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  1. Is this guy real or a troll? You're right. At best a 7th grade mentality. I suppose he made it through on the 3rd attempt.
  2. Do get your TpycnKn in a bunch. I said if you read your article it puts out this accusation, but it does not once give an example of classified information disclosed. You didn't notice this? Can you give me 1 example? Just 1
  3. Again, I keep trying to give you the benefit of the doubt (I try), but I'm sure I know the point you are going to try to make. What you will be neglecting to think about is the big picture. As a reality I mean climate denier (I have no doubt) you are unaware of what an ecosystem is. So to take the concept and understand it on an economic scale and why that is relevant would take 1) A curious mind, 2) the willingness to think about it. Not just try to preach what you learned at reeducation camp. Can you do that?
  4. That is a stunning demonstration of intellectual superiority. Now let's address the facts laid before you. Your article (if you read it) throws out some typical Obama hate. This article states the President of the United States leaked information to the American People about the Afghanistan war. Now think about that for a second. Here is the mindf*ck. They take a President being transparent with the American people and they spin it to "he's sharing secrets". If you read it. It does not say what those "secerts" are, yet you act as if there was some grand exposure. So I ask you again. What "secrets" about the war did our President disclose, and who exactly to that betray? The Taliban?? If that is your team, and it may be. Then I understand your concern, otherwise, you either didn't read your own article, or are not mentally astute enough to realize what they just did. Obama - Tell's the American people details about a war we are in. Trump - Tells the Russians top secret info received from other intelligence agencies,
  5. Oh no I haven't forgotten about you. You're going to bore me with BS you learned at "reeducation" camp, but hopefully (I always have hope) you will learn to think in a big picture mindset. Here's a thought for you to chew on. You do realize we are an economic ecosystem correct?
  6. I read the link. It makes accusations with no substance. It's really rather a bizarre accusal in that it purports that Obama was leaking to the American people "secrets" about Afghanistan. Sooo our president was keeping our country up to speed on relevant information on a war we are in? Maybe you've been dropped on your head here, but let's comp this. Obama - Tell's the American people details about a war we are in. Trump - Tells the Russians top secret info received from other intelligence agencies, What here doesn't seem right? Trump betraying the American ally by giving our enemies secret information, or President Obama being transparent with the American people. Just step back and think about that for a second.
  7. The real news don't spread lies like the sh*t you listen too. Did you ever ask yourself what their motive is for lying to you?
  8. mmm I'm a Democrat and that is not me or any other Democrat I know. So how did you come to believe this?
  9. Hey chicken sh*t. Do you remember what the biggest hit in the 80's was? You were around then right?
  10. Well this is not a credible source, but if there were "leaks" to the media about afghanistan as they claim. They neglected to state what they were. It's been awhile since those events were taking place. Do you remember any "leaks"??? What exactly was leaked?
  11. The sad thing old mac is you are probably a relatively intelligent guy, but you have bought the lie that Dems are "this" and Dem's are "that". All of which is BS. Meaning you will turn off your brain and just regurgitate your programing as soon as it becomes tribal. You're not alone. There are plenty of people on the left who are exactly the same way. I'm sure in some ways I'm guilty of that myself. I actually blame Fox and MSN for this state of discontent. The right wing media are like surgeons at mind f*ck lies that the clut loves. The left tries, but.... they really aren't that good at it. That said, it is true that our allies and intelligence agencies don't trust Trump. That isn't because MSN is out to get him. It's due to his actions. I doubt this kind of BS hasn't been around since the 1930s. We are truly at a test of our nation.
  12. Lock him up!! Lock him up!! Motherf*cker you need your punk ass kicked. I know you have a bad case of HDS, but dumb ass. President Donald Trump discussed classified information during an Oval Office meeting on May 10, 2017 with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, providing sufficient details (including the city where the threat was detected) that could be used by the Russians to deduce the source of the information and the manner in which it was collected, according to current and former government officials.[2][3][4][5][6] The disclosure was first reported in The Washington Post on May 15, 2017. White House staff initially denied the report, but the following day Trump defended the disclosure, stating that he has the "absolute right" to "share" intelligence with Russia.[7] It was later reported that Israel was the source of the information.[8] Israel did not confirm or deny the report but released a statement stating full confidence in the intelligence sharing relationships with the United States.[9] Ynetnews, an Israeli news website, had previously reported on January 12 that in a meeting held in early January[10] (before Trump's inauguration), U.S. intelligence officials advised Israeli Mossad and other intelligence officials to "be careful" when transferring intelligence information to the Trump White House and administration until the possibility of Russian influence over Trump, suggested by Christopher Steele's report (commonly referred as the Trump–Russia dossier), has been fully investigated.[11] U.S. officials were concerned that the information, particularly about sensitive intelligence sources, could be passed to Russia and then to Iran.[12] Two Israeli intelligence officials confirmed privately that Trump's disclosure of the intelligence to Russia was "for us, our worst fears confirmed." They said the disclosure jeopardizes Israel's "arrangement with America which is unique to the world of intelligence sharing" and that Israeli officials were "boiling mad and demanding answers".[12][13] The report was described as "shocking" and "horrifying" by some commentators and officials.[14] According to current and former U.S. officials interviewed by ABC News, Trump's disclosure endangered the life of a spy placed by Israel in ISIL-held territory in Syria.[15] The classified information Trump shared came from a source described as the most valuable of any current sources on any current external plotting, according to The Wall Street Journal.[16]
  13. Mueller was assigned the task of investigating Russian influence. He was not tasked with investigating Trump. Trump made a hard campaign of character assassination in anticipation that Mueller was going to expose his activities. Mueller did not exonerate him. He actually said. We could not say that the president didn't commit a crime. Oher than fat immature assh*les on right wing nut media telling you the dossier isn't true. How do you know it isn't true? If you say some stupid sh*t like, cause Dems blah blah blah. Then you are disqualified as an adult and have chosen to expose yourself as a zombie.
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