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  1. Craig234

    trump, wall, shutdown

    Right-wingers can't understand the concept of democracy. All they understand is authoritarianism. Ironically, they're fighting for authoritarianism not for themselves but for others who convince them that they should join their team against the rest of the country.
  2. A confidential memo of trump's notes on his plans for negotiating for anything he wants has been leaked. "1. Refuse to fund the government operating. Demand they give in to get funding. 2. Refuse to pay Democratic members of Congress until they give in to demands. They think the courts will block this - haven't they been paying attention to the judicial nominees? 3. Refuse to pay the troops. Demand Democrats give in to get them paid. 4. Threaten to move all military and other government activity out of Democratic states and districts unless they give in to demands. 5. Threaten war with countries Democrats love - Canada, France, Sweden - unless they give in to demands."
  3. trump and his base want a wall. Democrats and others don't. Here's the deal. We have a system of government (just as we have an election system that wrongly distorts the vote so trump won with three million fewer votes). It has a House, a Senate, a President, and requirements for passing spending. If trump wants his wall, he needs to either win enough elections to get the people needed in all the branches to pass it - just as Democrats had to do to pass things like healthcare for the American people with no Republican votes; or he needs to negotiate with Democrats to get them to agree enough to vote for it. Those are his valid choices. If he doesn't do those, he doesn't get his wall. Those are the rules, how it works. Democrats don't get all kinds of things they want for the same reason. What's NOT legitimate is to refuse to fund the government's operation and use the government as a hostage to demand what he can't get legitimately. Same with the rights of dreamers, wrongly take them away and then offer to temporarily restore them in exchange for his demands. More hostage taking. If he can do that, then every Democratic president should harm Republican innocent people, should shut down the government and take hostages to demand what THEY want. That's the issue. trump is in the wrong here. If he wants a wall - win elections. Just like Democrats have to. If he hurts innocent people as hostages he gets the blame for it. That's what's going to happen eventually - he's going to lose. The only question is how much harm he'll do in the meantime, how much political damage he'll cause Republicans, by his hostage taking. His supporters don't seem to understand this: they don't have the power, the numbers, to get their way. They're going to lose. Now, or even worse later.
  4. Craig234

    Thank you BLUDOG ... ...

    Ah, a post of crap. Bludog, unlike you, posts useful things. He's not 'on the sidelines'.
  5. No, he has not caused the swamp to be drained. This is not the first pro-trump thing I've seen you post.
  6. trump is the biggest mess in government. He has't cleaned up anything, only made it a lot worse.
  7. Craig234

    Today's question for the right

    We're getting off topic, but the Holocaust used a similar approach of justifying it with claims that Jews and socialists and other targets were a 'threat' to Germany and they were just defending themselves. That led to 'The night of knives' with Germans attacking Jews and their property and then to the holocaust. As far as 9/11, yes, it's worse than that. Just as trump spitefully does the opposite of Obama, Bush spitefully did the opposite of Clinton warned Bush Al Queda was the #1 threat to watch, and Clinton had been having daily meetings with Richard Clarke about them. So Bush disbanded the Al Queda unit in the CIA, demoted Richard Clarke, ended those meetings and de-emphasized any concern with Al Queda. His administration said the Clinton administration had been hysterical in their obsession about Al Queda. It could have been found and might not have been because of Bush's choice.
  8. Ah, yup - only saw the posts here. I'm surprised.
  9. Craig234

    Today's question for the right

    Let me guess - not one able to answer as usual.
  10. Isn't 'maca root' just an item, not a particular brand, so saying 'eat maca root' is like saying 'eat your veggies' or 'blueberries are good anti-oxidants'? Not something for a brand, not something Merrill profits from?
  11. I think part of the issue is a sense that the Senate won't convict, and that they might not be able to impeach him again and again as new information about his crimes comes out, so they want to wait for the Mueller report and do it once. Of course, a risk they run is a sense of 'wait for the 2020 election, why impeach him for a short reduction in his time in office'.
  12. That was NOT a reach across the aisle. It was more of his hostage taking and partisanship. He has forced a government showdown, taking the government hostage to demand a ransom of $5 billion for his wall. He is offering a TEMPORARY extension of rights needed for people that he took away in the first place. Democrats must not allow that hostage-taking for him to score political points with his base about a wasteful wall, points he desperately needs in the face of coming accusations for his crimes where his only defense is to try to keep the support of his base. If you don't understand this, I'll take $100 from you and offer $20 back if you agree to a demand to build a wall I want. Deal?
  13. Pick one or more: - You hate the environment and want death and ruin for the planet - You are a science denier who thinks unlimited pollution is not bad for the environment - You make money by harming the environment and are evil - You think that only other people will be harmed/killed, not you, and you don't care about them or the animals except any pets you own - You are a nihilist - You think the world will be saved by new technology, without any understanding or evidence That about covers the possible positions for the right-wingers on the environment. They support its destruction and can admit it if they know it or are idiots who fall for lies if they don't. There aren't many other explanations for why on any issue about harming the environment - oil production, strip mining, fracking, cars, beef production, deforestation, allowing the dumping of industrial waste, weakening of governmental laws and enforcement of them, carbon reduction, overdevelopment, and so on, on every one they are angrily on the side of harming the environment. About the best they'll do is some limited support of protecting the environment they spend time in. And even that is only sometimes.
  14. Craig234

    I like butterflies

    Another burger, this one American Wagyu, it's better even than it looks:
  15. Craig234

    I like butterflies

    Here's another local burger: