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  1. Anybody remember whose turn it is to pretend to be impressed by the sad boastings of the rhinestone cow ... boy?
  2. Baseball bats? A flyswatter in the hands of the untrained is a deadly weapon when dealing with these people. Hell, a rolled up newspaper wielded with too much anger can kill.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about them being such participation-ribbon supported, having every crude drawing end up on the door of the refrigerator, these best of cultists can whimper still another "yawn." You just know he stuck his thumb right back up his ass on that one, big grin on his face. Manners of his day demanded that you laugh or clap politely at this kind of sadness. Guess that's still kinda true.
  4. Reward Offered: $10,000 to the First Individual Who Can Successfully Address and Defend as Legitimate the 2020 Election Anomaly Referred to as the ‘Drop and Roll’ It is your manipulators testing your gullibility again. Give me my money.
  5. Howdy. Sentient part? The part that is able to perceive or feel things? IPretentious twit. I know you were down to only bluffing by offering a randomly (and most abused as a cliche) selected bit from the Declaration. What did you have to lose, eh? Problem is you chose a pretty explicit example of my contention about it being largely about claims of how Britain had broken the social contract, and how we felt obligated to prove it. Stay down.
  6. Duh. But, I believe we have become inured to just how spectacularly bratty these pampered, overgrown children are. Ho hum, another self-obsessed and shallow cultist shares his selfish vision of the world. We need to stop accepting this behavior and start handing out some spankings. trump validated their self-entitled caterwauling, but it was always there. They love trump, because he made sniveling and throwing tantrums and blaming everybody else for failure cool again. Now, we have have herds of scapegoats wondering the land like locusts, gleaning every grain of self-pity they can find. The 1/6 treason tantrum was perhaps the most egregious example of behavior by children who were never told "no." Biden won the election by a margin larger than what trump said was a landslide when he "won" by coming in second with the voting public. Lefties accepted trump's legal victory and moved on to get ready for the next fight, while fighting his fascist corruption as best we could. Biden wins even bigger and the Deplorables see who can throw the biggest tantrum. Too spoiled to accept and deal with reality, cultists threatened to kill us all, unless mommy and daddy fixed that reality. When mommy and daddy did not, they ran away from America and started looking for demagogues and Putins to be their new parents. They found plenty of Ted Cruz's and MJT's and the spectacularly greasy Jordon's. They suckered them into believing that thinking with awareness, to be "woke," is some kind of sissy weakness. The new folks did fix reality, though. Now, "reality" is many thousands of evil doers in many states all across the land got together with the Dem and Repub gov'ts in these states to conspire to commit sci-fi levels of voter fraud. Of course, they could do this, because they knew they were protected by the judges, including all the ones that trump appointed. The point is who but a Deplorable would be so spectacularly bratty over so little? I have examples aplenty, but I see I have gone on a bit. So, we'll go straight to what to me at least is the most unbelievably, diaper soiling, loud display of irrationality in the form of a Deplorable snit, that so defines what adolescent punks they are has to be the their vaxxing and masking behavior: "Junior, I insist you do #2 in the toilet!" Grinning, the child - look, he was raised in a house where nobody asked about what was in the paint chips - this little monster starts flinging feces while running around shouting, "You can't make me! You can't make me!" Over a few ounces of cloth. How does any society, any individual put up with this kind of dangerously deviant crap? Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating anything other a light whack when disciplining a child. You can get in trouble doing that most anywhere other than here. Enjoy.
  7. https://www.npr.org/2018/05/02/607652253/studies-say-illegal-immigration-does-not-increase-violent-crime Fear makes a very poor diet.
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