass Steagall (not all regulations are bad) which set the stage for the great recession. Bush was not guilty. Just in office when it happened. Bush, irresponsible (politician) gave huge tax cuts while increasing spending. However, he followed the advice of the experts (wow someone who listens to people actually do know what the f*ck they are talking about) and saved the country from collapsing. Obama also listened to his advisors, against what the news media said, and stayed the course the experts said. Fact the economy was in a natural upcycle when he handed it to Chump. Chumps an idiot who doesn't listen to the experts, but whoever he talked to last. So he did whatever Ryan told him. This now, much like when Clinton set us up for the great recession, will be devastating on the next down cycle. Which he seems in a hurry to get to (because he's stupid). Inflation is about to start to raise it's ugly head because of the biggest deficits ever while the economy is good. Math that creates inflation. That will hit about the time the next down cycle comes. So in a couple of years you will have, high inflation, high interest rates (slowing growth and keeping it stagnant) the temporary tax cuts for the lower and middle class end after they have become use to living at a higher level. High inflation will take away the tools of lowering interest rates and spending. It's a depression. It's not a left right issue. This my party whichever) is always right and yours is always wrong is a sign of ignorance. How do you like Road to Hard Rudy saying he never said there wasn't collusion.
  5. Because that was Toddler Trump being petty and lying (it's the Donald) mischaracterizing her mission. Most likely her primary purpose was to visit Nato and reassure them that the USA is still with them. We will prosecute the Russian Asset. They gullible faithful just follow along listening to the piped piper of stupidity. DJT. Yea Mitch the Bitch is going to find himself outplayed by Pelosi and have to bring a bill to the floor that is Veto proof. It won't happen until there's a terrorist attack, the economy is tanking, and a brand new set of Democratic faithful have been born. Stick a fork in him. I wonder if we will actually execute dumbo. He can plead innocent due to stupidity. He's such a tool.
  6. Aren't you precious. You know that the President (any President) has little to do with all of that right? Nope. Did you drop some acid with Sole?
  7. I find it interesting that Barr wrote an unsolicited commercial for one audience. Chump. Dishonest Donny may be many things. Bright is not one of them. He is well known for being easily swayed. Barr gets in, and makes sure the Muller report and subsequent prosecutions and not submarriend. The Don would never see that coming.
  8. You don't support the consitution. You just said you would be happy if this criminal was able to get away with crimes.
  9. How convenient. You elect a criminal and then appalled him for doding justice. Cause that'll show those evil Dems. Moron.
  10. I do see both sides of the argument. Why shouldn't the majority rule, on the flip side. If you want us to be part of the union our opinion should count too. Congress was a brilliant fix. I don't know how you get that same balance in the Presidential election. I guess that's why the founders faced with that problem decided the electoral college was the best solution.
  11. I wonder how this will all play out. We know Trump is trying to kill the Muller findings with a new AG. I wonder if it will get out and how many crimes are actually being investigated. The teabaggers will never believe the truth.
  12. Ok, your a zombie. We need a 3rd party so those of us who are educated and grown up can have a party to be proud of. You teabaggers take over of the Republican party driven by talk radio and Fox entertainment station will lead us to ruin. You think they children. The left is not what your feeble little mind has been told, but there is now a growing faction that is starry eyed about old bad ideas. We need a 3rd party for the educated and grown up. You extremist can try to f*ck things up all you want. The grown ups need to put the 2 of you in time out. Eat your broccoli Elton.
  13. You make a good point. The electoral college is a tough one. I get it. If you are going to be part of a country your voice should count. I think they did a good job addressing that dilema with having 2 houses of congress. The house represents states based on population, and the senate gives everyone an equal voice.