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  1. I live in metro Detroit so I am familiar with the situation. The Detroit Water Authority has some of the best water in the country. This is what was feeding Flint. The shift was to save money; however, the water source was known to have lead in it. GM closed a factory in the 80's do to this issue. So it was known. You do have the follow up problem, which they were addressing in Lansing. Replacing the water lines. Yes the state capital was having their lines replaced as this was happening. Now that Flint is back on Detroit water, their pipes have additional residuals from the water change over. They straight up flipped the switch on a poison water source. It was an unprecedented act of incompetence.
  2. You aren't real Hahahaha, listen you enbread but f*ck. The infrastructure had been there for decades. Going back to the 50s. GM bailed in the 80s due to the problem. It affected the manufacturing process. You are the result of lead water. You have a tiny brain. I don't think if I explained to you the basics of how this works you would be able to understand it. Seriously you have to be a backwoods dip sh*t how quit trying to get his GED on the 5 loss. You should let the intelligent people make decisions.
  3. Well that ia the religious doctrine, but it's dangerous. When it comes to regulations there are some regulations that are needed. Period. I'm sorry self policing is naive. It becomes the monster under the bed that becomes the easy go to. That said, there are some that are silly, out dated, or were put in place by a politician to give a donner a business advantage. Absence of regulation is also a way for a politician to give a support a pass. For example, in Texas a manure factory blew up. What was the response? Make sure the cause was identified and security measures were put in place? Nope they decided to pass legislation. Maybe keep an explosive so many feet away from people? Nope. It is illegal to ask the property owner what they are storing. So the "religion" said, we are not going to regulate to ensure public safety is taken into consideration. No it was the manure facility owner might need to pay a little bit to keep people safe from his product. Nope, you can put it next to a school and the residents can't force you to tell them what you are storying. So I take the campaign to make "regulations" are all bad with a grain of salt. They are usually in response to the greedy and self absorbed. Who would rather see people die than have to lose any margin of profit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Fertilizer_Company_explosion#Aftermath
  4. Rain man. Do you have an even a basic set of facts about the situation? The State changed from where the city would get it's water. The water source brought lead into the system. It was know because GM left due to water issues. So the Republican Government knew this and made the decision anyway. These are called facts. If you mindlessly say oh it's the Dems and they are all bad bad bad, and you never get any facts. You believe a fairy tale and that makes you ease to manipulate. The GOP governor had the facts and made the decision. Does that mean all Republicans are bad? No. It means this assh*le did, and better accountability in decision making needs to become the standard. You know, grown up thinking.
  5. Why would you make such a stupid assersition? You should be more interested in understanding the cause. This would include lack of infrastructure spending, or solid regulations. We know the Republicans love deficit spending so I'm sure the funds weren't available. I know if we deregulate everything so people can commit these kinds of crimes that make them just a little bit richer. When you pop up with a pure political "I bet" you are not capable of critical thought. You are worshiping an ideology. That would make you an idiot.
  6. Stupid. The Michigan State Government changed the source of water to the city. Can you take some responsibility for anything? You blame everyone else for your problems. I bet you a socialist.
  7. I think that's the perfect note to send to Chump We know he masterbates to pics of his daugther. I wonder if she like sitting on Daddy's lap?
  8. It doesn't surprise me. I didn't think Chump ever wanted to be President. He wanted to run, lose, and then he could claim "it was rigged". The deep state and Hillary. The flock wouldn't be able to get enough of this fiction. They live for that sh*t. It would have made him rich. Seems he's good at branding wealth, but isn't actually as rich as he wants people to think. It will be interesting to see what financial crimes the SDNY is going to charge him with.
  9. Well be that statement it would mean that Trump is a criminal and was able to get away with it. So you agree he's a criminal.
  10. It really is. No wonder nothing can get accomplished. It's all about the spin. Could you imagine the 2 sides working together and giving each other credit to arrive a bill everyone can live with? They would be voted out of office ASAP. I blame the propaganda stations. Everyone listens to the news they want to hear. The way they want to hear it. The real news, no one watches. I know the campaign of discrediting the real press but people had tuned out long before then. I think ultimately that will be our undoing.
  11. He owes Putin a reach around. I bet you want Chumps balls bouncing off you forehead while Putin drives him home. Ya you do.
  12. Awa, your so stupid its cute. Hey Mr.s Criminal who is f*cking me over. Don't give the cops the report. hahha if we could go back in time. I would tell you Dad to pull out.
  13. Awa does someone need their wubby for nap time? Everything you just said was made up BS, and you LOOOOOVE to be lied to. I wonder what the sealed indictments have to say, whom it is waiting for, Hnnnn???? Can't idicite a sitting President? Hmmmm??? The Clinton witch hunt was horrible I'll give you that. The years of LIES. The good news, 6 real criminals were caught and will have justice brought to them. Trumps charity that only paid to do work on his house, was shut down. That was good. Now the Southern District will move forward on the financial crimes. IT's Karma. You make up horrible things about Hillary. You get the real deal. I can't wait to hear what is in the report. Oppss. Forgot about that part didn't you Forest?
  14. I'm glad to hear you say that. Measures should be taken to protect certain people, sources, and methods. Absolutely, but don't skip chapters 6 and 7. That would be omission, not protection.