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  1. Yes. A well qualified judge with a severe drinking problem who wants to remove women's rights, and despises homosexuals. Good choice indeed.
  2. CrimeaRiver, Is that the best answer you can come up with. A drunken, racist, rapist has been appointed to your Supreme Court and all you can say in defense of it is "...I assume you have been unhinged and "crazed"...Please seek help" ? Sad, very sad.
  3. Entitled, You are a complete idiot. It is because of morons like you that your country is now the laughing stock of the world.
  4. Why did D. J. Trump nominate a rapist to the USSC and furthermore why did the GOP dominated senate committee approve it ? I firmly believe that Trump appointed the rapist Brett Kavanaugh because he is, was, and always will be, at least until he gets one of his Interns pregnant, opposed to a woman having control of her reproductive capability. In addition, Brett Kavanaugh is opposed to homosexuals having equal legal rights. What other reasoning is behind this outrageous, disgusting, appointment ? Pray tell...........
  5. Even crazy Ronald Reagan's wife supported abortion for harvesting stem cells that may have grown half a brain for Ronny.
  6. Is that your supper Old Mick - looks like a raw shrimp?
  7. Yukon


    Congo, Do you still bend over for your Priest or did he get caught with you ?
  8. Not a single one of you Conservative, right-wing, extremist religious zealots has given any justification for supporting a RAPIST for your "supreme" court. I guess I am right. You people support him only because he is anti-a woman's right to chose, and he is homophobic. You are all the same: crazy extremist zealots; just like Muslim extremists.
  9. I used to have pilot license but I was convicted of piloting n aircraft while intoxicated. That was in 1982. My privileges were suspended for life.
  10. Yukon


    There is NO god Congo. It is all BS. That old white guy with a long beard, living high in the clouds, who no one has ever seen or heard, is a figment of your imagination.
  11. Yukon


    My, my, one of the chosen people in Miami is getting angry. Why don't you post a swastika ? I'm sure that will make your friends happy.
  12. Excellent insult 2inchDick....you really are improving
  13. Yukon


    From 'Dumbass Canuck' to a 'fagboy' and now the 2inchDick elevates the Yukon man to 'child molester' ....very, very witty indeed.
  14. Yukon


    Chongomudman, Go back to the Congo, swing from some trees, live in your mudhut, have some fun brujtha, and take the Jewish gentlemen from Miami with you
  15. 2inchDuck, Are you the boy friend of the Jewish man from Miami ?