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  1. I wonder if you even take yourself seriously. The sun, earth, moon, etc. are physical objects which can be predicted due to laws of physics and chemistry. Human behavior... not quite so predictable.
  2. This has been the primary topic at the office. What are some of the salient items? First, the employers having trouble are almost entirely embodied in two naics codes.... 44/45 and 72. 44/45 is retail trade and 72 is Accommodation and Food Services. In all but 2 states, those industries are the lowest paying at the 2 digit naics level. Second, daycare and child services, naics code 624410, declined at a greater rate than total employment in most states. The recovery was less for 624410 than for total employment, naics 000000. So what is the takeaway... folks are not wanting to return to relatively low paying jobs. Also, that very helpful support industry, 624410, has seen declines in employment. Also, in most places.. housing prices are on the rise. I would rather work than sit home even if I was struggling along. However, most younger people are not of that same mindset.
  3. The answers to this question are not as simple as an extra $300 in unemployment... especially in lieu of there being a work requirement in every state. When the lockdowns started in April 2020, the requirement that you seek work and take any available job was waived by some states. That was reinstated in late 2020 at the latest.
  4. I think what will determine who runs and wins is how the economy is doing in mid to late 2024. Related to this is if we are still dealing with COVID in the form of mandates, regulations, etc.
  5. On the topic of being poor, admittedly obsessed and probably should find other uses of my head space. However, noticed that one panhandler has multiple changes of clothes. For a specific freeway exit, he dresses a certain way. The giveaway is the facial hair and unique but prominent body piercings. This is why I have such little empathy for them. When I was on the street, I did everything in my power to get off the street. Once I was off the street, was not going back. To think that someone would want that life... unfathomable and not something I will ever feel an ounce of sympathy for.
  6. Some folks thrive on this. This potential threat, no matter how unlikely, gets their blood pumping.
  7. No, I do not have a link but FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine is happening soon.
  8. plenty of crimes happening here in my neck of the woods and yet not found on CNN. they must have a bias against Nevada. There can be no other explanation for why every single reported crime in America is not on CNN and getting the full press.
  9. Garbage thread. Does it really matter what the VP's approval ratings are in year 1 of 4? No. It could not possibly be less meaningful.
  10. Unlike you, I have a life outside of this and politics. Getting worked up over election results does not lead to more money on the paycheck, better health, fence boards not warping, kids not waking up at 535 am, etc. Even if I was dedicated to this topic, my one contribution would not change a damn thing directly and immediately.
  11. It will not surprise me. I think that there will be greater resistance to it than there was in April 2020.
  12. I am not convinced that things would be all that different even 85% (just a random high number) were fully vaccinated.
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