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  1. Actually, it wholly accurate and spot on. One doesn't have to like, listen to, approve of, or be remotely involved with something they disagree with - but there's still that pesky freedom of speech thing. You spineless toads wouldn't understand the principle.
  2. Don't carry a balance, problem solved. And if you do carry a balance, you can't afford what created that balance.
  3. One can only laugh at the hypocrisy the left continuously displays. Apparently you dopes only believe in freedom of speech, as long as you approve of what's being said.
  4. Change the tax code / system if you don't like it. Playing by the rules - is exactly that...though we all know the wealthy pay by faaaaaar the most amount of the tax bill. Bernie the Bum and his "everything for free" cult following hasn't a chance.
  5. LaughinAtLefty

    Fred Wins in PA

  6. LaughinAtLefty

    Mueller Deer

    Ouch….in more ways than one.
  7. LOL..….ya, ok... One of the biggest bums crashing a get-together.....funny stuff.
  8. LaughinAtLefty

    Iran For Idiots

    No fan of KSA as I've posted numerous times. But Iran is right there with them, and from an allied perspective with Israel - worse than them. The Sunni vs Shiite deal has been going on for a hell of a long time, and I suspect will continue to do so.
  9. Because the left is incredibly immature...
  10. Touche' on the misspelling, up too damn early flying. Simplistically.....as you clearly knew what I was saying. And my reference to three or 60 was - obviously - a direct comparison to the populations of the countries we're discussing. It's a hell of a lot easier to deal with 5 million people than it is to deal with almost 330 million people. Additionally, we as countries find ourselves with different roles on this rock. We, the US, has interests the world over - whereas those countries do not. The argument of whether we should have such wide ranging interests is a good topic for another thread - but as it relates to this one, our expenses as a country far exceed those little hole in the wall countries.
  11. LaughinAtLefty

    Monsanto Is Going To Testify

    I wouldn't be using that sh it.... Pretty f'd up. Reminds of the crap that used to be in paint that was outlawed.