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  1. An easy solution: Africanize American bees. There's no getting rid of anything African American. Snicker.
  2. Be honest. Orange you gladthat filthy whore is not president?
  3. Orange you glad that hitlery klingon isn't president?
  4. Here is something simple: There is no such thing as liberalism in today's America - and there is no such thing as conservatism in today's America. The so-called conservatives - neocons in reality - will go for ANYTHING if it's wrapped in Flag or Jesus. The so-called liberals - neolibs in reality - censor speech, truncate rights, attempt to force women to shower with men.
  5. The whore that raised you wasn't your real mom. Your real mom couldn't look at you. She's alive and well and a decent piece of ass. You'll never meet her.
  6. He's failing at his phony "just wanna protect the kids" bullshlt. No one buys it - he's a gun grabber. He also fails at his "I'm just a reasonable fella" BS, given his retarded screen name.
  7. Yeah, you are. You prattle what the media tell you like it's gospel - you're a moron. Good luck with that.
  8. Old enough to vote, old enough to throw his opinions around, old enough to be called out. Get off dick, clown.
  9. You gobble up whatever the liberal media spews, you retard. Assad was in church with boy scouts saving puppies and taking communion with the pope when isis gassed those civilians, you moron. Why do you lie for isis, ass for a mouth?
  10. That's retar-ted. If having guns is to fight the army, might as well let the grabbers have their way. Side arms and rifles don't contest with jets and tanks. But they do keep PETTY tyrants on their toes - including corrupt cops and would be home invaders. We've never once had to fight the military. We've never NOT had to fight against these others - the PETTY tyrants, against whom personal weapons are a powerful deterrent. Use some common sense, son. Or change teams. Stupid doesn't help the cause.
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