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  1. Awe, look at Demoman stepping up and being the first to guzzle down that Jew cum.
  2. Wait till he finds out you're Karl Childers.
  3. You rule insignificance and stupidity lol....I geant you queen status of that....
  4. You're right. In comunism, everyone contributes. We have 40-50% of Americans paying ZERO in federal income taxes but suckin up that welfare.....
  5. Well, it's gonna happen in their line of work. The sensational media is the culprit in the Ferguson riots.
  6. Anyone remember THIS ultimate thread fail? Perhaps the greatest in internet forum history? I remember how livid Demoman was when she found out Zimmerman walked. Before this, she was a halfway decent poster, but the ultimate humiliation of arguing how Zimmerman was going to be convicted for 400+ pages, only to see him walk, was the straw that broke the camels back. She started lying, deceiving, deflecting, even more than before, until she became nothing but a shell of her former self. Then came that cop that MURDERED Michael Brown. She argued endlessly how his conviction would be a slam dunk. Only to experience even MORE humiliation, when no one even believed she could be more humiliated than Trayvon Martin...... Then the Hillary defeat to Trump? Now she can't even log onto Isabel, so completely and absolutely humiliated. And here's the post that started her transgendering into demoman. But you can't hide the shrill, the shrieking, the endless lies, strawmen, deceit...... I still say it's karma for all those abortions she had in her youth but that doesn't mean I still don't pity her.
  7. This idiot is STILL campaigning for Obama. That's some STRONG indoctrination.
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