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  1. Oh hell yes! Disrupting your delusional reality with every post!
  2. Hope your small ego feels better now. The view from my home office has 5 4,000+sq/ft. homes, isn't America great?
  3. #Walk Away! https://www.ajc.com/news/local/walkaway-movement-hold-atlanta-event-amid-questions-about-support/D8rFyISOyCmEstogz3o5vM/ LOL, and the idiots think it is Russian propaganda!
  4. Pretty sure you will have to sit down and STFU till 2024. Did you see your front runner Biden wants to outlaw "right to work" laws? That ought to go over like a lead balloon in the Supreme Court.
  5. Suppose jrock has a much higher IQ. than you. If the evidence is overwhelming, the Senate would convict and remove Trump from office. At this point, doesn't look like that will happen. I'll feel kind of bad for you, you have put a lot of effort into this sham.
  6. Suppose there are a few of you who do realize the Democrats "overwhelming evidence" is not so overwhelming.
  7. ^^^^ This statement from the article is amusing. Do single able bodied people really believe that using welfare benefits means they are "feeding themselves"? That's what the democrat plantation wants them to believe! Some Slackers need a shove into reality to show that "they can actually feed themselves".
  8. Ok, just checking to see if your stance has changed. As far as panic selling goes, it is very possible. In the current environment when a tweet can make the DOW tumble 800 points it is highly likely volatility will go higher. I wouldn't be surprised to see the VIX spike up to the high 30"s again. When is the question. I think the Bears are pretty hungry and the higher the market goes, their drooling increases. Right or wrong, we went from 100% equities to 100% bonds in August and continue to buy equities through our 401ks. So panic selling is not a huge concern for us right now. Being less than a decade from retirement, it was time to take a more "conservative" stance.
  9. Wait a darn minute here, With in the last few days you have made these comments: 1. "Obama DID NOT correct the economy." 2. "Trump's borrow and spending is funding 21% of the jobs of those employed. TECHNICALLY, WE ARE IN A DEPRESSION" 3. "We are smack dab in the middle of a Recession/Depression." 4. "IF THE GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING THE MONEY THAT EMPLOYS 1 IN 5 JOBS, WE ARE IN A RECESSION!" So,,,, which is it?
  10. Yes, add MFA and all the other free stuff and that chart will be a definite hockey stick. Well, several Dem nominees would wipe Medicare as we know it out. Have any links to economists that think as you do.
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