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  1. Sadly, with each successive post, you only further demonstrate that you live in a small, narrow-minded little world. The big picture is slapping you in the face, but you're to small to see it - or just to politically extreme to have half a clue.
  2. So says the uneducated moron that's nothing more than a one trick pony. Where's Muellers charges? Oh ya, there are none. Given that Mueller and his team of Trump haters couldn't even piece together one single charge, what some talking head says is entirely meaningless. Epic fail one trick girl.
  3. Ahhhh yes, so shocking. Because he says something you've been trained to regurgitate, he's now cool. Funny.....Mueller and a boatload of anti-Trump lawyers didn't see it that way. What's the next "get Trump impeached" infatuation for you folks? You're on what, attempt #296?
  4. Very narrow-minded, hate filled partisan only statement proving you can't see the forest through the trees. Ahhhhh.....someone that can see the forest through the trees.
  5. It works, as does the decision. The fed gov has used carrots regarding states for decades....it's taken awhile for this gov to recognize how that's historically viewed in terms of legality versus using a stick.
  6. And the next person the left will hate even more.....a very pro-business individual.
  7. Fine, increase it for legal imports - after you expel the 20+ million illegal aliens.
  8. The board apologist...….apologizes again..... en·a·bler [iˈnāblər, eˈnāblər] NOUN a person or thing that makes something possible. "the people who run these workshops are crime enablers" · [more] a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another. "being an enabler to an addict does more harm than good"
  9. LMAO.....just further demonstrates how out of touch that pig was / is. "Oh noes, what we be doin', where we be goin? How can they be kicking us out into a shabby $9 million dollars mansion"????? "This can't be happening.....the kids.....I'm no longer proud of this country I've hated for a lifetime"!!! Fake sob, fake sob, fake sob.....
  10. Great team, and another world cup. Heading to Europe in a few hours for work, was bummed when the schedule showed us there a week after the fact. Oh well....Congrats USA!!! USA 2 - 0 FT Netherlands 61' Megan Rapinoe (pen) 69' Rose Lavelle
  11. While not a fan of MM....can you imagine if he hadn't filibustered at least a bunch of that garbage? Obozo still managed to double the National Debt - where would it have gone if MM hadn't? Tripled it, quadrupled it? Scary stuff....
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