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  1. It's the only one we've got. This guy is a foreign agitator. Don't waste your time.
  2. I think it's great. Keep it up. I love it when the wingnuts and foreign agitators combine resources. It says so much about what kind of Americans they are.
  3. LaL, you appear to be the only conturd naive enough to get trolled by outsiders.
  4. Most states' legislatures are turning red; I'm not confident at all that things are gong to go our way. All it takes to be trashed here as a "liberal snowflake" is to be supportive of civil and human rights
  5. Their assaults on kindness, logic and science indicate the existence of evil and perhaps of demons.
  6. Calling someone a liar for using the wrong word is excessive and is unfortunalty something that you do more or less constantly. On the the other hand you are correct that guessing on a former poster's new sok is not "outing."
  7. it seems like a rather odd rule for a forum such as this to me too. One thing kinda sorta related to anonymity that is becoming clear to me, is the large number of Russian/international trolls on this site. it seems quite remarkable, or perhaps that's cause I'm such a newb.
  8. He lies a lot. The first lies I pointed out on page 5 of his thread and he admitted but only after spending about a page trashing and belittling the premise. The second lies I caught him on from page 7-8, he minimized and then doubled-down lashing out on. Maybe you meant that BAC has never lied to you and therefore you believe what BAC said about a newer member's conduct, but i just wanted to set the record straignt.
  9. Yes it is, which was my point which apparently I did not make too well. I am a newbie giving my limited and biased impression. This is all your show and your prerogative to get as involved as you care to. Be well.
  10. Imo, your lengthy conspiracy cut-paste/theories are also spam, as well as your cartoons, like "POP!" I think you oughta grow your skin a little thicker.
  11. Here's da B.S. that I've been informed compares the FIRST years of each president. can they be so seriously daftt? if anything, it's a testament to the president before him. Duh. Seriously duh.
  12. Yup, you should've seen the bogus graphs that came out comparing each administration since maybe even before Kennedy (overall jobs, manufacturing, government jobs, etc.) they are all line graphs, with the bottom axis representing one year, January to December. How can Trump's line be the same length as all the other presidents? How can the length of the lines be the same for two term as for one term presidents? The shill in question who claims he is a businessman has not yet responded. Blue Devil says we are economic illiterates? I think not.
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