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  1. Not sure what can really be said about ACB. She seems like the ideal candidate
  2. Will take your advice. Enjoy your Friday night. Have a drink for me.
  3. Some do beat the odds. My mother is still around and smoking but every time that she gets sick, it is quite severe and she is down for 3 to 4 weeks.
  4. The old man did not die from cancer but his life was shortened by smoking nonetheless. Mother is still around so that's good.
  5. My dad was a Winston guy until nearly the end. At the very end, we went to some off brand to save money. My maternal grandmother smoked Camel Studs (filterless) until around 2010. It was the smell of those foul items that mostly convinced me to never start.
  6. My guess is that they would brush it aside because there is a chance that 1 person in 10,000 would contract COVID and they can't be having any negative publicity.
  7. Not sure why this bill is necessary. The consistency that lifetime appointments gives is essential to the job.
  8. No one cuts my lawn. Front yard is xeriscaped so no grass. The back is a work in progress after having removed a very large tree along with its stump (65 inch diameter) and all of the roots. When It is complete, again will hire no one.
  9. All politicians have sheeple. Not everybody pays close attention to politics and therefore comes to their decisions via ingrained values, feelings, perceptions, etc.
  10. According to reports, no packages came to Taylor's residence from Glover. Also, her financials showed no evidence of the dollar amounts that Glover was proven to have been in connection with... Hmm.. if she is a part of it and receiving no product and no money? Also, reportedly she has not been with Glover for 2 years and had very minimal contact with him. So she has a current BF and yet is going to help the ex (and again receiving nothing).
  11. Either you need adequate funding to hire staff or an army of volunteers. Both of which are not a given. Increased taxes are a very hard sell here. Even with early voting, the lines were 200 or so deep at most places.
  12. We did early in-person last time in Nevada and it worked quite well.
  13. the converse is true. Because 1 person supposedly heard something, does not mean that they are honest. Without video or audio evidence, it all comes down to whom you believe.
  14. The Grand Jury testimony and transcript needs to be released. I doubt it will be but this would some parts of the debate to rest.
  15. The bigger picture is that police are going to be under increasing scrutiny. Some warranted, some not. They are going to face the same reality that teachers do now. Society using them as a convenient whipping boy.
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