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  1. I don't see where a massive rube like you gets off questioning anyone's intelligence.
  2. Why don't you jump into the foxhole abandoned by Dr. Facebook.
  3. Do you understand that Dr. Facebook is killing people, right? You didn't wake up in March 2020 and become an MD or virologist.
  4. Answer some questions and I'll be clearer on any context...
  5. I'm gonna guess that you have a quack article insisting that, at some hypothetical dosage, it does.
  6. There are 3 providers in the US market, as well as Sinovac.. Whose "exclusive"?
  7. You have no idea what mRNA is, or what mRNA does..
  8. Did you take The Hole's word for it? Have you looked at the results reported in the meta survey? Do you know anything about statistics? .
  9. I already looked at the details of the meta study.. You might want to do so now, rather that take Drudge's word for it.
  10. Ya figger the boob with "approvals" in the high 30's had it in the bag?
  11. Why? You fucking goddamned morons should be shot. Are these studies showing CONSISTENT or VARIED outcomes? How large are the samples - not in aggregate, but each study? What compels you? A burning need to see Grifty's legacy of incompetence mitigated?
  12. I ain't the one waiting for the 2nd coming of Worse than Buchanan. Try again, Rog..
  13. How many pregnancies have you been forced to terminate?
  14. Have you ever studied statistics? Do you know what a small sample and large variance tell you?
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