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  1. No idea what that chihuahua yapping was all about, or why you are still gumming my ankles with sissy prissiness, groupie-wannabe. Is this more you trying to prove you are a woman, and therefore you win ... something? "Queer"? Is this part of your snivel about how unfair it is that people call you a queer just because you admitted to sucking a few dicks?
  2. One could argue that his existence justifies not only abortion, but that such a right should be extended to a reasonable period for post-natal abortions, as well.
  3. I cannot think of anyone here who could have done nearly so well, let alone better.
  4. Hey, I thought I told you to crawl back to your safe place and take your clumsy lies and whiney "Nuh uh, I won!" and your slimy deviancy with you. I posted the video, you whimpered. Come back when you've got something better than "I'm a woman. dammit."
  5. See, if you had a measurable IQ, you would understand that simply re-squeaking the same cowardice and sad lies shows that even you understand you are reduced to hoping you can at least rise to the level of being a minor annoyance. That's all you have left from your mission to redeem your humiliation in your safe place. Turns out, "I'm a woman! I'm a woman!" was not the stroke of forensic genius you hoped it would be, Queenie.
  6. Of course. You used your petty powers to eliminate your problem of not being able to compete in your safe place, before crawling here on your knees to gum my ankles. I criticized the way you turned every thread there into a cesspool of your sexual confusion and self-loathing. It was inevitable that you would conclude that the only way you can avoid humiliation here is to pray and beg for super powers. I see your two ankle gummings on this thread that repeat your reliance on cliches and prissiness as typical of your impotent frustration. You're having a hard time dealing with a video that showed you as a sick fuck who looks like Jabba the Hutt and sounds like Truman Capote. Even the boyfriend pacing in the background looked disgusted with your performance, Queenie.
  7. White woman accused of telling Black child she'd kneel on his neck Was it mirambobo, or whatever ballet-dancer moniker he use?
  8. If I weren't calm, you would not be able to keep up, so you can gum my ankles with this kind of wit wimpiness from thread to thread. You think maybe this time you will get in a particularly painful nip 'cause that'll show him. You won't. Try to stay out from underfoot.
  9. You can see this post comes after I looked at the donation thread. I've made a small donation here before. Can't tell if this is a joke or not, but if you make this deviant twitch a mod, I will not be back. Yeah, not a threat, just not gonna deal again with gender-confused nag who used boss powers to run me out of his/her puddle, when he/she could not compete. He/she now gums my ankles here Not gonna go to a place where every thread is him/her insisting everybody join his/her group therapy to deal with his woman-wannabe kinda and the ensuing self-loathing from that. his/her.
  10. I'd do it, but I was never certified in special ed. and it's too much work to translate it into words I thougnt you might be able to handle. Also, you've shown no appreciation so far for my previous efforts to dumb things down just for you.
  11. Who are you here now? There are so many rumors from the politburo as to who is whom in the jockeying for a capo asslicker now that trump is useless.
  12. Re-repeating this same sad and oddly prissy deflection from the way you ran for cover when I posted the video of what you have been lying about is just weak. "That nice young lady was against me, or Ida really won. maybe. it could happen." Go away little girl-wannabe. Time to go back to your safe place and plot your next can't-miss ankle gummings. I'm sure you'll find me the next time you want to reach redemption without risking a homefield humiliation.
  13. And people laughed when you declared you were going to get a degree in Public Dumbassery from trump University, mostly for reasons you didn't catch. You showed them.
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