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  1. Love Carlin!! I think he sums it up when he says. The planet is going anywhere..... We are.
  2. I would say that more people are libertarian. They just don't know it. I don't truly have a political home. Everyone has their primary concerns. Some it's guns, abortion, ect.. My 2 are the deficit and climate change. The problem with that is each side has taken one of those flags and proclaimed they are the party. By their actions. Neither is telling the truth. The Republicans LOVE to spend frivolously and are anything but fiscal conservatives. Yea they talk a lot of sh*t, but ill advised tax cuts instead of reducing spending in an upcycle? Please. The Dem's claim the global warming flag yet when was the last time you saw legislation or education from that camp? Obama tried, but he didn't really have the backing of his party. They talk a lot, but do you see them trying to combate fact with this Hoax that it's a Hoax? Nope. So they too are talking sh*t but not living up to their rhetoric. Since the Fox entertainment station arrived we have been spiraling down. Theoriginall Fake News was such a brilliant business model MSN was born. Then people quit watching legitimate news. This was exacerbated by Fox claiming they were the "true fair and balanced" Pinocchio Please, and that unless a news organization presented their extreme bias they were "liberal". Brilliant marketing. Cable news (real news) had been dieing, now we had an entertainment station masquerading as a news organization. MSN ofcourse filled the void for the other audience. Pair that with the relentless,disgusting, radio head entertainers. We now have this war of parties on our hands.
  3. No you are a zombie the radio heads control. You have chosen to worship the immature and lazy minded. They laugh at you. The BS is going to taste sooooo good!!
  4. No that is a fact. He has told officially over 12 thousand lies since being in office. You should be outraged that the people you trust tell you not to listen to real news,. See what you are being kept in the dark about? Why do you think they keep you free from knowledge?
  5. Prove you are totally brainwashed? That you have been conditioned over years of lies? That you are incapable of addressing facts since you are unaware of several? When are you having your diapers changed again?
  6. Did they take you off your meds? You sound like the guy yelling at the building on the street. It is you isn't it. I bet you didn't know the Donald has now officially told 12,019 lies in 928 days You are plugged into state run TV unaware of half of whats going on in the world. You only list to propagandist you tell you half truths, lies of omission and lies. It's unfortunate you have chosen to be part of the evil. Tell me a lie you think the Dem's have said.
  7. Is that what happened to you? I bet you have a sign. Will lie to the American public for food. You'rea taker, but it would be the one time you would actually work. Being a mindless assh*le is your passion.
  8. Hahaha check your meds Grandpa. Facts don't matter to you. You are a well trained puppy. When Pavlov I mean Hannity tell's you to sit and eat sh*t, you say ring the bell!! Nothings taking you away from your belief system as out of focus as it is.
  9. The same people I listed. I like what they have to say from policy. I suppose if I didn't like Kirsten then I would be a sexest? I do like some of what Mayor Pete has to say, but I think he needs to have a few yearsexperiencee either being a governer or a senator. He's anaturall politician, just still a little green. Does that make me a homophobe? If your qualification is race, sex, or sexual orientation then we are now drifting into the Trump territory. I like these people based on their policy focus. I would even put Warren next on that list. If you are basing your choices on race or sex then you are falling into the mindset of the Trumptards. I like booker, but think Yang can't handle the job and isplacatin a little to much. Does that mean I hate Asians? Take some time to evaluate your priorities. If you are voting for people based on the color of their skin then that would make you a racist. Vote for a woman just becuase shes a woman? Sexest. You would be trying to carry a flag instead of picking the person based on policy. I think Biden and Bernie will be ineffective. Does that make me an agest? Reevaluate your perspective to balance your motives with your political priorities. If you are more interested in race and gender. Just be honest about it.
  10. Yes you did. You were babbling about people flying around on nuclear scooters. Then you tried to sound intelligent and thatt idiot sh*t popped out. If you have since come to realize that not only is man on a death mission prescribed by the fossil fuel companies, and administered like heroin dealers by the radical right wing media. Fantastic. We may be able to save whats left of the planet for future generations.
  11. We know the Trumptards are scared of Biden. There are some better candidates in the mix. These are moderates whom realize we need to address the real problems facing the country / world. The massive tax cuts in an up economy might be politically popular, but long term economic suicide. We are now set for stagflation without any tools to get us out of the next recession. Bad move. We are killing the planet that keeps us alive. Stupid, but the cure will also be the next gold rush which can save our economy (and the world). We are already way behind Europe and China on this endeavour. These 3 candidates from what I have seen so far seem to not only understand this, but also have an ability to communicate this effectively. Senator Michael Bennet Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Governor Jay Inslee
  12. You didn't answer the question so I'm going to assume no. That's ok. An ecosystem is a large community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in a particular area. The living and physical components are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows. Ecosystems are of any size, but usually they are in particular places. I'm going to go out a limb here, but I'm guessing you're a fisher and you live somewhere in the south. Maybe you have heard of the Lionfish? This is an example of how an ecosystem can be disrupted and everything else dies. If I told you not to jump in front of a train. Would that be fear mongering or am I trying to prevent you from killing yourself? Just cause some aHole on the radio tells you it's all ok. Does not mean that it is. I know if it is something you might not completely understand you might have that reaction. It might be a better idea to understand what's being said before labeling it.
  13. No. I asked you a simple question. Maybe you didn't have the opportunity to learn about ecosystems. Did you?
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