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  1. Oh, I see you are spreading a lie. Politifact: "No, California didn’t pass a law allowing undocumented immigrants to register to vote ...Under the law, the DMV would electronically send information for those eligible to register to vote -- which does not include undocumented residents -- to the California Secretary of State’s Office. That office would, in turn, verify name and citizenship information... Jessica Gonzalez, spokeswoman with the California DMV, said she’s contacted several of the websites making what she called "completely inaccurate" claims and asked for corrections. One, the Daily Mail, had pulled down its story, another updated its article, while she said Fox News did not immediately correct its article. "Undocumented Californians are not eligible to register to vote at the DMV," Gonzalez told PolitiFact California. "And we have programming measures in place to prevent that from occurring." At DMV field offices, Gonzalez said, technicians will not be able to key in any voting information for undocumented customers seeking AB 60 license renewals. As soon as a technician types in AB 60, the voter information section automatically gets "greyed out" and can’t be typed into and can’t be bypassed, the spokeswoman said. She added that the same safeguards are in place for online and mail renewals. "The (mail) form won’t even have the voter information questions on it, so they won’t be able to register to vote," Gonzalez said. "It’s really interesting how quickly false information spreads," she continued, "and how difficult it is to get the correct information out there to Californians that really need to know this information." A representative for World Net Daily could not be reached for comment. Several fact-checking websites, from Snopes.com to The Weekly Standard, a conservative publication, examined the topic this week. The Weekly Standard concluded "there is zero evidence to support that ludicrous claim." https://www.politifact.com/california/statements/2018/jan/24/worldnetdaily/no-california-didnt-pass-law-allowing-undocumented/
  2. Looks like another right-wing sock puppet OP. And posting the usual idiocy. He lies that the flag he promotes represents 'four years of slavery'. No, it does not. Not only does it represent the timeless views of supporting slavery of supporting racism broadly - not only does it support hundreds of years of slavery and the demand to continue it - but it represents the racists since the civil war who have adopted it as a symbol for their cause. The actual flag isn't that important historically - it's not even the confederate flag, but the Confederate 'battle flag'. Its importance is not from its history in the war, but from its adoption as a symbol ever since of those who want to continue to promote racism. They hide their intent in a cowardly manner by lying and trying to pretend - when it's convenient - that their intent is to 'respect their region' and its history while denying that the part of that history they actually care about is the racism. Oh, no, they're just history buffs. Nevemind the flag at seemingly every gathering of racists. Then there's the argument, why not treat the US flag similarly, given that THAT flag represents a history of slavery and racism, also? What a disingenuous argument, as if he were actually against respecting that history, as if he were trying to condemn that history instead of to gain acceptance of the confederate battle flag and what it represents. But let's answer it, as well. The US flag does have that history. But more importantly, it represents both the larger government that is about our country and our system of democracy, a system that led to the people voting in a government that ENDED slavery, and ENDED legal racism, and went to war to defeat the forces who supported continuing those things. The US flag is the flag of country, its rights and its wrongs, not a symbol preserved from a defeated movement used to promote racism and its supporters. The US flag now represents the country that is arguably the most diverse in the world, that ended its system of slaver, that passed the civil rights act - and the voting rights act before gutting it. So yes, the people who took advantage of the gutting of the voting rights act to steal elections this very month are trying to promote that confederate battle flag and the racism it represents, and our country has more improvement needed. But it's a country that is slowly improving and defeating the forces of that confederate battle flag, and its racism, again.
  3. Man, this is the first time we've seen the Republicans in the White House crash the economy. It's coming (again). The last time it happened, trillions were transferred from the American people to the top few. Why not repeat that? And the American people will respond once again by electing a Democrat in 2020, who will try to repair the economy, and the American people will then elect the next idiot plutocrat Republican, the next GWB/Palin/Romney/Ryan/trump/whoever - quite possibly with a minority of votes, again - and do it again.
  4. trump does business with organized crime, who saved his disastrous business losses. They include relationships with Russian organized crime - who are the instrument of Putin - and the organized crime family of Saud, the dictators of Saudi Arabia. This is why his first foreign visit as 'president' was not to the traditional allies, but to Saudi Arabia. What would you expect an organized crime figure to do on his relations with his organized crime partners? He hasn't ever had an ambassador to Saudi Arabia - he keeps the relationship 'in the family' with only him and Jared Kushner handling the relationship. (He does have an ambassador to Russia - Republican politician Jon Huntsman - but keeps that relationship close as well, such as his private meetings with Putin, sometimes without even a US interpreter as witness.) And now, he's doing all he can to support his organized crime partner, MBS, who ordered a hit on his critic, US resident and journalist Kashoggi. The CIA has determined with 'high confidence' Kashoggi ordered the murder, yet trump lies and denies it. The man with the evidence against the Saudi leader is the dictator head of Turkey, and trump is trying to buy him off by bribing him with what he wants, by sending him his own critic who is also a US resident, for 22 years, where he could presumably be tortured and killed as Kashoggi was, a request the US has always denied until now. In exchange, he wants Turkey to coverup the MBS murder. That's who is in the White House. Calling him a 'mob boss' is wrong because he has no 'mob operatives' he's in charge of, but he is an organized crime figure, and involved in mob murder. He's hiding his defense of the mob murderer MBS by hiding behind valuing the US relationship with Saudi Arabia - come kill our residents you don't like, we don't mind and will help you cover the crime up - when of course he's actually protecting his own interests and activities. And now, he's trying to commit his own murder by handing over another US resident to another dictator. This in't just 'like organized crime' anymore. It is actual organized crime, and it's in the White House, trying to prevent law enforcement from investigating its crimes, currently with his operative in charge of the investigation into him.
  5. Exactly. As I said, they are all against not only these measures, but all the lies they make up of false claims of what Democrats do, when done to them.
  6. This thread doesn't have one Republican opposing one of the wrongs, does it, making the point. They are un-American and anti-democracy.
  7. Actually, while I don't think he has almost any chance, it possibly could, if Republicans make the change to use Congressional districts to count electoral votes.
  8. Ignored for immorality. Your sig is perverse for a scumbag like you.
  9. As she showed, in several states, a majority of voters voted for Democrats in the legislature, yet Republicans got a majority of seats in the legislature. For example, Wisconsin had a blue wave with Democrats winning by several points in every statewide race including the legislature. So they won all five statewide positions - but despite winning a majority for the legislature, Republicans took 64-36 control of the legislature. That's how badly they cheat. And I haven't heard one Republican oppose their doing so.
  10. Democrats: Gerrymandering is wrong, it should be banned everywhere, we oppose it by any side. Republicans: But Democrats do a little of it too so NO PROBLEM! WE HAVE NO OBJECTION BECAUSE WE GET TO DO IT A LOT MORE!
  11. It's a forum bug that when you post, ignored posts are shown.
  12. As bad as things like the oppression of women are there, a cause of that is that the government is effectively like the mob running the country. And we see that in the 'hit' they ordered on the US-based journalist who criticized the regime and the amateurish coverup. But they do a lot of murderous crimes. I'd ask, why isn't the US doing what Jimmy Carter tried to push us toward, which is caring about human rights in our foreign policy? We officially do to a point, but regularly undermine the laws by making outrageously false 'certifications' of who is respecting human rights and who is not.
  13. Republicans have loved to use personal e-mail accounts to hide wrong actions to avoid the intended legal tracking of official accounts. With Nixon they learned not to tape, with Reagan they learned the danger of e-mail records, and so they use 'personal e-mails' a lot to avoid the public oversight the law demands.
  14. The court required 'due process', so the administration is simply putting rules in place. If the same incident happened again, they'd remove his pass again, but this time with more 'process' as required by the court.