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  1. this thread is not helpful at all while sitting in front of a computer. Cruel, evil little bastards.
  2. From what I have read, this variant is more contagious but less severe in its end form. Also, those who are vaccinated are unlikely to have symptoms and less likely to spread it. In short, much ado about nothing.
  3. Not sure why but that tends to the trend everywhere I have lived (Boise, Salt Lake City, and Reno). The further up the hills/mountains you go, the more expensive and exclusive it gets. The rundown areas are the ones just outside the downtown radius.
  4. Never really been to TX. Hanging out in El Paso for 8 to 10 hours does not really count.
  5. I have no issue with people moving to a place and purchasing property. Most people know the basic layout of where they are moving to and so if you really find it that undesirable then simply do not buy the house and move there. Seems quite simple but apparently some can't process that kind of logic. As for myself, I refuse to ever move to Southern California, Phoenix, or Las Vegas. I know the areas and know that I abhor hot weather.
  6. for 99.9% of the US population, this is a non-issue. Most do not care that there is a 2800 mile gap between southern alaska and washington state.
  7. Now the ones that give me the itch to do bodily harm are those that move to these areas and then complain about how the locals (or the areas surrounding it) are hicks, inbreds, simpletons, ignorant. Having slightly different priorities does not make someone an idiot or inbred.
  8. On the other hand, the locals brag about the higher number of jobs, more things to do, higher selling price for their home. It seems like they want to have their cake and eat it tool.
  9. Reno, Boise, Salt Lake City, Missoula, Bend... places that CA expatriates have grown into large cities.. not exactly warm and comfortable in the winter either.
  10. Has already started to become expensive and on par with Salt Lake City, Boise, Reno, Bend, and Missoula. Why sell your average home in Salinas, CA for 500,000 and then pay the same amount in Fort collins and now be a 19 hour drive or 3 hour flight from family/friends/familar confines.
  11. Actually most fleeing CA are ending up in TX, NV, ID, UT, and MT. Southern CA are the ones moving to TX and those from Central and Northern are ending up in ID, NV, and UT in that order. I predict that the next state that they start populating is SD.
  12. Newsome has very slim chances of re-election. It is not due to CA becoming less liberal. It all comes down to his heavy handed approach during the pandemic.
  13. Well, you can have your imperialist dreams. I like the national boundaries as they are. Canada predates Alaska joining the US so Canada did not divide anything. CA's issue with their power grid does affect other states but other states have the same problem.. too many people living in hot, dry places where surface water is relatively scarce.
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