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  1. A few months ago, a guy at a local pub was kicked out for being too drunk. This has to be some kind of omen. Rising alcoholism amongst young men, liberal craft beer drinkers increasingly behaving poorly? throw enough darts at the board, eventually I should hit the target.
  2. Single individual is not nearly as sensational, over the top, or hyperbolic as Mob, I know.
  3. Read your post as if you were a copy editor. So he starts on a relatively high position and only goes higher. That is not "coming back" Having been involved in survey design and having attempted to use polling data, it is notoriously unreliable. That is not a Trump thing. It is a human thing.
  4. The title of the thread should be Single Agitator tries to throw McConnell out of restaurant and is rebuked.
  5. impartialobserver

    An Impending Shooting Civil War

    The probability of an actual armed revolution is probably less than 1 in 1 trillion. that being said, back to life.
  6. "I think the Trump base is coming BACK BIG TIME !!" This is why you are such a clown. You pretend like there is a RE-surgence going on. Hate to burst your bubble but his popularity amongst Conservatives has not declined. You can't come back if you have never been down.
  7. Cant find any hard numbers but his rally in Elko did not fit the description given above. It was well attended considering that it was in Elko but there was no one watching it from the outside.
  8. 46 replies when this really did not merit one.
  9. impartialobserver

    The Texas Shootout…

    It is hard to defeat the incumbent. Even more so in states that are so decidedly partisan.
  10. Don't you know... one person is a mob. Every isolated incident is a part of a greater epidemic or conspiracy.
  11. impartialobserver

    Trump is the anti christ

    No better example of trolling than this ^^^^
  12. Points 2 through 4 are shared by both parties so nothing new to report here. Same old tired rhetoric.
  13. Limited success.... you are quite the optimist. Anyways, thanks for liking my posts. You seem to be one of the more reasonable ones on here. It will never cease to amaze me how the biggest talkers, most adamantly R or D always need the security of a group. This weakness shows when they always make it us (fill in the blanks) against (whoever). I personally do not need nor care If someone aligns with me.
  14. Your lack of rationality shows. more crime happens in larger metros than does in sparsely populated areas. Keep exaggerating.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_Lake_Indian_Reservation Hmmm.... so the State of Nevada should dedicate its resources to policing this area. Having been here many times, you would never know it was there unless you go out of your way. Is there increased crime in Reno-Sparks at its closest proximity (NE section of town)...Not even close.