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  1. A fraction of the answer, most likely. As always, follow the money. Biden mob owned by China. Fauci directing funds to our enemies highest biowarfare lab. Fauci takes marching orders from Gates. Gates medical companies, pre-pandemic, state goals of providing vaccines for the world. What club is Gates a member of??? If they pulled apart each thread of this giant web of lies, deceit and manipulation - it all leads back to the NWO......oh sorry - "The Great Reset"...
  2. A Cuban "teaching" Spanish... Color me unimpressed.
  3. Hard to miss the irony in all of this. 90% of what the illiberals have said about this shit has been wrong. That seems to be their percentage on just about every issue.
  4. This.....big time. The hypocrisy of these scumbags knows no boundaries...
  5. Should that occur, it's to the countries detriment, and the majority does not support such insanity. But that's a different subject matter. The puppet has appointed complete whacko's in his illiberal regime. Well, not sure he appointed them - or someone told him whom to hire. Look at the couple in the article, their positions on the matters they're either responsible for - or heavily influence. Complete nut jobs... The puppet is either an illiberal, or is taking his marching orders from illiberals. His actions and appointments represent anything but a "centrist".
  6. They could all by themselves. Two things stopping them. Their own party in-fighting, and they don't want this disaster solely owned by their party. If it happens, it won't be 3.5T. Hopefully for the country, it never happens.
  7. LOL.....you Benson's sister? Not to worry - there's a lot of changes coming your way on this subject matter...
  8. So when Cillizza, of all people, devotes a column to “the utter radicalness of Joe Biden’s presidency,” maybe it’s time to acknowledge that Biden is trying to implement extremist policies, considerably outside the mainstream. And those are just the numbers. Biden’s policy choices and nominees for top jobs are, if anything, even more radical. Consider his nominee for Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova. She graduated from Moscow State University under the old Soviet Communists in 1989, using a Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship, and she has proposed that the Federal Reserve “end banking as we know it” by taking over all consumer bank deposits. Also consider that Biden’s nominee for head of immigration enforcement, Ed Gonzales, has spent years in radical opposition to immigration enforcement. Even liberals now see that the ‘moderate’ Biden was a mirage (msn.com)
  9. Illiberals are doing everything possible to destroy the US as it was founded. Trump isn't President, though one would be hard pressed to tell for all the diversion to him you illiberals attempt.
  10. The black guy had just gotten off drugs, was thinking about getting out of the gang, was working towards becoming an AGW advocate and pro tree hugger, and was this close to being a Saint - until the white racist klan member attacked poor Vontavious for absolutely zero cause……other than his Nazi driven racism. Clearly not self defense, but a demonstration of his white privilege.
  11. Love watching the left eat shit...the infighting is damn good for the country. Centrist House Democrats blast Pelosi for delaying vote on $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill (msn.com)
  12. Agreed. Their platform is lie, lie, lie, deceive, deceive, deceive, manipulate, manipulate, manipulate……….and when the truth finally breaks through all of that - attack, attack, attack. That is the illiberal agenda, wash, rinse, repeat.
  13. You, purposely, omitted the next aspect “even if you don’t need help”. That’s the point that jumped out at me. Nothing is free. But why would you pay for kids whose parents have no problem paying for it? I pay for my kids lunch - should you be obligated to pay for it even though I easily can?
  14. Bernie’s an idiot, relying on the fact those onboard with him are idiots. It’s all about manipulation, and knowing your constituents are either too lazy or stupid to bother thinking a little for themselves. Kinda like how the left attempts to say Obama didn’t create any National Debt because his deficits were decreasing at the end of his regimes tenure. They’re that stupid and lazy.
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