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  1. Very good, so witty, so intellectually advanced. Good boy.
  2. RollingRock, The USA will soon have medicare for all. It is inevitable.
  3. AOC scares the hell out of the right-wing, Christian zealots for she is the voice of the future.
  4. Burn the flag or better still cut it into small piece and use it for ass wipe.
  5. KneeJock, You have failed to define socialism because you can't. When is come to defining various political systems you are ignorant. The welfare cheque you receive each month is socialism at its best.
  6. Yours is the type of comment I expected. You are at a loss to define differing political systems. I suggest you turn on Rush Limpdick's radio show. I'm sure he you will enlightened you pathetic excuse of a man. p.s. Are you still in the wheelchair collecting welfare ??
  7. Please define socialism after you read my examples: Military expense = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Social Security = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Free health care for Military welfare recipients = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM National Highway system = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Education system = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Subsidies to farmers = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Subsidies to the oil industry = = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Handouts to Israel = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Policing = paid by the taxpayer and NOT SOCIALISM Medicare for all = and if paid by the taxpayer this will be extreme SOCIALISM, borderline communism; eventual ruination of American civilization ! I am the YUKON MAN
  8. Your language is highly offensive. I suggest you save it for use around your non-white brethren.
  9. Mr. Meadows is not a racist. There is negro blood in his family. He has a niece and nephew both of him are negro.
  10. Skank, I too lead a drug free life. Are we the only Caucasians on this site ?
  11. Yes. I am a NAZI and I am proud of it. We never lost WWII. You cant defeat an idea. We shall rise and rise soon. America and her allies are on the verge of collapse due to the insane political correctness that has been swallowed by them. Women are equal. the negro rules your sport, and your media is controlled by the Jew ? The white American sits on his fat ass drinking cheap swill, eating greasy hamburgers and your arteries swell your teeth rot, you wont even offer your people Medicare yet you freely hospitalize the trash Negros of your country. Defeat is yours, VICTORY will be ours !!! Deutchland ubber alles ! HEIL Hitler !!!!
  12. AnnLee, You are intelligent as you are beautiful. I salute your wisdom my dear.
  13. To effectively judge the IQ of people from another country would require a certain level of sophistication lacking in he average American. What can you say about people who would elect a lying, cheating, racist, homophobic, vile, conman like Donald Tramp as President. I'm sorry sonny but you are too fu**ing stupid to judge even yourself.
  14. I'm sure the brave soldiers of the US National Guard will shoot some poor defenseless, woman and her baby. The US Army are very good at killing innocent women and children. It will be just like Viet Nam repeated only these women and children have no armed men to defend then unlike the Vietnamese. But the National Guard now are being commanded by a cowardly draft dodger.
  15. Your problem Dick666 is you are a little man with a big mouth. A little man who gets a hard-on every time he sees a gun and ejaculates if allowed to touch one. Try using your fists little man instead of a gun - people wont die and little men like you will keep their mouths shut.
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