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  1. A good fiction novel challenges the mind and makes you think. The story may not be tangible but it really challenges your intellect.
  2. You could say the same thing about anybody who reads/watches anything. Its all an escape. Just some escapes are more interesting, thought provoking than others.
  3. They are not as onerous as other novels such as Crime and Punishment or The Fountainhead. The second book, Dune Messiah, is a bit dry and can be skipped.
  4. To each their own. If I do not like it, I do not watch it but also do not talk shit about it. I have no affinity for country music but if you want to see a country artist live... then have at it.
  5. Yes, A for effort. My wife likes musicals and I will sit through them but they are not my thing
  6. Well then do not watch it. Problem solved.
  7. Thanks for not. I have read the book twice (2010 and 2021) so have a fair idea of what is going to play out.
  8. Well, at work until 630 pm and then have to go home and be with the kids. 950 and the theatre has 24 beers on tap... it will be quite the night.
  9. Will be watching it in 6 hours and 6 minutes but who is counting down...
  10. To each their own. I spent summers in a place where distractions such as TV, internet, pop culture, etc. were nonexistent. Was not miserable but it did get boring after awhile.
  11. never seen an amish person/family. However, out west we have mormons and if you go to Eastern Idaho or NE Utah, you find some that take their fundamentalism to a new high.
  12. Recently read that the rest areas in the Twin Falls area have had a recent rash of vandalisms. What the hell have you been doing?
  13. When it comes to the poor, my number one pet peeve is the pity party. They get on their pulpit and claim that they are working their ass off and yet society/government/management/whoever is there to fuck them and them only. Others get the preferential treatment and hence why they can pay bills and get by. Now, they are just being screwed over and there is nothing that can be done about it... hence why they are poor. When I was on the street, this same line of bullshit popped up. Always making excuses for why they lived this life.
  14. Thanks. All those years I simply took the simple act of showering for granted. I always thought that the only things that sucked about being homeless were lack of good food options and not having much to do. However, not showering, boredom, and lack of quality social interaction about drove me over the edge.
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