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  1. To be fair, there really aren’t any actual liberals on this forum - they all get chased off by the leftist extremist illiberals populating this site.
  2. Trump is well in the rear view mirror. My concern is the present and the future. Things presently are crappy in this country, with the future looking even worse as the insanity of the present regime doubles down on lies and faux pipe dreams. Trump? He has zero impact in my world.
  3. Yawn…..everything in this country is going down the shitter - and all you dopes can do is whimper about freaking Trump. Seriously, at least fake having some pride you useless bag of hot air…
  4. It’s a laughingstock. The media and leftist sheeple screech insurrection at the top of their lungs, yet there isn’t one single charge of that. No different than the same idiots screaming collusion for however many years, yet a team of anti Trumpers doing there best to find a shred of evidence of collusion - determined there was none. Rinse, repeat ad nauseum…
  5. +1,000,000,000 F’n dog and pony show…..aside from Biden, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard someone so full of shit. Embarrassment is being far to kind……but remember, it’s all purposeful. Total hypocritical scumbag.
  6. While the country is burning, you’ll have to excuse me I could give two shits about Bannon.
  7. When ANY politicians lips move, you can be quite confident the only things coming out are lies and BS.
  8. More evidence supporting the pussification of America notion. Disgusting. 😡
  9. This regime is on the Chinese payroll, did you expect anything different?
  10. The guy is a blithering moron. Oh…..and where are the masks?
  11. Makes sense given the shorter distance. My point was to go where you can offload instead of sitting offshore endlessly watching seagulls shit all over the boat.
  12. I can only conclude since you have no solution when asked, your political agenda in being ok with the bottleneck makes you part of the problem. The cool thing is, inflation and lack of supply will hit your end of this much harder and earlier.
  13. So what’s the solution? Just let em’ sit of CA until……….? If Florida ports are open for business, I suspect they’ll get a lot more business moving forward. Well done DeSantis.
  14. But, but, but……you must get the vaccine…..it’s mandated!,,, Follow the $$$…
  15. It’s amazing it’s even 36%……worst regime ever. The peanut farmer has been vindicated through these hacks.
  16. And lost millions and millions in the process. From a fiscal perspective, not remotely a smart guy.
  17. Ya….that’s gonna work. 😳 You’re not even an afterthought dude, pick something new to make money off protesting.
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