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  1. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=4FOwzO8jZmg&list=OLAK5uy_ksnwr-8wFsCbhbaMZ49JAHV8IgwSKg7Lc
  2. Let’s hope like hell America has been awakened by these Bolshevik illiberals. There’s hundreds of things America should be infuriated with the scoundrels……and now we’re down to BIG government wanting to know of every $600 transaction? WTF??? Hell….when my boat gets down to 1/4 tanks, I put in about $700 in gas. And the government needs to know I filled up the gas tanks in my boat? Seriously, these lunatics have lost their BIG government controlling minds.
  3. I did. I am fully, 100% against a mandate. The tentacles of an absurdly over bloated government reaching into every persons life at all levels is repulsive. It sucks that such a worldwide thing is all about politics. But, considering its highly questionable origins - it’s inevitable in today’s jacked up environment.
  4. ^^^This^^^ The “why” is something intelligent people are wondering at this stage. On a side note, not that it matters much cuz Fauci “seems” pretty clueless (act?), but my primary post Covid illness showed me a letter when I asked a question. This was probably April/May when this first came out/released. It was a signed, wet ink, letter from Fauci to my guys Dr discussing his situation. In it, clearly he (Fauci) was waffling quite a bit…..but he said something to the effect he”would expect” the body should produce the strongest antibodies having survived the virus than alternatives. This was pre vaccine - but the serology tests these guys do with some frequency seem to support that. For the record, this almost took out my guy. He got the same treatment Trump got, but it was getting ugly. The treatment kept him off a ventilator.
  5. We’ll, from what the well to do’s I’m around - it seems 700 is the number they’re being told. The two I referenced that had Covid with no jab, are both around the 1500 & 1700 mark. The rest, no Covid but vaccinated apparently range from 500-800. And for the record, these folks are getting this checked pretty regularly. Now, do I know what those #’s mean exactly? No….I just know what I’ve been told and have posted here. maybe @Str8tEdgecan quantify/define it more clearly.
  6. One of Trumps many mistakes when he won, was not shit canning ALL the Obama personnel throughput this monstrous sized government DC has created……for itself. When a Republican wins in 24’, providing there’s no manipulation of the process, I’d hope they have a damn good plan to replace every anti American leftist in any position of importance at the onset. Didn’t hear the context, and don’t really care what Brannon says…..but maybe it was something along those lines. If that be the case, they’re going to need to fire and hire a LOT more than 20,000.
  7. Wow…..this site needs a BS flag emoji - because this post is an absolute load of horseshit. I’m employed by well to do folks, I fly their jet for them. They spend a metric shit ton of money on both goods and people (jobs). Your post is incredibly ignorant.
  8. Weird. The two, unvaccinated people I know that got Covid- through serology tests well post Covid recovery, have antibody numbers through the roof. Others that have been vaccinated only, have antibodies around half of the two aforementioned. Maybe anecdotal, but this is amongst a very well-healed group of +/- 20 folks that can, and do, have Doctors come to them. Point being, they’re checking a lot of parameters often as money is no object unlike it is for most of us. Trump is definitely no Dr or virologist, but I’ve seen first hand what he’s saying is accurate.
  9. The assault on sanity knows no bounds with these deranged lunatics. Wanna know why this country is going down the shitter? All one needs to do is look left.
  10. I hope that Father in Virginia sues the living shit out of the school, and school board where his daughter was raped trying to use a restroom.
  11. The present UK/EU energy crises, expected to head into the winter, have much to do with forced energy transformation from coal/natural gas to wind/solar. After looking the other way, the mainstream media now recognizes the problem but is offering excuses. Excuses, excuses. It’s COVID and an economic snap-back that was faster than expected, as well as poorly coordinated international energy planning, states Thomas Friedman in the New York Times. Or it’s just a cost of doing business in the climate emergency: a bump in the road, not overinvestment in dilute, intermittent energies and underinvestment in dense, mineral energies. Add something else. Someone, somewhere has a brand new theory–and the cause of the global energy crisis is … you and me via the human influence on climate. Global warming for global stillness…. Surprising? Not really. The human influence on climate is all bad things, after all. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2021/10/12/climate-change-cause-extreme-calm/ C’mon man - get with the program. If it’s a degree warmer, it’s climate change. If it’s a degree cooler, it’s climate change. If a season has a centimeter more rain, it’s climate change. If a season has a centimeter less water, it’s climate change. If there’s one more hurricane than average, it’s climate change. If there’s one less hurricane than average, it’s climate change. If a glacier grows, it’s climate change. If a glacier recedes, it’s climate change. If the Uber wealthy want more out of your pocket, it’s due to climate change and them knowing what’s better for you, the climate, and their bank accounts. Get onboard the crazy train or be vilified for thinking for yourself.
  12. The sheeple in CA would say “yes Sir, thank you - May we have another” and follow the lunatic government off a cliff if told to do so. After all, sheep are herd animals and are incapable of thinking for themselves.
  13. I hope she pulls through. Here’s what we know, or maybe don’t know - about all of this…. Best wishes…
  14. My wife received THREE mail in ballots. But that’s just part of it. She shredded two and mailed in one. Then - well after she mailed it in, all the way until two weeks after the election - she followed up to make sure it was counted. Each and every time, they said it was not received, and therefore not counted. A lot of BS went on this past election.
  15. One of many, many straws. Not surprisingly, the only folks happy with the dementia riddled one are his masters and their sheeple. R’s, Independents, and a surprising amount of D’s are thoroughly rejecting the notion of this puppet authoritarian regime. One year to go to end this debacle.
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