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  1. I think I know football pretty good. Better than average, anyway, which should be enough.
  2. Damn! I was sure I had you, that I had wrapped you thoroughly in your deviancy, but then you squeaked some more of your sad crap. I suppose I should not have been surprised to see that you would find wallowing in sleaze to be rejuvenating. If you had any confidence in your gumming, you'd let it happen there. Imagine the glory. You'd have to.
  3. Offered as exhibit A in proving the psycho-sexual source of the Twitch's flatulent twitchery. If he lifts his tail and stomps his feet, you best back up.
  4. My understanding of how this works is that the bookies want a 50-50 wager pool. They cut their slice off the top. They make money regardless so long as nothing outrageous happens consistently over a stretch of time. As I get it, that is how the spread is settled - the number that will encourage equal betting on both sides. With proper skill and knowledge I pretend to have, one can make money with skillful wagering. It's how Sam Rothstein made it. Shirley, everyone is smarter than all the other betters.
  5. Trying again my play betting as part of considering the opening of sports betting in America. Might have finished a point-something of a percentage point ahead. Maybe. Las week 3-3. Lost my first one last night. Really confident WFT would cover vs. those embarrassed now that they called their midgets Giants. Lessee, my picks: vs. the spread. Saints, Bengals, Rams, Cards, Chiefs.
  6. You booted me from there then crawled here to gum my ankles. You won't let me back in your safe place. Everything else is you hissing "Hold me back!" You think that will work, because you have even more contempt for the few Deplorables you still manipulate than I do. Doesn't hurt that you believe you deserve to be punished and I'm cheaper than a dominatrix.
  7. Looked at the top four threads here. Covid conspiracy theories. I believe most are repulsed by the wacko dominance we put on our billboard to attract interstate traffic to venture just a few miles off to see the Incredible next. I say the situation calls for more justifiably condescending demolition of the squawkery of the MyPillowBiters. It will do more than anything else to increase property values.
  8. Yes, I believe everyone is familiar with your combination of clumsy lies, self-fellatio, and heavy fix of victim-wannabe. Still doesn't explain, though, why you would so get frustrated over being humiliated in your own puddle you would first boot me from there and then follow me here to beg for my approval of your latest choice in gender, going so far as to put on a dress and claim that makes you a woman and therefore a victim. Your sad quest exploded in your face, as it were, when you then had to run more than ever before in your blobby life from acknowledging your life partner who kept pacing in the background. Two people judged our debate, one liberal and one conservative. The liberal said I won, and the conservative said I was better prepared, but I was just too mean to Jabba the Butt. Since then you've groveled in the belief it will at least cover your retreat.
  9. If you had any real confidence in your spamming of your sad self-fellatio, you wouldn't have to call on an imaginary "everybody" posse to back it up. 'Course, if any of your weak dishonesty were true, you wouldn't have booted me from your safe place, because I humiliated you there. You wouldn't have then followed me here to gum my ankles. You wouldn't be so afraid of fighting me in front of the weak-minded Deplorables there you work so hard to impress. But I have another question. Does the way you beg for my approval here work in real life? Does this kind of nagging work on the boyfriend from the video you are too embarrassed to acknowledge, Queenie?
  10. Who are you trying to convince with your spammed self-fellatio, Twitchy? If you had any confidence in your weak dishonesty, you wouldn't have to keep calling on the support of an imaginary "everybody" as backup for your fa
  11. Sorry, Queenie. I'm going to have insist that from now on you only throw clean granny panties at me,
  12. You found a sponsor for Team Deviancy? Did you lie and tell them that I agreed with your sick fuckery? Look, this sad little assault has been worse than pathetic. You should probably just go back to your safe place and lick your ... wounds. When you've recovered, force everybody on every thread to focus on your twitchery. Come back the next time you think you've found something a bit more profound than "I'm a woman!" to justify your dicky waving, such as it is.
  13. You can maintain an erection through the scratchiness of your chapped lips merely by imaging one aspect of your deviancy or another? You booted me from your puddle, because you could not compete and your justifiably empty self-esteem could not handle your twitchy ass being humiliated in front of the Deplorables you've worked so hard to impress. You follow that act of cowardice with the next one of seeing if there is some ankle gumming you could devise here that might redeem your public flailing failing. If it makes you feel any better your gender-identity anxiety and your general self-loathing over your cowardly refusal to simply be who you are completely justified.
  14. Damn. I thought after the 1/6 Treason, you keyboard revolutionaries, brown shirt wannabes, had gone pretty much extinct. Most people didn't catch the lesson about what these posers of badassery know. They know how the DC traitors ran like silk nylons, when their numerical advantage was reduced to only hundreds to one. They know they are much more mocked than feared, so they resort to increasingly painful and humiliating rituals where they pretend that castration has not weakened them in any way.
  15. Yeah, I read that first sentence and was composing the proper reply to such dimwittery. Read a little farther and saw the whole thing was just more of your needy and twitchy ankle gumming. I thought even a cockroach like you might have enough pride not to boot me from his place and then slobber all over me here. Have you ever taken a second and wondered ... How come I'm never begging you for your approval? Why is it always you demanding mine? You have no pride. Why should you? Oh, I'm "chubby chaser?" Look, I know my mockery of your Jabba the Butt body and your Truman Capote voice hurt your feelings. I remember your description of me to another then. Your adjective I most remember was "strapping."
  16. You could have pointed that out to Foreskans, before he spent all that money on a subscription to Illiterate Witlessness Monthly.
  17. https://www.liberalforum.org/?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=32351 "I'm done with you." Apparently you don't pay any more attention to your deviancy than anybody else does. And, YOU are are chasing ME, Twitch. You followed me here to beg me for my approval of your latest gender choice. And, just as you do in your safe-place puddle, you are trying to pollute this place by turning a thread on Biden's popularity into an insistence everyone deal with your self-loathing gender issues. You fellate yourself, because nobody else will. You even claimed getting a draw in a debate because the conservative judge felt sorry for you, for how mean I was to you, was justification for giving yourself a participation trophy. More of your chapped-lip self-fellatio. Because nothing says confidence like re-squeaking empty self-fellatio over and over again. Unless it is wrapping your pathetic boasting in some of your favorite sexual deviancy. If you believed you "owned" me, you wouldn't have booted me from your safe place in an effort to stop the pain, only to follow me here in a sad attempt at redemption that consists of you stamping your little feet and squealing, "I won, I won, I won, I won, I won, I really did, I did, I did." A sad lack of pride is no substitute for substance, and a bratty effort to pollute this place won't alleviate your justifiable self-loathing over your gender identity issues. You can't cure sick fuckery with diarrhetic excretions of your sick fuckery, sick fuck.
  18. There ya go, Foreskans. I point out that you are a simple-minded feeb who can only re-squeak the "Yer gay!" witlessness that made you a hit in 6th grade, and you hope now will tamp down the urges you are having trouble resisting, and you respond by posting one of your magazine covers. Being a dumbass of confused sexuality, you believe a man with a sexy woman leaning on him is an especially clever version of "Yer gay!" Oh well, by using a picture meme, however stupid, you did avoid the humiliation of trying to use words and exposing your illiteracy again.
  19. If you had a measurable IQ, Foreskans, you would have figured out by now that this kind of witless ankle gumming only leaves you angrier than you were before your limp-wristed flailing. Oh, I don't think confessing that words of more than one syllable make your pointy head hurt is quite the shot you think it is, simp.
  20. Yesterday, you promised you were done with me, but here you are whimpering a projection of your dick obsessions again. I will point out that YOU chased me here on your knees, after booting me from your safe place. You followed me here to beg for my approval of your latest choice of sexual identity. You hoped also that without the pressure of trying to impress your Deplorable homies there you could somehow spam gay cliches into redemption here. Is it because your safe-place puddle is drying up, as people tire of you using you mod powers there to turn every thread into a foot-stamping insistence everyone focus on your diseased deviancy, or else? Now, I get how your toad-like physical appearance feeds the self-loathing that already exists because of your sexual deviancy. I understand that you are a loser who has to keep working at a job you hate long after others were able to retire, so you can't afford professional help. What I don't understand is why you think coming to me for masochistic "therapy" is going help you in anyway. I mean, you've been doing it for better than a year now, but if anything you are more of sick fuck than ever. Maybe, you should see if you can get a GoFundMe going until you can afford Dr. Kervorkian, probably the only one who can help you now.
  21. The only thing weaker than a no-pride I-know-you-are built around the "Yer gay! impotence is ... you.
  22. I chose the last grade you completed as an explanation for your arrested development.
  23. You really thought that sixth-grade "wit," reflecting your justifiable sexual insecurity was worth re-squeaking, girly boy? Go back to sleep.
  24. Foreskans put all the power of his mighty intellect to work in an effort to avenge all his previous humiliations and came up with ... "yer gay!" Now, he's gonna take a nap to recover.
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