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  1. Anyone that is working at those lower wages has the exact same opportunities. Who knew that bagging groceries was going to be my "big break"! I will agree maybe a little more difficult in a big city but with the attitude of people today, it's not too hard to rise above the average worker.
  2. We are just regular working stiffs Will, like most people. I spent 25 years in retail and wholesale grocery industry and the last 15 years as a commercial driver. The Wife is a high school drop out with a masters degree and has worked 27 years in the medical field plus 10 years as a waitress, 6 of those years while earning her degree. Shouldn't we also get a $7-8/hr. wage increase?
  3. LOL, Who cares as long as it came from green energy!
  4. Can't say for sure but I would guess all the state employee unions and all other unions are going to blow a biscuit if and when MFA is implemented.
  5. Stupidity is exchanging our ZERO DOLLARS in healthcare premiums for $7,000/year. Pay for your own healthcare deadbeat!
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