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  1. Take it, and like it, I'll wager. Gives her victim status. Probably white, never raped - needs a reason for her eating disorder.
  2. If you give me a pic I can certainly try my magic. The post merely shares my own experience with nostalgia and conversion away from it.
  3. I was waiting for you. Now you're gonna make me go to the source again? Sigh. I'll get back to you. The reason I call nostalgia a crime against what happened is that the word has certain implications. In most uses, nostalgia refers to an attempt to return to, or recreate, or resume the past. It often manifests in going back and walking over the old stomping grounds. The problem is that the air you're breathing is being breathed by new and different people, who are busy living THEIR glory days and creating the memories which will fuel THEIR nostalgia. The ideasphere you're idea-ing in is foreign to the memories you're walking through, and your march becomes a sad sham, you an anachronism. The scion of a white trash, highly mobile oilfield family, I spent a couple of decades homesick for two or three different homes at once, bouncing between them, trying to find myself geographically while displaced temporally. I learned that these are the good old days, and now is an actual place.
  4. Nostalgia is a crime against what happened - Cannonpointer. David BOUGHT this site. Al Franken created it.
  5. You've been offered a bribe - chicken choker will pay for mod status. Jesus Christ (no offense - you can spit), you're a JEW david. Fukking negotiate.
  6. You want a fair world, stop participating in jewish supremacy. Be the change you want to see - end apartheid now.
  7. Yeah this is when ricky gets drunk and bv disappears in embarrassment. This place isn't going anywhere. Before he shut it down, he would sell it to one of the many folks who have offered to buy it.
  8. It's been off since I was only 28 years old. Now, pay my tab, bitch. DONATE!
  9. It's long past time I carried my own weight. But until my mom says I have to get out, I'm not leaving this basement except to score weed on my ten speed. Now, pay my tab motherfukker.
  10. I've paid for several of them, with my taxes, for our faggot soldiers. By the way, sorry for cunt punching your whore mom. Tell her sorry.
  11. Yeah, sorry, maroon. That ain't my bag. I'll let you carry my weight. Sucker.
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