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  1. Craig234

    A poll for right-wingers

    It'd be fair for you to ask the left, would we prefer trump or Putin? Man, what a hard choice between two monsters. Very hard, but I'd pick trump. Why? Because I weigh trump's narcissism, incompetence, mental illness, evil mendacity, corruption, recklessness and other problems against Putin's cold-blooded massive corruption,ruling a plutocracy and brutally murdering his opponents - which I think trump would do even worse if he could get away with it - but also things like invading neighbors. And really, I think trump would do that also if he could get away with it. But there's something more cold-blooded about Putin. What a horrible choice. But Putin does at least seem to have some more rationality and competence.
  2. Who would you rather have as president: Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin? Serious question, if that was your choice.
  3. People are supposed to be for equality and opportunity and good things for everyone, right? It's funny, but we all get a little taste of the plutocrat issue. I saw a new printer advertised for $20. We like being able to buy a printer for $20, and would rather spend $20 than $50 or $250. Think for a moment about what being able to buy it for $20 means for a lot of people having to be in great poverty for it to be sold for that price. ow incredibly cheap that is, that after the design, the components, the company overhead, the shipping costs, the retailer profit - how little can go for any workers who help make it. That's a taste of plutocracy. That we can go get a pretty amazing, complicated product like the printer for $20 - and we are simply happy to enjoy it for the low price. We aren't taking action to fight for the price to increase in order for the workers to be paid more. We just want to keep enjoying the low price. That's how it is for a plutocrat - their large income comes from exploiting a lot of people generally or other harms, and they just enjoy the profits. Let someone else worry about the issues of 'the people'. Add in their taxes and charity and they're not concerned. That's one reason it's a very uphill battle to ask them to do anything decent, and change needs to be from the people fought for against them. Capitalism works pretty great, when it works, at having competition drive down prices, giving us a nice printer for $20, and 'enriching' the public by being able to have an affordable printer. But it's not very good at recognizing when that competition and profit motive go so far as to impoverish people - it has no concern at all about that or way to fix it.
  4. Craig234

    Divisional Politics within 2 Parties

    The question is who owns America, and the American people think it's them, but it's not. They lost a war they didn't fight. Our government was set up for the people to rule the country, and now that they are not ruling, the system is at odds with power, and that's why see so much corruption. Why we see politicians who serve the donors and lie about it, why we see legislators told what to vote for, why we see industry regulate themselves, why we see the endless shifting of wealth to a few.
  5. Craig234

    Helsinki Fallout

    Let's have someone photoshop shirts of them at the conference with Putin's saying "Handler" and trump's saying "Handlee".
  6. Craig234

    Helsinki Fallout

    It's a crisis, but that's not the issue I see with it. JFK secretly planned not to launch missiles as well.
  7. These idiot Republicans. Now they're calling Obama "Milhouse" for a middle name? That's Nixon's middle name. Republican Nixon. Terrible president, like trump.
  8. Not only an absurd waste of money, but an abuse of the military people and a violation of our democratic culture.
  9. Craig234

    More good news about trump

    These investigations take too long...
  10. Craig234

    Baby Oliver

    Good thing he was born in the UK who paid for this. If he were born in a red state and they needed Medicaid and the Republicans refused it, they'd have no way to pay for it.
  11. Kennedy was one of the best Senators in history, better than his brothers. He was famous as the best Senator at working across the aisle. He'd have been a great president. If not for Chappaquiddick, there's every chance he'd have become president and prevented Reagan from doing so, keeping our country on the FDR direction of democracy instead of becoming a plutocracy. We haven't had a 'real' Democratic president since.
  12. http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/mueller-adds-counterespionage-prosecutor-to-butina-case-1280805955654
  13. All that was just propaganda - people like families so they claim to be pro-family and lie that Democrats are somehow not Most of it was just anti-gay hate, defining 'family' and 'marriage' as code words for 'hate gay people'.