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  1. Somwhat related to the main topic, I find that most people know that their decision are responsible for their own station in life. Politicians, the system, etc. are only of minor importance. Politicians, politics, etc. were 100% unrelated to my struggling through grad school and getting a phd. How a billionaire gets their money means nothing to me.
  2. impartialobserver

    BUILD THE WALL - Democrats got TRUMPED!

    True. Either way, only 2 or 6 years left. My guess is 6.
  3. impartialobserver

    BUILD THE WALL - Democrats got TRUMPED!

    you win some, you lose some. Life goes on, either way.
  4. impartialobserver

    im gonna eat some cereal naked and then

    I will not be doing any of the above mentioned. Tonight's treat is a very strong Barleywine Style Ale and some Alice in Chains on vinyl.
  5. So what you have is correlation, which is not the same as causality. Ok, enough said.
  6. They are only retarded in your estimation because they do not align with you politically.
  7. impartialobserver

    Where will amazon open HDQ now?

    Amazon has stated that it will not reopen the search for a new HQ in the near future. I have always thought that Minneapolis or Toronto would be suitable locations.
  8. Can you give an example of a company that she single-handedly chased out of upstate new york?
  9. Amazon having a large distribution center in Fernley, NV and now north of Reno towards Susanville, CA has not helped property values in those places. Home prices in Fernley were 1/3 that of Reno and yet most workers opted for the 45 minute one-way commute on a road that has zero alternative routes. That being said, I do find this strange. Jobs are jobs. Does Amazon need subsidies or incentives? No. NYC/Long Island City should not be needing to do that but that is the nature of the game. To get the big companies to come to town, one has to offer more than talk and warm/fuzzy speeches.
  10. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/the-conversation/sd-california-losing-low-income-people-gaining-wealthy-people-per-report-20180221-htmlstory.html
  11. impartialobserver

    The Biggest Political Crime in American History

    All of this is speculation and gossip until something concrete and tangible comes to light.
  12. And when it comes time for a Democrat to be President, they will ramble on about how this is the end of the Republicans. I will agree that she is not doing them any favors now.
  13. I will give Spencer some cred. It takes a lot of dedication/energy/insanity to stay that pissed off for that long. Anger is pointless if not directed and moderated.
  14. One of the few constants in life is that the one side is always declaring the demise of the other. Yet, somehow the pendulum swings both ways. Hmmm....