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  1. I'm sure the brave soldiers of the US National Guard will shoot some poor defenseless, woman and her baby. The US Army are very good at killing innocent women and children. It will be just like Viet Nam repeated only these women and children have no armed men to defend then unlike the Vietnamese. But the National Guard now are being commanded by a cowardly draft dodger.
  2. Your problem Dick666 is you are a little man with a big mouth. A little man who gets a hard-on every time he sees a gun and ejaculates if allowed to touch one. Try using your fists little man instead of a gun - people wont die and little men like you will keep their mouths shut.
  3. I'm curious. Surely one of you extremist Christians will know. Is Alan Douchwipe one of god's chosen people ?
  4. Yukon


    Actually in your case the acronym stands for W (white) A (ass) S (stupid) P (prick)
  5. The GOP (Conservatives) intend to remove a woman's right to abort unwanted fetal tissue from within her body. There are several obvious cases currently being judged in lower courts that that conservatives know they will lose and they want to lose because they will then appeal to the USSC who will in turn uphold the laws that will remove abortion rights. We in Canada aka 'perfect society' have no fear of the right-wing, extremists, Christian, wack-jobs doing the same thing. They tried three times in the 1980's and lost each case, they even tried to change the law via Parliament but the CSC ruled that even attempting to pass a law that restricts a woman's right to chose is unconstitutional. As a result there are no (zero, none)laws regarding abortion in Canada. Try it. It works.
  6. You must have been suffering from PMS. Sexual assault is simply a code word for rape.
  7. Com[pared to you living in the USA (United Sh@thole of America) we in Canada are perfect. Thank you for the compliment.
  8. Yes. A well qualified judge with a severe drinking problem who wants to remove women's rights, and despises homosexuals. Good choice indeed.
  9. CrimeaRiver, Is that the best answer you can come up with. A drunken, racist, rapist has been appointed to your Supreme Court and all you can say in defense of it is "...I assume you have been unhinged and "crazed"...Please seek help" ? Sad, very sad.
  10. Entitled, You are a complete idiot. It is because of morons like you that your country is now the laughing stock of the world.
  11. Why did D. J. Trump nominate a rapist to the USSC and furthermore why did the GOP dominated senate committee approve it ? I firmly believe that Trump appointed the rapist Brett Kavanaugh because he is, was, and always will be, at least until he gets one of his Interns pregnant, opposed to a woman having control of her reproductive capability. In addition, Brett Kavanaugh is opposed to homosexuals having equal legal rights. What other reasoning is behind this outrageous, disgusting, appointment ? Pray tell...........
  12. Even crazy Ronald Reagan's wife supported abortion for harvesting stem cells that may have grown half a brain for Ronny.
  13. Is that your supper Old Mick - looks like a raw shrimp?
  14. Yukon


    Congo, Do you still bend over for your Priest or did he get caught with you ?
  15. Not a single one of you Conservative, right-wing, extremist religious zealots has given any justification for supporting a RAPIST for your "supreme" court. I guess I am right. You people support him only because he is anti-a woman's right to chose, and he is homophobic. You are all the same: crazy extremist zealots; just like Muslim extremists.