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  1. Not sure why he keeps responding. I tried for a few posts at the beginning. In our first and only discussion, he was quite lucid but then had to get back in character.
  2. If I get one of these checks, it will go towards the standard bills.. car payment, mortgage, student loans. Nothing all that interesting.
  3. If I had to guess, it is an act and therefore he either stays in character or not. I do not care enough about strangers to put on such an elaborate front.
  4. I would not say that he is leftist or liberal. From what little I have read, he is neither.
  5. Shoving down our throats.... such a master of hyperbole. He is not mandating or even recommending that someone attend a service or even care about the day.
  6. The OP is correct. Our economy is almost wholly dependent on consumption spending. Without consumption spending, the decisions of politicians are mostly irrelevant. Our consumption spending is not a product of political decisions.. rather it is the other way around. Our consumption spending and the thought processes that go behind influence and steer political decisions.
  7. I can only dream. Hopefully, this summer I can make the journey.
  8. it was the same way last weekend when I was in Boise, Idaho and Winnemucca, NV. The panic and demand exceeding supply in the short term is not unique to CA.
  9. I dont have the answer to that. I work with politicians at times and do not need to take that home with me. We have a meeting coming up tomorrow... going to need a lot of hand/body/foot sanitizer for that.
  10. We must be looking at something else. The OP's statistics covered more than 3 years. What she posted makes a lot of assumptions.
  11. It should come to no surprise to those who know me from this forum but I have zero interest in TV shows that revolve around political drama (The West Wing, Madam Secretary, etc). We get enough of it in real life why have more of it on TV.
  12. Growing up, we were quite poor. Could not afford to have mom stay at home. What happened? No drug addicts, teenage pregnancies, prison stays, etc.
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