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  1. "No pensions in Thailand." good old fashioned economics at work again. No partisan conspiracy theory here.
  2. I will believe it when I see it. Trump may be a clown but Impeachment is nothing but them being sore losers. They played the same dirty game and lost. Time to put the missteps of the past behind them and focus on the future.
  3. impartialobserver

    Obama gets credit for this:

    That is why I do not take the more partisan and dogmatic seriously. Nothing is ever this cut and dry.
  4. The economy is performing well so it makes sense that all groups (blacks and hispanics) are doing better. The surging tide does not pick and choose who it takes with it.
  5. The reason that most believe that the economy is controlled mostly or completely by the President is that it is easy. There are only two choices to ponder, succeed or fail.
  6. CNN is not going anywhere. They may see a ratings decline and have to make pertinent (cost-cutting) business decisions but they will survive.
  7. Off topic but is your life what it is mostly due to your decisions? or is it due to someone being elected with an R or a D?
  8. That is not the point of the post that started this. The point was that I am of the opinion that we make our lives what they are and not politicians. Furthermore, my decision to endure grad school led to increased economic fortunes not politicians.
  9. Well, of course. All things change over 6 years. In my neck of the woods, the economic fortunes had been increasing since early 2011. So, things were actually better than they were before. To cut you off, Obama had very little to do with that.
  10. Obama just happened to be in office during the entirety of it. It would have still sucked no matter who was in office.
  11. are you speaking of Stephen Paddock?
  12. In short, I chose to endure grad school for reasons that had nothing to do with politics i.e. Obama. It was a personal decision that would have played out exactly the same no matter who was elected.
  13. No. It was not a fun time nor do I feel that it was worth the 6 years of long nights, lack of sleep, and mesmerizing math. Have you ever done a least squares regression by hand (no computers)? Well, I am in the profession that I hoped to be and have never used it in the least.
  14. it is simply not practical to write laws that are based on the outlier which these shooters are. To target a group that is very small and difficult to recognize is going to be ineffective.