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  1. Your stupidity is just that. Got a link to back up your emotional babble? Of course you don’t, because it was a response devoid of fact, and driven by emotions. Loosen up your panties lady, they’re cutting off all the oxygen to your brain.
  2. You avoided my point entirely because you know that can of worms is easily opened. I look forward to the Supreme Court striking this down.
  3. So what is your native language, clearly it’s not English.
  4. I own guns and haven’t threatened a soul. Yet, if I lived in VA and some wanker didn’t like me - they could make up some BS and cause problems to a law abiding citizen that happens to own guns? Nope....to the Supreme Court where it’ll be struck down in the blink of an eye.
  5. English please.......your broken “English” sure smells ruskie...
  6. LOLOL.......ya, Obozo sure fixed all your wet dreams, not. Hey, but at least he blew up the debt more than $10 Trillion, plus interest. Hypocrite...
  7. There are multiple remedies, as Schiff actually discussed yesterday - that they chose not to do. And you know that.
  8. You miss the point too. They could have had Bolton in the House aspect, but chose not to. Now they want Senate to do the job they were suppose to do - if they felt it was so important.
  9. Clearly you have no clue how this works. Maybe they should have supoenaed Bolton, but for some reason the House chose not to. For all of their bluster of "overwhelming evidence", it seems clear this is yet another sham throwing spitwads hoping something might stick.
  10. It's always a hoot watching the left froth, stomp their feet, and snivel when reality is opposed to them. This is going to be yet another humdinger...
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