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  1. And every time a right-wing terrorist or racist kills someone, we'll remove and jail a Republican politician. And any time someone uses a handgun or assault rifle to kill someone.
  2. That's the only way to do it. Republicans are all about for-profit insurance for only some of the people who can spend a lot and leaving tens of millions unprotected.
  3. As I recall, the current system would be something like $56 trillion. Healthcare for all would save the country money and prevent Americans dying because they lack insurance. Though some Republicans want them killed. Who's un-American?
  4. Text cartoon. Frame 1: Text: "A trump wall we all agree to build. And Mexico even agreed to pay for it." Frame 2: Drawing of trump inside the walls of a prison cell.
  5. He won't - they can't stand each other and he'd admit a mistake.
  6. These are the idiots who say they don't believe Christine Ford, who post a 'case' like this with claims about a mod? Very convincing! Of course he's accurately reporting what happened. Or, no, he's lying like they do so much. Liars, liars, liars.
  7. My date is likely too early, but the basic story is happening - an election loss weakening Republican loyalty to trump, and increasing pressure from Mueller leading to an increasing chance the party will decide he needs to go. A bit surprised how closely it's happening.
  8. Something involving 10,000 votes in a state is a long way from 'the country isn't ready for a woman president'.
  9. Seems like Biden has 'Walter Mondale' written all over him, where the party faithful will like him as the former VP as they vote for him and he loses - just as Reagan went from a far closer win over Carter to a 49 state win over Mondale. I give Biden better chances, but it does seem like the problem exists - it's also a repeat of 2016 as the 'slightly improved' party centrist over Hillary once again does little to excite the independents much less the Republicans. There's plenty of dirt on Biden as 'establishment' - with Hillary it was 'paid speeched to big banks', with Biden it's years of representing the credit card capital of the US, Delaware. Half or more of all credit cards in the US are issued from Delaware. The NY Times already began this issue, such as in a 2015 article in case he got in the 2016 race: "But if Mr. Biden decides to run for the Democratic presidential nomination, his Senate reputation as a friend to financial institutions could be a significant obstacle, especially if he wants to make inroads with the party’s liberal base, which has become increasingly skeptical and often passionately hostile to anything connected to Wall Street."
  10. I disagree. Some of the country is, but Hillary got the most votes, and nearly all of the objection to her was not her gender.
  11. Again, I disagree. I was saying it's disappointing that AT THIS TIME - after the history with Bernie - it's disappointing where the polls are. That has NOTHING to do with the accuracy of the poll in predicting the race. You have made the age point about Bernie, I don't know, 8 times so far? We disagree about it. I have a feeling it might be dozens more times coming?
  12. That's a bit silly. How could anyone be yet? I didn't say you were, I said what I think is the likely chances for one. I forgot Cory Booker, probably the worst of the bunch. I can't evaluate the political advantage of youth. That's up to voters. I value Bernie or Warren's experience over youth, but getting votes matters, and that's one of the many arguable mistakes voters could make. There's talk of Harris being groomed by the DNC, that concerns me a bit. I like her also, but if she's on the party-backed Obama track, that is worrisome, just as Obama ran as a progressive and did not govern that way. She'd be a killer boost for Biden, if that's the case, stealing a lot from the other progressive in the race, and she does seem ambitious.
  13. Sometimes Democratic voters disappoint - a recent poll has Biden #1 at 33% and Bernie only #2 at 13%. That should be the other way around. This is why we can't have nice things.
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