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  1. Doesn't look to me like he's fighting very hard at all. He's certainly no Fallon Fox - too girly.
  2. I have a problem understanding why you Deplorables do dicky waving with such tiny dicks. Is it a self-humiliating form of masochism? Rather than worrying about what somebody else is doing with their sexuality, you might focus on making your own sexual displays less revolting.
  3. Latent? Hell, his closet door not only isn't locked, doesn't look to me like it's even fully closed.
  4. Do you suppose this nitwit is aware that he is opposing transgender surgery with a defense of golden showers? Looks like trump isn't the only Putin bitch with this fetish.
  5. Okay, the waving of pom poms is kinda cute, but high-kicking those varicosed, blubbery legs in your pleated skirts is just gross. There is no science to support your Taliboner mores, Deplorables. All you and your chosen sacrifice have is adolescent jokes to defend your own gender insecurities and a futile hope that someone will give that liberal bully his comeuppance. Alas, ...
  6. I can understand how you would see the loss of any cock as a tragedy.
  7. You protected your sissy ass only, Twitch. You never used your mod powers on me to do anything but protect your impotence when you couldn't hang. Not once were you offended enough by anything I said, except when you were the one being humiliated. Yeah, probably a good idea to start making your whimpering excuses early.
  8. I am aware that is the official squawk given to those who just spent four years forming a cult of personality around Putin's bitch. That said, I am impressed at how easily you cultist were programmed. One year ago trump and XI were BFFs, trump even sucking up to Xi with a comment on how transparent Xi had been with covid. Then, trump needed a scapegoat for his own covid incompetence, and voila!, you had a new boogey man.
  9. The US is to end its support for offensive operations by its allies in Yemen, which has been devastated by a six-year war in which more than 110,000 people are believed to have died. "The war in Yemen must end," President Joe Biden said in his first major foreign policy speech. Under Mr Biden's two predecessors, the US backed a coalition led by Saudi Arabia against Houthi rebels in Yemen. Yemen war: Joe Biden ends support for operations in foreign policy reset - BBC News In your defense it's not like putin-fluffing parrots ar
  10. How many Syrians has he killed? And, you might consider whether not being able to be even a USEFUL Putin idiot indicates you are a detriment rather than a help to your cult.
  11. Biden is calling off trump's support of Saudi genocide. Can you say the same about Putin's imperialist efforts in Crimea and Georgia, fascist fluffer? You're never gonna get out of the bush league with simpering impotence like this.
  12. It seems it's always time for you to persist in the hope that by blowing yourself you can inflate a justifiably flat self-esteem. You are undeterred by your consistent failure.
  13. Well, we haven't beaten and arrested nearly as many protestors as has been done by the Putin you fluff, but then we are not as enamored by midgets who pose daddy-figure as you are.
  14. It doesn't help that you have such neon ignorance of the American legislative process, li'l fascist.
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