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  1. I would not know if it is or not. The true litmus test of this will be next year when the Democratic candidates start seriously campaigning. If they keep bringing up this Russian Collusion story then you are essentially proven correct.
  2. I have said the same thing but just a bit differently. Yes, Trump is a clown with numerous flaws so why not start working on a strategy to make his re-election more difficult.
  3. I would hope that they would acknowledge that this is over and move on to other battles. Alas, quite a few will not.
  4. Walked right into it... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_noise
  5. Your opinion is not fact.. hate to burst your bubble. Nothing but ineffectual, meaningless white noise.
  6. Except that you do not actually know anything. Opinions...sure but that is of no substantive value.
  7. impartialobserver

    inbred morons in the OPIOD belt vote for repukes

    Poverty and drug abuse are interwoven together. Poverty also tends to be highly correlated with rural and remote.
  8. impartialobserver

    How to Break the Republican Lock on God

    Republicans/Conservatives relish the past and want nothing to change. The past... is where religion was of far greater importance than today. The connection is quite logical.
  9. Barr's summary... yawn. Calgary vs. Colorado in the Stanley Cup Playoffs... vastly more interesting.
  10. impartialobserver

    Something the Left omits.

  11. Precisely. Big Tex is a one trick pony. Race is the central point of every one of his posts...so simplistic.
  12. Every time you post, you make my point. As the saying goes, "Give 'em enough rope"
  13. You need to work on updating your schtick, that line was old before you were born.
  14. So you admit that you are too lazy to do some simple research. Well, at least you are consistent.