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  1. $8 billion is a good start but it is a drop in the bigger bucket. There are a lot of federal jobs (military included) that are wasteful and inefficient. I would start with making each dept be more streamlined and not have people who simply push paperwork and approve others.
  2. From my experience, knowledge/education were not what was lacking. Those on the street were either mentally ill (and likely self medicating) or flawed characters that felt that they were owed something. They justified their choice of drug trafficking/smuggling by telling others that they were not going to bow to the "man" by taking Shi_ jobs and paying taxes.
  3. Well, it is really never any President's economy. They take too much credit in the good times and too much blame in the bad times.
  4. 423 million, that's quite a few. I read (what seemed to be a rather objective article) that showed that gun ownership rates were going down. It said that number of guns per person rose but the actual number of households owning one had decreased. Either way, a lot of guns... enough to make it logistically impossible to ever ban them or confiscate them.
  5. Well, probably going to have to pony up for travel. Robert Smith does not take care of himself and so they opt for the fewer but bigger shows. That effectively rules out my neck of the woods.
  6. Well, hope they put on a good show. My next bucket list show from that era is The Cure.
  7. It is my assumption that they are playing the Sonic Temple record from start to finish. That would be cool. When I saw them, they were touring for the record, "Hidden City"
  8. Saw the Cult in 2016. I waited too long. While the show was good, they were tired and did not bring the energy.
  9. Im sure that we can get four random individuals to pound away on their instruments and make a bunch of noise.
  10. Hence why I do not make sweeping generalizations. If being gay is all or mostly genetic then having legislation against them is simply wrong as long they follow the other laws that apply to everyone.
  11. As long as we get to hear you trash talking each other? Sure that there is some way to cover your faces and/or still maintain some anonymity.
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