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  1. Most states' legislatures are turning red; I'm not confident at all that things are gong to go our way. All it takes to be trashed here as a "liberal snowflake" is to be supportive of civil and human rights
  2. Calling someone a liar for using the wrong word is excessive and is unfortunalty something that you do more or less constantly. On the the other hand you are correct that guessing on a former poster's new sok is not "outing."
  3. it seems like a rather odd rule for a forum such as this to me too. One thing kinda sorta related to anonymity that is becoming clear to me, is the large number of Russian/international trolls on this site. it seems quite remarkable, or perhaps that's cause I'm such a newb.
  4. He lies a lot. The first lies I pointed out on page 5 of his thread and he admitted but only after spending about a page trashing and belittling the premise. The second lies I caught him on from page 7-8, he minimized and then doubled-down lashing out on. Maybe you meant that BAC has never lied to you and therefore you believe what BAC said about a newer member's conduct, but i just wanted to set the record straignt.
  5. Yes it is, which was my point which apparently I did not make too well. I am a newbie giving my limited and biased impression. This is all your show and your prerogative to get as involved as you care to. Be well.
  6. Imo, your lengthy conspiracy cut-paste/theories are also spam, as well as your cartoons, like "POP!" I think you oughta grow your skin a little thicker.
  7. i worked my way through college part time. Self-made people are productive and contribute to society. What you do here is destructive, ugly, hateful and not even clever.
  8. Do the Americans who bought slaves have any fault in how fucked up America is becauSe of "them." I think you could've benefitted greatly from a free college education, Blue.
  9. I have this bookmarked. Ill give it more time if DOJ determines there are grounds to look into it further, but I think you're wasting time and attaching too much significance to yet another dead-end, overblown clinton capade, I'm glad it makes you happy and ill gladly say you 'told me so if it pans out. However, Its hard not to notice that you've already discounted most endings in which your story gets the cabash.
  10. So Trump must have been mistaken as usual, in praising Comey for "reopening" the investigation in the wake of potential new evidence a week or two before the election?
  11. So the FBI and DOJ are worthless bc they didn't indict Hillary. You people really need to get a life.
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