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  1. Hard to believe I could be bored with the kind of versatility where you can go from self-fellatio to no-pride I-know-you-are's and back again, but ...
  2. Well, as much fun as it is watching ducky and PeeMur use various fellatio scenarios to enhance their mutual masturbation, I think I'm gonna try something a little more entertaining to do. Watching grass grow comes to mind.
  3. Even in your delusion, you didn't try to convince anyone you could have a wife of your own. I'm imagine that explains the dedication you put into yoga lessons, head bobber.
  4. Wounded, the witless Deplorable seeks the comfort of a black phallus that so dominates his remaining brain cell. There isn't a bathhouse in San Francisco where there is as much contemplation of sucking dicks as exists in the vacuum between your ears, ducky.
  5. You bob your head in your own lap. Dirty job, but it's all you have, and it's not like anybody else is gonna do it.
  6. Making the impotent "Translation" cliche more pretentious while constructing an even weaker I-know-you-are does not enhance it. It only puts the illiteracy and witlessness in neon.
  7. The illiteracy of your cliched witlessness is exceeded only by the frantic effort you put into fellating yourself over it.
  8. On the other hand, the stunning ignorance in your impotent flailings is boring me enough to blunt my predatory instincts. I feel like I'm kicking a cripple.
  9. I'm talking about the kind of brain damage that has you believing that if you put your impotence all in caps it will make the bully go away. If you would like to share, telling me how mean old Misty hurt you so badly might make you feel better. You might feel better, if you let it all out.
  10. Not to say I am unhappy that this place is such a target-rich environment.
  11. I thought we talked about how it is likely that laughing your fat ass off is the cause of your increasing brain damage. Are you not at all concerned that you are capable now of nothing more than the kind of limp hiss-and-spits above?
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