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  1. His conviction could easily get overturned. Six months from now, this narrative is far different.
  2. not a liberal. However, good for them. In my neck of the woods, life will carry on the same before as it will after.
  3. We do have a spending problem but no politician (and therefore the supporters) want to bite the bullet. Politicians can't be doing the right thing and then not be lauded as heroes and saviors.
  4. When it comes to my profession, the private sector counterparts earn between 50 to 75% more. Public sector wages are usually less than private sector. It can easily be shown by going to BLS QCEW and doing some simple work in excel. However, before anyone jumps out of their chair.. there's nothing wrong with that. Public sector employees should make less. Why? Nothing to do with quality or other subjective garbage. The income stream is not the same.
  5. I was a professional tax preparer for 2.5 years. One of the eye openings was the fear among people concerning taxes. They viewed taxes as this ultra-complicated but necessary task where mistakes no matter how small were punished severely. A few of them even told me that they did not want IRS agents in armored cars coming to their house and breaking down the door because they made a mistake with deductions. As long as someone rents, 99% of the time it is remarkably simple. If the tax code was as simple as Taipan suggests, it would put Liberty and H&R Block out of business.
  6. Being that you live in Vegas, go get yourself a Monsoon IPA from Tenaya Creek Brewing and drown your sorrows.
  7. I would add E. Deduction for Children F. Child Care Expenses. Otherwise, solid idea.
  8. If they worked for the campaign, slightly more understandable. For a garden variety supporter who has no vested interests.. I must be too heartless for my own good. Bummed out... understandable. Crying, hysterics, depression... over something that they do not control, I do not get it.
  9. My second cousin who is as white as white gets gave birth on her 12th birthday (1983) in Emmett, idaho. Well, so much for it always being immigrants, blacks, etc.
  10. Ok, so we can agree that health care is not the only reason. Back to the topic, breaking down into tears and going into hysterics... a bit much considering that most likely he will not DIRECTLY impact their lives. Their personal health/fortunes are mostly due to their own decisions.
  11. So what other reasons exist for why they so passionately/adamantly want Trump to lose? If we surveyed them, what do you predict that they would say?
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