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  1. I've answered multiple questions you posed Snowflake, yet you don't care to answer my questions. The one question you answered in support of radicalism, I posed a scenario that was scary to you - and you whimpered yourself into a corner - exposing your hypocrisy with a capital H. You claim to now be from Benin, and I've asked questions about other places in that lovely neighborhood which I operated in for almost 7 years, which you ignore because most likely your full of shit. I'm game to discuss this topic, so I'll ask again - when, or have you ever been to Niger or Nigeria?
  2. In the end, does it really matter? Russia is after there own interests, no different that the US. Every now and then they cross paths. That being said, no one has been more detrimental to ISIS survival than the US - Russia isn't remotely close. On the other side of the coin, we also have provided a lot of motivation for their growth. Quite a conundrum.
  3. Why, what's the problem Eloy. You're going to get called out on your BS. You purportedly used to live there, let's chat about the region and what's going on there. Whatta ya got to lose?
  4. Figure out what that is, LMFAO. Have flown over that dump, all two minutes it takes to fly over it - dozens of times. How much time have you spent in Niamey, Kano, Maiduguri? How much time have you spent in Bamako? This could get fun...
  5. Your flopping like fish on land Eloy. Been to Niger or Nigeria recently, ever? Or ya going to keep shriveling in your corner?
  6. Yet in the previous post, you said "no it's not radical". Now it is? Or is it only radical if it has to do with you and not if it's outside your tiny world. You don't get out much do you chump? I'll ask again, when was the last time you were in Niger or Nigeria? You speak of it, are you just talking outta your ass?
  7. Wow.....speaks volumes that what to any sensible person seems radical, you're ok with it. So then you'd have no problem if I came over to your basement, grabbed your woman, raped her, stoned her, beat you to a pulp - then deemed you a queer, set you on fire, and chucked both of you off a roof. You're part of the problem, and no where remotely near the solution. You are a true Eloy....
  8. First off, are you going to respond with you agree or disagree with some of the things I listed as "radical" to you question? If not, then your useless to discuss anything with. Second, yes it is happening in Niger, in Nigeria, in Chad, in Mali, in both Sudan's, and across a broad stretch of the continent. As far as "our business".....in theory, it fits within the broad definition of reducing this type of radicalism to a point that people chose not to engage in it. If that is our goal, then it's a good thing. I also asked you: - Do you agree with what France is doing in Mali? - When was the last time you were in Niger or Nigeria? Until it's a two direction discussion, this is pointless.
  9. Explain what, radicalism? I'm sure there are a million versions, especially depending on one's perspective. IMO, stoning women....for basically any reason, burning people alive, playing chuck the queer off tall buildings, killing anyone that doesn't follow your fucked up interpretation of a book.....to name just a few - qualifies in my opinion radical. Do you disagree?
  10. Care to provide some definition as to the "one way"?
  11. Maybe so to some degree, but provides accurate definition to the question posed. Do you care to respond when the last time you were in Niger or Nigeria?
  12. If we're to be honest, there's a lot of bad folks out there these days.
  13. No, not on a personal level. But on a much more widespread level, radicalism is clearly not a good thing.
  14. One in which one, or many others would fill the vacuum. Odds are pretty good some significantly more nasty folks, though I do wish we'd define our role better and be more true to our base principles.
  15. Honest question.....How do you remove a "clique" when it owns the political means?
  16. Huh? Niger isn't a threat, as anyone with any knowledge knows. What is a threat is the continuing spread of radicalism. In Africa, the threat - presently - is more of a local nature, but helping out those countries isn't a bad thing, providing it provides help. If it helps to contain the spread of radicalism, that's a good thing. When was the last time you were in Niger or Nigeria? Are you as equally upset with the French doing the same, actually significantly more aggressively, in Mali? Or, is that "different"?
  17. Pretty sure you can't buy nor build much with 100 bucks...
  18. Are you concerned about people dying, or just a limp wristed agenda pusher? Since there's probably zero faux outrage on your part regarding the mass murder occurring weekly in Democrat run cities across this country, I'm betting it's the latter...
  19. More than one way to skin a cat. Don't you think if more cost effective meds were allowed into the country, then those within the country would be forced (my market forces) to get competitive with them or perish? Oh ya, my bad - I asked you to think a little beyond your narrow-minded agenda driven drivel. My bad... Continue pining for big government to tell you what to do and run yours and everyone else's lives for them. Chump...
  20. Really? For being a "hole", there sure are a lot of people and business's flocking there. Then again, it's easy to see you've been broken down to personal attacks - that's how it goes when ya got nothin'.
  21. There is a system, one in which people from all over the world come the US for the best medical treatment available.
  22. McCain should have been put out to pasture a looooong time ago, along with many others. Career politicians, bought and paid for, are why our government finds itself where it is these days. The masses working for them instead of them working for the masses.
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