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  1. I agree it's just like the holocaust. Both sides did wrong.
  2. Site allowing unlimited promotion of nazism and racism and violence, how could advertisers mind that great set of moderation rules?
  3. Funny, I've been referring to him as donald stain for a while.
  4. Cory is very likely running in 2020 as is Joe Biden. We need better. Sanders, Warren, Brown would all be great.
  5. presidents

    Largely agree, except Ike was a lot worse than most think. Like Reagan, he had that folksy he seems nice thing hiding a lot.
  6. It's a real danger, shintao. Ezra Klein has called on Republicans to remove him to protect the country. I think the military is having to ask some hard questions they don't have answers to.
  7. I tweeted to Franken before he resigned that he shouldn't, and after he did that it was an injustice.
  8. # of times Fox has mislabeled a Republican who acted badly as a Democrat: multiple # of times Fox has mislabeled a Democrat who acted badly as a Republican: zero
  9. Where do you get YOUR news?

    I get news from: - Newspapers (still the best source of journalism in the country, as depleted as they are) - MSNBC (liberal, reliable hosts) - CNN - NPR (despite its right-wing bias) - News segment on Thom Hartmann's radio show
  10. But they demand tax cuts that not only don't benefit them but cost them for the rich. So it's only the poor they're against.
  11. I just don't think that's actually what's going on. It's worse. They think that 'they and the billionaires' are on the same team not wanting their money taxed to help poorer black people.
  12. I actually don't think that's it anymore. I think it's more Stockholm syndrome. Are there any polls really showing they expect they'll be billionaires? It's more that they are just worshiping the rich.