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  1. When I think of pudding, I think of Jello Cook'n'Serve stuff that has no beans.
  2. Gullible being the operative word. There are so busy with their daily lives that they do not take the time to be discerning/skeptical about their politics. All politicians lie, deceive, distort, exaggerate. Putting an R or D at the end of the name does not magically change that.
  3. Quite off topic but googled "Terlingua, TX" and the pics that came up... quite amazing. Looks like what you find in Southern Utah or Colorado.
  4. Oh, I was just giving him a bad time. The body would find a way to digest all that goodness.
  5. I assume that you are correct about being defrocked but this was 30 years before I was born. This scenario played itself out 4 times and on the fourth someone apparently was not ok with their 12 year old being raped and executed him. He was found with 3 gunshot wounds to the back of the head in a creek in northern MT. No suspects have ever been brought in. He was identified by dental records. Needless to say, this does not hurt my feelings.
  6. Yes. It just happened that it was small town, rural montana and the rapist was the new catholic priest. To do adoption would entail outing the rapist. From what she has said and others have said as well, the town knew that he was a scumbag but no one had the courage to rock the boat (figuratively speaking). In the end, she aged out (so to speak) and he tossed her aside and moved on to the next town where come to find out, the same story occurred again.
  7. Well, you are already full of hot air. Don't need the beans adding to it... (j/k)
  8. From speaking to Germans that lived in Berlin during the wall and after, they confer that Reagan and America were only tangentially related to the wall coming down. The fall of the USSR and the communist Eastern Bloc was self-induced. They went bankrupt.. much of which started long before Reagan's time.
  9. I guess that I am not discerning enough. Only seafood (that I have had) that I turn my nose up at is Sea Urchin Roe. Rockfish, Tuna, Crab, Lobster... getting me hungry.
  10. In her days, you did not have a child out of wedlock even if the sperm donor/rapist was a french catholic priest who was a pedophile. Small town rural America was not one to tolerate that.
  11. That is too funny. Have not seen that film in a very long time. It may be time to revisit it.
  12. I am imagining some film like Fargo where the wife is stuffing the husband and making him more presentable.
  13. I do a quick read of the OP and see it as someone painting the past as perfectly glorious and the only reason that things have changed is them darn liberals ruining it for everybody. My incredibly conservative grandmother was bluntly honest in telling me that staying married to a scumbag was not moral nor right. Her first "husband" was a pedophile... according to you we should value marriage and stay married to a scumbag.
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