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  1. Interesting, Why is greenland held in such high regard by you and not Alaska, Nunavut (Canada), or Finland?
  2. In short, the political arena was not the same in 1920 as it is today. Lie to yourself but anyone with an IQ above 40 knows that the two times/places/parties are not the same today as they were then.
  3. Occam's Razor comes into play here. The more outlandish the conspiracy theory, the more assumptions that one has to make, the more likely it is fabricated garbage. 66 year old guy did not want to go to prison.. I know that I would not.
  4. I was born in 1977 so my version of old is probably different than some. The only two films made before 1980 that I still watch today are Ben Hur and Taxi Driver.
  5. Nobody can own any land? Not even the natives? Or is it just non-natives who can't own land
  6. this is profoundly interesting and there is no indication that it will change anytime soon. With lower birth rates, some places will start depopulating like what is happening in Eastern Russia.
  7. This has a lot to do with procreation no longer being as necessary. Urban living does not entail needing to produce children to help oneself out. Besides, having kids is expensive no matter where you live.
  8. their suicides are not our problem. We are not here to save them from themselves. If so, why stop at greenland?
  9. Why does any country have to colonize Greenland? Why can't the natives simply govern themselves?
  10. If global warming is real (which I harbor serious doubts), it would still take time for it to produce any agriculture and warming waters would lower the fishing yield.
  11. Know some folks who live in Portland and at least, according to their FB page, they are going to avoid downtown like the plague. If I lived there, I would do the same.
  12. This is a bit of a non-story. Of course, Israel would not want someone in their country that openly voices anti-Israel views. seems quite logical.
  13. Been saying since early 2017 that Trump will win re-election by a comfortable margin.
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