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  1. Putin is through with Trump being his bitch. Putin knows Trump's days are numbered. Trump tried to get back in Putin's good graces but telegraphing the attack so that Putin could move Russian personnel and equipment. Not by Trump. He warned the Assad and Putin it was coming you moron. The generals devised the tactic and strategy with the French and the Brits. Trump thinks he knows more than the generals. Trump knows lying. Republicans in congress blocked Obama when he asked for approval for military strikes. Google it. Actually Where you are the internet is censored. Trump wants to pull our troops out of Syria because that is what Putin wants.Russia Attacked U.S. Troops In Syria - Bloomberg Putin tested out troops and when American troops counter attacked they killed 300 of Putin's pussies. Russian mercenaries tried testing the US, lost 300 troops ... Putin knows his pussies are no match for Americans and that is why he wants Trump to pull out our troops and Trump wants to do it.President Trump says he wants to pull troops out of Syria ... Majority Of Republicans Said 'No' When Obama Wanted To ... Obama Seeks Approval by Congress for Strike in Syria - The ... Congress Aims to Block Obama's Syrian Refugee Plan ... Obama to seek Congress vote on Syria military action - BBC ... Obama had declared the use of such weapons a 'red line.' At the time, several American ships in the Mediterranean were poised to launch missiles, only for Obama to abruptly pull back after key US ally Britain and the Republican Congress balked at his plan. Obama launched 20,000 drone strikes Syria Obama's last airstrike 'kills 100 al-Qaeda fighters in Syria' Here are some more facts liar. Obama dropped 12,192 bombs in Syria in 2016 alone. Too bad he didn't drop one on you liar. If I were POTUS I would consider propagandists like you spies who are committing espionage and I would have you killed on site. Hopefully our next president will rid this country of its domestic enemies and other anti-American trash like you.
  2. Well said. He had to do it via a tweet because this time "his wires" really are tapped. At this point Putin got everything he could get from Trump and you can bet Putin knows Trump's days as president are numbered. Putin is also butt hurt because even with advanced warning, Russian counter measures failed totally.
  3. You are a splendid Republican.
  4. Your point? First off trash bag, human beings don't have breeds and secondly by all accounts Obama is 100% heterosexual. When you scumbags were saying Mrs Obama was a man and the girls were adopted you were lucky that Obama was an even tempered guy. Had you spread those lies about my wife and my daughters and I had the power of the POTUS unimaginable things would have happened to you in your trash. As an American patriot and a loyal American you Nazis are lucky that none of you said what you said in my presence. It would not have gone well for you. If punking you didn't work, and you had the balls the throw down you'd be spending the rest of your days hooked to a feeding tube.
  5. Putin has now turned on Trump or he has pretended to turn on Trump. Putin sees that Trump's days are numbered and he's tossing Trump like he's an used up old whore with anal herpes. Which he is. Every single missile fired hit its mark and the third rate Russian counter measures were useless against superior Western technology. This made Putin look weak to his own people and now the majority of Russian know that Putin has always been weak and evil same as Trump only not as stupid. The only half way effective weapon Putin has is his troll army and now even they are losing. His trolls are being outed, blocked, and shot. The Russian economy is in free fall and Putin caused it. Russian technology is a joke because all the smart Russians are leaving and Putin caused it. Putin's military is weaker than what Saddam Hussein had and in the first Gulf war killing it was a turkey shoot for the US and her allies. Trump is now of no use to Putin and they both know it. Trump is self-destructing. Trumpco will soon be getting prison cells and Putin and his oligarchs will be getting poison, bombs and bullets from their fellow Russians. To the alt-right and the Russian trolls here: Your new narratives and anti-American games will blow up in your fat drunken faces. LOSERS!
  6. Looks like you Russian trolls found a new BS narrative. The other one didn't work all that well. Putin got what he could out of his bitch Trump. Now Putin is kicking Trump to the curb. He has no choice now that everything in the dossier been verified as by the Mueller investigation. Putin can no longer blackmail Trump. Putin is tossing Trump like a used up old whore with herpes. Trump got played and you Russian trolls know it because that was the plan all along. Putin is all butt hurt because none of their counter measures against the missiles worked and Putin's butt buddy Assad got his butt handed to him and Putin could do nothing to stop it. Russia is a joke.
  7. Putin played idiot Trump and you morons masterfully. He got Trump to suck his dick. In the end Putin will lose because Trump will be gone soon and Pence will listen to his generals and state department. Trump turned on Putin because of the dossier. The info in the dossier is all true and now he's going to call it fake news and try to lie his way out of it. Putin still wants Trump in power because now Trump is weaker than ever. On the other hand, Putin is also a bitch and we can buy Putin. Trump is lashing out at Putin because Trump is about to get burned badly. You Russian trolls here are scrambling now and you have trouble staying on message. The US military once again kicked your butts.
  8. You are just another alt-right retard with Asperers syndrome who doesn't understand satire. Trump got the mental defective and the poorly educated vote along with the racist's pedophile and traitor vote. I hear the smoking 5 packs a day will make you smarter. You should try it.
  9. My Op Ed: The US has a policy of not killing leaders of other countries but the time has come to kill one like Putin and other members of the Russian oligarchy. We really can't counter troll the Russian trolls like we do here because Russia heavily censors their internet and our truthful messages won't get through. We put ourselves on a slippery slope if we censor far right opinions but lies are another issue. Liars like the ones who troll here should be censored and in many cases killed. We need to start with our foreign enemies such as Assad, Putin and mouthy Muslim clerics. If the liars and traitors here in the US don't get the message then we should arrest them and execute the most dangerous ones when they are found guilty. Their executions should be televised. I have advised Yahoo news which is infested with Russian trolls to hack the trolls' email if possible or turn them in. I suspect that many non Russian news sites are cooperating with the CIA, European, Israeli security, and Interpol regarding the alt-right and Russian troll anti democracy espionage. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/04/14/russian-troll-activity-increased-2000-after-syrian-airstrikes/23411395/ Russian troll activity increased 2,000% after Syrian airstrikes After the U.S., U.K. and France launched joint airstrikes on Syria Friday as part of a retaliation effort against the country for alleged chemical attacks, the Pentagon made a big announcement about Russian trolls. Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said quote, “There has been a 2,000 percent increase in Russian trolls in the last 24 hours. Therefore, we will keep you all abreast of the facts moving forward.” Destruction in Syria after US-led airstrikes 27 PHOTOS Destruction in Syria after US-led airstrikes See Gallery Russia, a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is reportedly directing trolls to promote fake news on social media. Secretary of Defense James Mattis moved the press briefing about the strike from Friday to Saturday to hinder the disinformation campaign. The briefing confirmed that the U.S. does not wish to seek conflict in Syria, with White calling out Russia directly, saying quote, “We call upon Russia to honor its commitment to ensure the Assad regime dismantles its chemical weapons program and never uses chemical weapons again.” There was no coordination between Russia or the U.S. before the strike, with Russian President dictator Putin calling the strike an "act of aggression against a sovereign state." Related: Nearly 1,000 Russian trolls banned from Reddit: Here's ... Russian Trolls Were Sloppy, but Indictment Still ‘Points ... https://www.nytimes.com/.../europe/russia-indictment-trolls-putin.html Feb 18, 2018 · When Russian trolling techniques were exported to the United States, it seems to have been done with a lack of discipline and secrecy. But that does not ...
  10. Even Saudi Arabia is a leader in green energy. Obama's green initiative is still creating jobs. Green energy job growth outpaces losses in coal industry ... Solar energy jobs double in 5 years - money.cnn.com U.S. Renewable Energy Growth Accelerates | Worldwatch ... When the civil war starts we will use that fat from the corpses of you Trumptards in the existing coal plants. Who's going to pay for the Wall? Who's going to pay for the Wall? Who's going to pay for the Wall? Who's going to pay for the Wall? Trump lied and you know it liar. President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims ... President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims ... President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims ... Congress would not give Obama authorization and you know it and neither did the UN and you know it liar. I know you hate laws but under the war powers act Obama could not order military action and you know that and you know that you are lying and so do most people with a brain. You are smarter than the other lying trolls here and that makes you a top priority for the government authorities who will be rounding up the propagandists subversives and other traitors. When you are convicted and your sentence is carried out, will you be wanting a blindfold.
  11. RussianDisinformation

    Women Should Enjoy Being Raped: So Say Republicans

    This is not surprising because in Russian, flarvis means sucker of dicks.
  12. Look it up. The teen pregnancy rate is out of control as is the divorce rate. See what pigs you people are.
  13. All the patriots in the US want him back. Empty words? Empty words? And nearly all of them are lies.
  14. Admit it RussianBear. You are pissed that the Russian military hardware failed to shoot down a single American, French or British missile.
  15. CO is the exception that proves the rule. Colorado is statistically insignificant. Also Senator Michael Bennett is a Democrat and Cory Gardner is one of the few scandal free Republicans and strong on womens rights. In 2012, Gardner was one of 33 Republicans to vote for the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA), which re-authorized the bill and expanded protections for Native Americans, immigrants, and gays. In June 2014, Gardner called for over-the-counter access to oral contraceptives and said the birth control pill would be safer and cheaper if it was available over the counter. As you can see Gardner is not a nutcase and he probably got a lot of Democrat votes. Colorado is a purple state and it will be turning blue soon. The people there are generally not pigs.