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  1. I can appreciate where you're coming from, but it's not accurate. Fortunately, no one has lawn darted one in the US...but there has been problems. There's a ton that's been wrong about this set-up. Airline influence to save money, Boeing wanting to meet the airlines needs financially, design issues, and the FAA signing off on this thing with some glaring holes - undoubtedly in part due to Boeing's clout in the aviation sector. The biggest red flag, which has opened up the rabbit hole - was post LA crash - that is when the MCAS system became known to the airlines, and most importantly - the guys up front driving. The system was not described in any AFM's nor any FCOM's. That's about as Bad worded up as it can get. Apparently Boeing decided, and then convinced the FAA - that airlines and most importantly - crews - didn't need to know about it. Think about that one for a second. Consider this Boeing response initially after the LA crash:: "Since it operates in situations where the aircraft is under relatively high g load and near stall, a pilot would never see the operation of MCAS. As such, Boeing did not include a MCAS description in its FCOM". In all my years of operating turbine equipment, I've never heard of such an outrageous situation. This system takes input from two AOA's, and it apparently doesn't cut itself out of the loop if it's receiving faulty input from one (or both) AOA's. Absolutely unheard of with any other system. I could write a ton about this, but rest assured - the almighty dollar / greed drove this to this point. As far as no issues.....here's some NASA ASRS's in the US regarding the bird: Get some popcorn, this is going to be a real sh!t show with a hell of a lot of wide ranging implications when all is said and done.
  2. Stupid OP.....not surprisingly. The FAA never shuts down. Yes, they went without a paycheck or two - but they don't shut down, and especially on things of a critical nature. I'd have to look at my logbooks to see how many times I flew all over the country during the shutdown with - suffice to say it was many. There are much bigger questions involved, and they speak towards the decay of Boeing by the pencil pushers and towards the FAA.
  3. Good grief, get a phucking life....
  4. Bingo.......but that didn't matter to the left then, now it does. Hypocrisy is a core trait of every leftist.
  5. Guess what......if the "news" was after Mother Theresa 24/7........64% would think the same. The interesting aspect for the future, will be if this becomes the norm for the losing party. Say a ton of BS, invest in an insurance policy......and launch investigation after investigation on the winner in an attempt to tie their hands until the next election. I'm pretty confident if anyone in DC was investigated to no end like Trump, some sort of dirt would be found.
  6. LaughinAtLefty

    TEXAS AMERICA’S Bad word

    I was drawn here for the proverbial job offer I couldn't refuse. Fortunately, we still maintain our home in CO, and where we have a home in TX is quite nice....for TX. Everywhere has good and not so good, and reasons for it. To say "TX is horrible" is just stupid...if that's the case, I suppose everywhere would then be horrible with such narrow minded input...
  7. Looks like she'll be able to afford the DC apartment she was sniveling about...
  8. LaughinAtLefty

    TEXAS AMERICA’S Bad word

    Maybe you lived in a Bad wordty, poor part of the state? Every state has them. Our home in CO is in a beautiful area, and our home in TX is in a very high end area - which makes it nice. Being a CO guy, nothing will compare IMO - but everywhere has good and bad. Oh wait, that doesn't work for your childish stance...
  9. LaughinAtLefty

    TEXAS AMERICA’S Bad word

    El Paso is a dump.....location, location, location......across the "border" is one of the worst cities in Mexico, so it stands to reason.
  10. LaughinAtLefty

    TEXAS AMERICA’S Bad word

    Poor little rainbow warrior......do you prance like that in your daily routine? California is loaded with the worst cities for the air you breathe....bummer huh. Top 4 worst in the country, and sixty percent of the top 10. Damn that's a lot of pollution. Of course cars are a huge contributor, let me know when they go away and the LA valley can see the sky in the summer. Texas also has a lot of cars, and is also the biggest oil / gas refinery state. Every state has their plus's and minus's little guy.
  11. LaughinAtLefty

    TEXAS AMERICA’S Bad word

    That's because...….LMAO...….every response that starts with an excuse means you're trying to defend the indefensible. Top four most polluted cities in the country are in? California Sixty percent of the top 10 most polluted cities are in? California Get back to me when that changes. Oh ya, and your "unburned jet fuel" comment shows just how uneducated you are on the subject matter. Take a deep breath, if you can without choking....
  12. LaughinAtLefty

    TEXAS AMERICA’S Bad word

    6 out of the top 10 most polluted cities are in California, to include the top four most polluted cities. Speaks volumes.... Parts of California are filthy dirty. Fly into LAX sometime, I do often - and the air is so nasty it burns your eyes. When descending into LA, it's beautiful blue sky, and a layer of filth below you can't even see through it on many days. It's really too bad, as CA is one of the most gifted states in the union, geographically. It's just a bummer it's so filthy.....
  13. https://censusreporter.org/profiles/16000US3916000-cleveland-oh/ No surprises in the stats... * Hispanic includes respondents of any race. Other categories are non-Hispanic. Show data/Embed