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  1. Proof? If it were legal I'd put you in a cage and take roast you and all the other pedophile and their defenders with a flame thrower.
  2. Roy Moore is a serial pedophile and so is President Trump and the Republican base supports both of these predatory perverts. Trump would Bad word his own daughter and he probably has and does.
  3. If you believe this is a rare occurrence among Republicans, you need to wake up. Republicans would like to make child rape legal and they use the use the Bible to promote their perversion. Republican pedophiles are everywhere. Republicans are sick sick sick and morally depraved because they protect defend and enable pedophilia.
  4. https://www.phillyvoice.com/pennsylvania-senator-mike-folmer-charged-possession-child-pornography-republican-lebanon/ Once again, a pervert from the pedophile party is heading to prison. They don't call the GOP Greed Old Pedophiles for nothing. Pennsylvania State Sen. Michael Folmer has been charged with child pornography after explicit photos allegedly were found on the politician's phone, officials said. Folmer, 63, of Lebanon, is charged with possession of child pornography, sexual abuse of children, and criminal use of a communication facility on Tuesday, according to a release by Attorney General Josh Shapiro.
  5. If there is a civil war maybe we will meet. Even though you have no information they probably will terrorize you for the sheer enjoyment. I'd be for crucifixion or the guillotine starting at your toes inch by inch or sawing. Try not to think about being hung upside down spread eagle and being slowly cut with a cross cut saw. It's going to suck for you losers. I don't know if you have been doxxed but I think you have.
  6. I was just explaining to Chuck aka Cuck that I'm not the one doxxing trolls. I can only imagine what some of them will do when they find trash like you. They will probably make it look like natural causes. I hope most of you get cancer and die in fear and agony. Too bad I won't get to hear about being out of the loop and all. Enjoy hell.
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