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  1. Well, I consider myself to be a part of "folks". Most would considering that you do not exactly outline who these "folks" are. . My life is great. When I leave here, I will not care in the least about this forum, you (or anyone else on here), and will go on to more entertaining and rewarding pursuits. Fixing my dryer, going outside with my kids, going to a concert, etc. are of vastly more benefit than pointless discussions with strangers.
  2. Actually, the subject of the post was you. The main topic was your claim that XO's posting about this topic (or any other) deters me from reading about it or learning about it. Getting pretty worked up about what a stranger thousands of miles from you says. Especially considering that nothing you or I says on this forum will ever more than meaningless white noise. What a sad life you must have.
  3. Nothing all that earth shaking. Nobody should ever take the words of a politician, bureaucrat, or commentator blindly as truth. They all have an agenda. They all are selling something knowing that what they offer is imperfect.
  4. However, my post was not about Fabian Socialism. You are one delicate snowflake. Keep responding and prove my point. Hate to burst your bubble but there are billions upon billions of possible topics. Neglecting one does not make one ignorant. There are plenty of topics that you know nothing about (as with everyone else) so that makes you ignorant by your logic.
  5. You might care deeply but do you really think that most Americans do? Do they honestly pay as close attention as you do? My guess is no. Their exposure to Trump is a few soundbites per day that total up to 1 minute or less. Yes, they may not like him but this annoyance occupies so little of their day as to make it meaningless
  6. No. Just pointing out what is rather obvious. His posts do absolutely nothing to deter/stop my reading about the topic. It is really that simple. I have read lots of posts on internet forums and doing so does not put up any roadblocks. I could in a few seconds, click + on the browser, type in something about the topic but I choose not to. Why you bother responding to me when I (and everyone else who maintains a body temperature of 98.6 degrees) knows that you will NEVER get you want is comical.
  7. Someone that craves affirmation ^^^^ and should probably just get a life.
  8. I was not aware that there was such a thing. Most liberals that I know get their news/information solely online or social media.
  9. You are correct in that your posts do not deter/stop anybody from learning about Fabians. I choose to not read his lengthy and repetitive posts due solely to those qualities. If I want to learn about socialism, I have my own sources.
  10. Well this thread is still here so apparently the poor, widdle, oppressed Entitled is not being censored.
  11. the Moving pictures and Permanent Waves albums... simply masterpieces.
  12. That's good for you. I am not a picky eater but cabbage is the no-go of all no-gos in my book.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_D._Roosevelt#Presidency_(1933–1945). It appears that he was only in office for 12 years
  14. It is quite simple... Politician = narcissist. Most pro atheletes are rather narcissistic as well.
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