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  1. Interesting. Kate Brown in Oregon is taking the hardline stance and it does not seem to be affecting her popularity all that much.
  2. I do not know about other states but in NV, the data is not all that easily accessed. Even if you are able to access it, it is very narrowly focused. Think of an excel spreadsheet... not a lot of columns. So discerning a ton of stuff from it is both limited and somewhat useless. One can get summary level stuff easily but the real meat is quite the task to look at.
  3. If i was in control, I would make two changes. First, cease the test score data driven model. When you have low performing schools, you need to focus on process and not result. Second, I would change the focus from math and science to more practical studies such as carpentry, auto mechanics, etc.
  4. Well, its not just the schools. The parents are a huge part of this. When a school here in my neck of the woods was going to go full in person with few, if any, covid regulations... the uproar was immediate and intense.
  5. I may have to watch this film in the next week or so. R. Lee Ermey... his acting in this is the stuff of legend. In the interviews he did afterwards, he just oozes credibility.
  6. Just some math to give context Wyoming : 2 of 538 electoral votes = .37% 266,000 of 155,485,078 = .17% North Dakota : 2 of 538 = .37% 350497 of 155,485,078 = .23% Now compare this to CA: 55/538 = 10.2% 17116679/155,485,078 = 11.01% New York; 29/538 = 5.39% 8496883/155,485,078 = 5.46%
  7. One man, one vote... how is this not the case right now? Is your vote counted once or not?
  8. I get the feeling that this CEO of St. Lukes is not a lifetime or longtime Idahoan. He sounds like someone who comes from SoCal or Arizona. Yes, Boise has grown but still plenty of the old time Conservatives that stayed in Idaho due to its relative isolation.
  9. How dare you tarnish one of the best films ever made with political garbage? Now, go sit in the corner.
  10. This is akin to the cross that they have up on a hill just northeast of Boise (Table Rock to be exact). I am not religious and have never been. If I do not like the cross.... well damn I just do not look at it. Problem solved. On a legal basis, the cross is on private property and due to its being in existence for 30+ years before the first opposition... almost impossible to ever have it removed. Bigger and better battles to fight.
  11. If the President was elected by popular vote, states such as Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, and Idaho would be inconsequential. In fact, they would be best served by not voting at all. Save them time and money. Why print the extra items on the ballot if there is no benefit?
  12. This is where you can tell how rational someone is. When someone (or a group) is 0 for 950 on predictions, a rational person stops believing them. Its the boy who cried wolf in real life. Someone who is not so rational and therefore quite biased will still believe someone even after they have been wrong countless times. Why? The person/group is telling them what they want to hear. Do you know how many hundreds/thousands of times I have read.."Dow is down x points today.... catastrophic decline to ensue. Best stock up on canned foods. Dems/Reps ruining the economy again". And yet never been right... not even once.
  13. If the economy in certain states recover and COVID is mostly a thing of the past in 2024... Trump will have another close call. Not defeat but no landslide. However, if the economies do not recover (as per CES and QCEW numbers) then Biden or whoever the Dems put forth is going to face very steep odds.
  14. You can rely on prediction and I will rely on actual data. I read the same thing on here when the stock market tanked in Oct. 2020.... oh the end is near. What happened? DJIA rebounded from 26k to 29K
  15. As of 8:14 am pst, DJIA is up 388.54. Closed down 50 yesterday. So much for the catastrophic decline.
  16. that's cool. I am eagerly looking forward to that magical day when I do not have any animals at my house. Only have 2 cats but they keep hanging. The older of the two turns 19 in December and the other is 19 in April 2022. It is amazing how advertising/narrative gets some to spend extra money on food/produce. Why folks spend $2 on a banana at whole foods when they get the exact same product at Kroger for $0.20 is perplexing.
  17. But would you pay $8 for cage-free, locally grown eggs when you can get a similar, if not exactly the same, product for $2. yes, I have had duck eggs. They are quite tasty.
  18. Its still quite early. This is like the way-too-early-top 25 that comes out hours after the college football season concludes. Interesting but still inconsequential.
  19. He "thinks"... translated.. does not actual know. Is filling in the blanks. It would take years but going through every single ballot one by one would put this to rest one way or the other.
  20. It amazes me how people will pay 2, 3, 4, even 5X the usual price for eggs if they are local, cage free, organic, whatever. Warm and fuzzy narratives do not work on me.
  21. I get the feeling as if you are trying to say that their 230 cases on Sept. 17, 2021 is some major spike that shows that vaccines have done nothing. Its a math equation. We have x which is the probability that the vaccinated get Covid and are tested. Y is the probability that the unvaccinated get covid and are tested. X < Y or at least that is what the data has said so far. 430763y + 193000x = Z with Z being the case number for a given time period. Now add in VT's smaller population and them having 230 recently and 216 in January does not tell me that the vaccines have done nothing.
  22. So at the moment, 69% of the states population is fully vaccinated (430763). That leaves about 193,000 that are not. This spike while high on a day to day basis (one day/week compared to another) in nominal terms is nothing. 234 cases in a day (Sept. 17 number) is not all that different from the 216 cases they recorded on Jan. 8, 2021. Given these numbers, it seems completely in line with reality. If the new case number for Sept. 17 was 2,500 then you may have a point.
  23. In the case of Vermont, it is a matter of looking at the numbers. This spike while high compared to the population is not as terrible as it seems. It is nothing compared to what was seen last year in the more populous states.
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