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  1. Central.....about done for the night. This whole home thing has the schedule a bit off. How about you? I miss working.
  2. No, just what I've read which seems like he's a proactive guy.
  3. I tell you what, his CDC sure has it's act together - especially in their unified plan (not to mention the highly coordinated National Plan) on dealing with cruise ships. Read it at your own peril, though undoubtedly you'll have to decide it's another case of his policies and actors being misunderstood and picked on. With a well oiled machine like this, what could possibly go wrong. ‘God Knows How Many People We Infected’: New Rules Aim to Get Exposed Passengers Home https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/god-knows-how-many-people-we-infected-new-rules-aim-to-get-exposed-passengers-home/ar-BB11OxOd?ocid=spartandhp
  4. C'mon, not this stuff again. You're welcome to go back and look at my posts leading up to the election, undoubtedly that will put at least this question to bed as it's stated repeatedly and undoubtedly backed up by the same reasoning in most cases as to why you also voted for him. You seem to think one has to fall in-line on every aspect of a POTUS and not question anything if that POTUS is "our guy". I've defined that to you to the point it's getting rather old...
  5. Fair enough. Would you not agree the self-aggrandizing approach is most likely to push those folks to the left - as well as many aligned on the center line? It surely doesn't help...
  6. LOL appreciate the response, in spite of the sarcastic "pokes"...
  7. Nice choice......I have this as a greeter (amongst others)…..love it and she's freshly cleaned and chilling.. https://www.benelliusa.com/shotguns/m4-tactical-shotguns?eid=141 Choose your rounds appropriately for the task at hand.
  8. Usually I would agree with that as that works well with a localized disaster such as a hurricane, and it's affecting a state or a couple of states. That isn't going to work in this case as all states are affected. Obviously, some more (presently) than others - but given the scarcity of supplies - any Governor that gives up what little supplies his state has now to another, more affected state - is going to be crucified should it explode in his own state. Part of the problem of this is too many are thinking in smaller terms than what's required for this. And to be fair, understandably so to a point as nothing like this has happened in any of our lifetimes. China was able to do as you suggest because they were able to shut down a province (or whatever they call them), and then flood it with supplies and help. We may have had that opportunity with WA, NY and CA - but it escaped to quickly - and we weren't remotely prepared to detect and isolate locations where it escaped to.
  9. Essentially, 40% already know they're voting for one candidate - the other 40% are voting for the other candidate. Those more aligned with the center of the two are the ones that decide National elections. If today you asked everyone on this site, and most in public, if they know whom they're voting for in November - 80% are already set - in fact have been set for a long time. That's even between the two - and won't decide the election - those in the middle will decide. If that makes sense.
  10. I agree with Pence's statement 100%, but also with the Federal government as the ultimate backstop when things are to big for local and state. Saying the childish self-aggrandizing BS Trump is spouting is of zero help in a National emergency - in fact, quite the opposite.
  11. I would venture to guess from the center right - 10-15%...….from the center left - 10-15%. I could be wrong - but when it get's close to elections, all the polls generally will show +/- 20% "undecided".....though admittedly with the DC and establishment driven divisiveness - that percentage has been shrinking.
  12. I've heavily criticized their utter stupidity regarding not needing to shut down the borders. But then again I've done that regarding this - and their open border position for a very long time. I've also jumped all over Pelosi's BS additives to the rescue package - though given what they were, I think it's because they know they're fucked in November and are trying to take advantage of the situation. Because I respect your posts, I'll answer that one time.
  13. The intent was to not violate a forum rule - but if a moderator wants to adjust, it's fine by me. Now please proceed to go fuck yourself.
  14. I'm of the opinion the left has about 35-40% - the right has about 35-40% - and the moderates and there 20-30% are the ones that decide national elections. Do you disagree?
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