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  1. Amazing the tards don't know what a F.O.I.A. is. And that's right, Judicial Watch got the actual documents.
  2. It is 100% AT RISK if you happen to die before collecting. Your family left in the gutter.
  3. +10 Splunch has a corporate boogeyman living under his bed, best he just stay out of the markets.
  4. LOL, that inverted yield curve lasted a whole half a day. Record highs to be had by the end of the year.
  5. Enforcing current laws would be a start with stiffer penalties. If this guy had been put away for 20 years, we wouldn't be having this discussion.
  6. Heard a stat the other day that only 8% of people caught on weapons violations are prosecuted. This guy probably had another gun within a week of getting out of jail.
  7. I wonder if Leftwinger's employer knows how much time he spends not working.
  8. The inevitable always happens. If you haven't planned for it, that's on you. That cash position we have been building for years is about to go to work.
  9. Eventually the Dems will have to explain how they are going to pay for all the "free stuff". I may be wrong but I don't see moderate Dems, Repubs, or Independents voting for Euro Zone income tax rates. At a minimum it will be a 15% increase on everyone and a 20-25% VAT or National Sales Tax.
  10. Those with a victim mentality will never understand the privilege of busting ass for 20,30, 40 years or more to EARN the privilege of "Da Green"!
  11. LOL, This is just the start of the Biden gaffs.
  12. Well, when going to jail or joining the service are your only two options, most opt for forced service.
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