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  1. And every time a right-wing terrorist or racist kills someone, we'll remove and jail a Republican politician. And any time someone uses a handgun or assault rifle to kill someone.
  2. That's the only way to do it. Republicans are all about for-profit insurance for only some of the people who can spend a lot and leaving tens of millions unprotected.
  3. As I recall, the current system would be something like $56 trillion. Healthcare for all would save the country money and prevent Americans dying because they lack insurance. Though some Republicans want them killed. Who's un-American?
  4. Text cartoon. Frame 1: Text: "A trump wall we all agree to build. And Mexico even agreed to pay for it." Frame 2: Drawing of trump inside the walls of a prison cell.
  5. He won't - they can't stand each other and he'd admit a mistake.
  6. These are the idiots who say they don't believe Christine Ford, who post a 'case' like this with claims about a mod? Very convincing! Of course he's accurately reporting what happened. Or, no, he's lying like they do so much. Liars, liars, liars.
  7. My date is likely too early, but the basic story is happening - an election loss weakening Republican loyalty to trump, and increasing pressure from Mueller leading to an increasing chance the party will decide he needs to go. A bit surprised how closely it's happening.
  8. Chart I found on healthcare cost increases in the US - the ACA was passed in 2009 and fully went into effect in 2014:
  9. jrock, I like how the right-wing nut you responded to tried to cheat. He wanted to argue that Obamacare drove prices up. So, he tried to use the fact that it LOWERED reimbursement rates - lowered the prices - to argue that that 'lowered supply', and then that 'increasing demand while lowering supply' increases costs. What a clever boy. Of course, he was wrong. Obamacare DID lower the reimbursements - but it didn't simply take the profits out of the system and reduce supply. He did it through negotiations the suppliers AGREED to by giving them things them wanted in exchange, most notably, the increase of more profitable patients - healy patients to offset those with -re-existing conditions. That was done by the addition of a penalty for anyone who did not buy healthcare, increasing the number of healthy buyers. It all worked. So of course, Republicans, always out to entirely destroy the ACA and all its protections for the American people, immediately tried to destroy it. One of the ways they did was by gutting that penalty for not buying a plan as soon as thye gained power - suddenly the larger pool of healthy patients to fund the system dried up. Bingo, the Republicans cheered every bit of harm that did the system, cheered every insurer who left the market, tried to run on the end of the penalty as a political issue. Another way they tried to kill it was to vote to entirely repeal it - over 50 times. Once they had control of all the branches, trump spent his first year trying, and they came within one vote of repealing all of it, including pre-existing conditions. Another way they tried to kill it was to get the radial right-wing court they'd installed to strike it down. They's paid for that court and expected a return. Again they came one vote from striking it all down, including pre-existing conditions, but only got a partial victory because of a surprise vote by Roberts. Because of that, they WERE able to strike down the mandatory Medicaid expansion to ensure millions of low-income Americans, but states gained the right to refuse the expansion, and a large majority of red states did so, denying healthcare to millions of their own citizens, while blue states insured far more of their citizens. The bottom line on the garbage argument you responded to about cost increases is just to look at the results - the initial results were that under the ACA, premium increases went down to the lowest rates in 60 years. All the problems Republicans have cause have increased that somewhat, but it's still lowering costs. So no, his argument that lowering the prices on healthcare increases the cost, has not been correct. But it does give him full membership in the trump cult, the shrinking group about to lose an election badly in part because they support the billionaires making healthcare unaffordable so they can get even richer on borrowed tax cuts.
  10. As I recall, the current system would be something like $56 trillion. Healthcare for all would save the country money and prevent Americans dying because they lack insurance. Though some Republicans want them killed. Who's un-American?
  11. I agree if it's impeachment it'll take more time. What I'm talking about is his being forced to resign by Republicans after they lose the House.
  12. Too many variables, but I'll give out a 'most likely' time frame based on the opinion that I have that there's a good chance Republicans get wiped out in the House midterms, and when they do, they will have no loyalty to trump and demand he leave - putting the date perhaps in 12/18, and to pick a date, 12/31/18.
  13. Text cartoon: One big frame. Jail cell filled with dozens of white men, all wearing MAGA hats, some with last names on their outfits like 'Manafort' and 'Gates' and 'Cohen', all chanting "LOCK HER UP!"
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