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  1. Your problem Dick666 is you are a little man with a big mouth. A little man who gets a hard-on every time he sees a gun and ejaculates if allowed to touch one. Try using your fists little man instead of a gun - people wont die and little men like you will keep their mouths shut.
  2. Tramp should definitely bring back all those high paying production jobs that went to China. You know the ones I'm referring to, those manufacturing jobs where products are made for America's number one retail store, coast to coast: 'The Dollar Store'
  3. Trump will die sooner than later I hope,.
  4. The Bible is nothing but 'fairy tales'. Adolph Hitler wrote Mein Kampf to enlighten the German people (Ein Volk) and all other people who had the intelligence to listen. Adolph Hitler was in my opinion the greatest human being that ever lived. SEIK HEIL !!!!!
  5. Everyone has a place in this eafrth.in Trump's case it just hasn't been dug yet.
  6. I too am very surprised h has survived. The USA has so many crazy fcuks with guns. Trump must be the most protected President in US history.
  7. I bet a faggot like you would love to blow Donald ?
  8. Is he really DEAD ????? There really is a God after all.
  9. Duck, So the treatments didn't work. That's a shame Duck now they will get you for being a pedophile. Its only a matter of time.
  10. Mein Kampf is right up there with the King James version of the Holy Bible, the U.S. Constitution, and the Night Before Christmas when it comes to the preaching of unmitigated, outright, bull Bad word. Adolph Hitler was crazy; people who believe an old white man, with a long beard, who lives high up in the sky, and has never seen nor heard by anyone are also crazy. The whole fcuking world is crazy. How many of you are like myself SANE ??????
  11. Duck615, Are you still attracted to little boys or did the medical treatments work ?
  12. Dick666, Is that the best you can do sonny?
  13. Human excrement (Trump) doesn't die it simply rots, festers, gathers maggots and eventually disintegrates. Trump is human excrement so we know where he is going.
  14. I hope he gets cancer and dies a horrible, painful death.
  15. We Canadians are lucky. The "weed" will be legal in July 2018. You pathetic Americans will continue to hand out life sentence to black guys for selling pot and $50.00 fines to white guys for doing the same thing. America...land of the brave, home of the free (as long as you are white)
  16. We Canadians have the BEST health care system in the world, the greatest military man-for-man in the world (we don't resort to putting women into combat, controlled by Negro homosexuals). You pathetic Americans waste your money dropping bombs that slaughter defenseless women and children in the middle-east - your military are cowardly murdering pigs. For this you are cursed by the Lord Jesus. America is finished, done-like-dinner as Tiger Williams said. You have elected a mad man to lead you yet you fear the North Koreans. Your cowardly yellow-dog, swine, President Trump will never fight North Korea, or China, or Russia because you will lose - hell you couldn't even defeat the North Vietnamese gooks. But you have your blessed 2nd Amendment to fall back on. Your country was once great and admired the world over but now you are a laughing stock, a pathetic joke. Your military was once mighty but now it is a joke - controlled by women, negro people, and homosexuals. You call this great ??? USA = United SNAKES of America
  17. Typical responses from extreme, right-wing, religious zealots. I expected no more or no less. You people disgust me. All of you.
  18. Let me pose this question to the anti-free choice people. You daughter is walking home from her girlfriends house. It is dark. She is gang-raped by a group of non-Caucasians and as a result she become pregnant. Would you allow her to abort this obviously unwanted mass of fetal tissue or would you force her to carry it to term? Answer honestly if you dare.
  19. Abortion is not murder. Only a fool or a religious zealot would believe otherwise. A woman, any woman, has the right to control her body. If she was to rid her body of unwanted fetal tissue that his her LEGAL repeat LEGAL right.
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