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  1. No idea why they banned you and don't care at all. I suspect it has to do with your casual dishonesty and/or your ignorant, cowardly bigotry, but if squealing a bit of, "But, mommy, look what they did!" makes you feel like less of a sissy despite your girly giggle, well a gutless weenie's gotta do what a gutless weenie's gotta do.
  2. Yeah, when in doubt, go with the most cowardly option. As for the net, your cowardice is already known there. You are not important enough for me to carry more evidence of your cowardice over there.
  3. You're a gutless weenie. You are so gutless that you blame me for your act of cowardice. Good thing daddy left you with enough money to provide you with a place where your cloistered ass can be safe.
  4. And you have so little pride and honor, you have no problem saying this soon after you denied saying you had ever accused me of blaming trump. Oh, I have no doubt your uneducated, cowardly bigot ass has all kinds of videos you rely on to sustain your fear and hate. What you do not have is any credible evidence of BLM doing anything illegal. And, again, you do this place solely so you can squeak the kind of cowardly bigotry you would never dare whisper aloud in real life. Wanta tell us again how the company you work for was too afraid of you openly defying their policy in front of hu
  5. Probable cause for breaking a specific law, ignorant blowhard. When you are arrested, you are charged with having broken a specific law, not because a cop felt like. The latter is just part of your fascist fantasies. Yeah, and I'm claiming you can't back up this pathetic bluff any more than you can back up your other bluffs. No, they are boogey men to poorly educated, cowardly bigots like you. They just aren't a legitimate group threat to anyone than are any of the others that are used to keep you frightened and obedient. In contrast, I have given you proof that right-wing
  6. Proving once again that he has even more contempt for his Deplorable cultists than I do, today trump's spokesbimbo insisted that trump has never played down the covid danger, that there's nothing new in his recent flirtations with reality. Sentient beings will laugh, but the groupies will insist it is gospel.
  7. Right. When you said "separation," you didn't mean "secession," a word defined by "separation." Your stupidity is exceeded only by your dishonesty. Really? You're gonna do the no-pride bit about how southern conservatives were called "Democrats" back then? No pride and no reason for any. And if we can't believe a cowardly bigot doing self-fellatio, who can we believe? Companies can fire anybody for damn near anything, but we are to believe you stood up and challenged company policy in front of a large audience. It's not nice to treat people as if they are no smarter than
  8. Right, lying simp. I wasn't referencing your comment that I was blaming trump, when I said you accused me of blaming trump. Did you ever have any pride? I don't see any reason you should have. I was just curious.
  9. I ask, how can anyone be expected to overcome such invincible ignorance. "You can be arrested without being charged with anything." I'm guessing this dumbass actually believes this. Damn, you must have almost studied middle school Civics. When you are arrested you are charged with having done something wrong. Nobody is ever arrested without being accused, charged, with a crime. Prosecutors can and will change and specify charges prior to trial later, but you cannot be arrested for "nothing," dumbass. I dismiss your clumsy bluff that BLM has killed anyone and the clumsiness
  10. First, secession is a righty thing, and you already got your cowardly bigot asses stomped on that one. Secondly, you come here mostly so you can squeak the kind of cowardly bigotry you would never dare whisper aloud in real life. albeit with stunning illiteracy and bizarre fantasies of your weird boogey men.
  11. Must have been some other kfool who said this on page three of this thread: I will. You keep blaming Trump for a global pandemic caused by China. 'Sokay, nobody else takes your droolings seriously, why should you?
  12. Once again, you point to the total numbers resulting from the early days of covid, stupidly insisting this somehow vindicates what is happening NOW under trumpy policies. Your stupidity is very frustrating. Yes, dumbass, a lot of people died in NY and western Europe where the pandemic hit hard early. The point, you drooling fool, is that those areas shut down and now are doing much better. Rightardia under trump policies of opening up, OTOH, is doing much worse. The point is that the hottest covid spots in the world NOW are in Rightardia and the parts of the world where trump-think domina
  13. Huh? Arrests have nothing to do with charging? How are you able to breathe on your own? Your fascist fantasies have no relation to reality. Police cannot hold someone without charging them. Detention requires probable cause and must be done in the least intrusive manner possible. Kidnapping people you cannot charge is unAmerican, though I can see why you would have trouble grasping that concept. If you are not under arrest, you can leave whenever you wish. You are constantly trembling over an Antifa that has killed no one, even as you dismiss the righty terrorists who hav
  14. No, crybaby, we're talking about which states fucked up by listening to trump. It happens that nearly all of them are in Rightardia. No, dumbass New York did not. New York shut down and stayed shut down until it was safe not to. Do you read anything at all? Watch any credible news at all? You just gonna hope that if you bluff and lead with your chin often enough you'll stumble across being right about something someday? First, I am having a hard time translating that gibberish into English. Claiming I blame trump for a global pandemic is just you being blatantly dishonest
  15. Out of all the things I've said here in the last month or so, nothing has inspired nearly as much Deplorable ankle-gumming as my attack on the way sissy Deplorables worship guns, the fetish nature of how you relate to them. This proves my point as to how Deplorables are ruled by emotions they cannot control, how violently they can be triggered when their #1 source of masculinity is threatened.
  16. Once again, you have no idea what you are talking about. People are not being arrested. They are being kidnapped by unidentified agents without ever being charged. And, if there is evidence these people are "riot leaders," maybe you can explain why they have all been released without any charges being filed? It would require you trying to think like an American instead of an easily frightened, fascist-wannabe, but you could give it a try.
  17. The point, other than the one above and between your ears, is what is happening now, twit. While others dealt with Covid, Rightardia followed trump into opening up before even his toady CDC said they should. The point, dumbass, is not that the disease exists but how different leaders have dealt with it. Hell, as far as that goes, most of countries having the biggest problems are led by trump's master Putin, or trump-lite blowhards in places like Brazil and India.
  18. I am aware of how you have been told to tremble in order to keep you obedient. I only ask that you squeegee the spittle from the screen after you do your hysterical, victim-wannabe rants. Oh, Adolf was a righty, poorly educated boob. You should maybe go with Mao for your CAPS LOCK squealings.
  19. Yeah, I am familiar with the way the dominant race and religion has a junkie addiction to faux victimhood. You snivel about it 24/7. Every one of you sissy Deplorables would OD immediately on any of the real thing.
  20. That was quite a little hiss-and-spit. Did you get all the ignorance you could out of your system with that bout of illiterate bulimia? Elitist liberals created the Kluckers? Who knew? Certainly nobody who graduated from middle school.
  21. Perhaps, if you spent less time indulging in deviant sexual fantasies about me, you could learn how to spell difficult words like "wit."
  22. Or, and here's an original thought, you could look up common knowledge yourself, lazy Deplorable dumbass. Florida, Texas, and Arizona have dominated covid news for weeks now, ignorant twit.
  23. Offering a reacharound in exchange for help posing badass, gun sucker?
  24. A simple "Wah, wah, wah" would have been easier, and somehow less impotent than that weak sputtering.
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