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  1. Yet you're the low IQ dope that needs to change peoples statements. You're pathetic. You confound nothing other than yourself. Go back to the boob tube kid.
  2. Yet you know the truth is right there before your eyes. You: 20 hours a day, 7 days a week on this forum because you have nothing positive going on in your miniscule world. Me: Responsible for a flight department and have a job to do tomorrow - things you could never remotely conceive of.... Have fun little man.....it's Mueller Time!!!!!!!
  3. Desperate shill? LOL.....so says a dope that spends 20 hours a day, 7 days a week on this forum because he's little more than a tit sucker with zero going on in life. No little man, I have a job to deal with tomorrow - a foreign concept to you and your type.
  4. Gonna bail......it's been a couple of weeks since I last ingested the ignorance of this forum...…..20 minutes is enough.....back in a couple of weeks. You daily dopes with nothing going on in your lives carry on...…...it's Mueller Time!!! LMAO....
  5. Personally, I could give a chit about either craphole..... To you guys, it's all about Trump having the audacity to win.....3 plus years later. Ukraine was and is ripe with corruption, just ask the Biden's who were clearly benefactors of said corruption. I don't think it's a great idea to give hundreds of millions in tax payer money to corrupt entities. But we all know it's not about that...….it's about Mueller Time part deaux, and will have the same results.
  6. Ha ha......saw that "highlight".....yet another guy saying Obama was a complete, useless buffoon.
  7. When you have to change a quote, you've already lost - loser. Well done, way to easy.
  8. Funny, you just stated a bunch of folks are little more than lazy, tit sucking dopes like yourself. I was working today, flying a $30 million jet from A to B to C...….where I'm presently hanging out. Apparently you fit the mold my OP referenced....no surprises there.
  9. But, but, but...………………... It's Mueller Time!!!!! Oh wait.....
  10. Prove it. Did Biden's kid work for a corrupt company, one in which the founder embezzled billions, then fled the country? Simple yes or no will suffice if your skin isn't too thin.
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