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  1. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/USPRIV Show me where that happened, Ellie
  2. Ellie, Why do you even pretend? Post some kind of data to back up that chindribble.
  3. Yup...just as Obama got hammered with The Great Recession.. But, for shits and giggles, feel free to adjust the math to Feb. 2020..
  4. That is great news....to see Mo Brooks under oath explaining why he showed up in body armor should be a doozy...
  5. It was a crime incited by people in Congress and the WH.....they are not under criminal investigation, but we deserve a full accounting of what they did. That is what Congress will add.
  6. No...those are slogans...let me show you some facts which explain why Since 1989 there have been 3 administrations from each party, exclusive of Biden, each has served 16 years in aggregate. 3 GOP presidents have averaged less than 1.8% avg. annual gdp growth.....in aggregate they have generated net NEGATIVE 2 million private sector jobs. That is why you hear a lot of talk about "soshhulism"...and why I consider you such a slack jawed moron. Over to you.
  7. Because it came under attack? Why don't you give the "saying patently stupid shit" thing a rest?
  8. You don't have a problem putting it on the food, housing, or health care the kid will need.... Two sides to every transaction
  9. Yea...whatever, Rippy... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/paul-manafort-released-prison-home-confinement-covid-19-coronavirus-concerns/
  10. love the way you segue from one piece of discredited bullshit to a new piece of bullshit...
  11. Sure....but just understand that you are doing so from the bleachers... I really don't get why someone who appears to have been attracted to Worse than Buchana would act as if anyone else is a rube.
  12. Bill O'Reilly: “Of Course [The Benghazi Committee Is] Political,” Those Republicans “Want To Bring Down Hillary Clinton.” During the October 8 edition of Fox News' The Five, Bill O'Reilly defended the committee's existence but admitted that “of course it's political,” noting, “If you think those guys, those Republicans on that panel, don't want to bring down Hillary Clinton, you're six-years-old. Because they do”:
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