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  1. Gay singer wannabe makes a grab for the throne! He's coming for you, Bedpan Monitor. Loved the part where he declared any evidence actually presented would be a "bonus."
  2. Must hurt terribly to be humiliated by someone you believe is an ugly drunk on a bender. Don't see how that justifies your lack of pride in changing a quote to something a limp-witted sissy like you can almost handle, but we all deal with our grief in different ways.
  3. Well, there is the demonstration of concern for others, as opposed to trump's pathetic need for constant attention and self-gratification only. People are getting a break from a daily barrage of treasonous lies. Nobody has attempted a fascist coup in months. We have a president who accepts Science. People seem to like a president who does a little work, instead of ripping off the government to pay for perpetual vacations as another way to funnel tax dollars to his failing businesses. Most notably there is Biden's Covid relief bill that Deplorables opposed but are now trying to take credit
  4. Am I the only one you are currently begging for attention, foreskans? If I give you a shiny quarter, will you yap at somebody else? After all, that is a full day's wages at your glory hole.
  5. The only thing wimpier than the lack of pride displayed in changing the quote to form yet another I-know-you-are is Auntie sucking up to your sissy slapping.
  6. Helluva "Siege." Most Americans say things are going right in the country, an A.P./NORC poll finds. Credit...Associated Press/NORC President Biden enjoys widespread job approval, as Americans’ optimism about the future continues to climb, according to a poll released Monday by The Associated Press and NORC. Sixty-three percent of Americans said they approved of the work
  7. trump bleats his big lie daily, and anybody who points this out has got to. Can't run a cult, if some people are gonna counter edicts of the deer (no sic) leader with truth and courage.
  8. You're missing some rhinestones on the hem of your New York City skirt, clumsy poser.
  9. I understand that I hurt your feelings badly, Foreskans, but I'm not sure that simpy re-squeaking my observations on your poor literacy and pretentious efforts to prove otherwise by using a thesaurus to compose your anally fixated porn is gonna lessen your humiliation any.
  10. My daughter, like everybody else, thinks you're a sick fuck. She thinks your obsessive dicky waving over imaginary dicks in imaginary showers of imaginary little girls is probably the reason your chomo ass is obsessing now on her, because your own kid took out a restraining order on your sick fuck ass. And, I am supposed to handle your claim that your fondness for sucking dicks makes you a woman? That's why you won't tell the Deplorables you work so hard to impress in your puddle that despite all your trans bashing, you are one when you are sucking for sympathy? And, what about
  11. You ever gonna elaborate on your belief that a fondness for sucking dicks makes you a woman, twitch? Gonna continue to disrespect your boyfriend by pretending the geezer pacing impatiently in the background during your humiliation does not exist? Or did you just come here to give your nub one more rub, while you fantasize about an imaginary "we all" watching you save imaginary girls from imaginary dicks in imaginary showers, Chomo tranny?
  12. I am not the reason you trumped up your educational opportunities to become such an easily suckered loser.
  13. Like already quantified, so spare me the girly coy bit. Passive-Aggressive snottiness gotta be better than the discarded tissues you've left behind to make sure you could find your way home again.
  14. Oops, I thought it was your job to know what you are talking about. Would you like to take another stab at it?
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