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  1. Will Fox News admit that Tucker Carlson and his family got the shot? Maybe not because then they would have to admit that Tucker and the rest are not newscasters but they are cartoon characters that appeal to the right wing base. Meanwhile they take the shots and advise their audience not to. Hooray for them but their audience can drop dead.
  2. If Christ was the ultimate Liberal, Trump is the ultimate Con, in more ways than one.
  3. Why doesn't Tucker Carlson and Fox News admit that he took the vaccine? I guess it's okay for them but their audience can drop dead.
  4. Trump is still president like the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series last season. Close but no trophy.
  5. She always reminds me of Lotte Lenye who portrayed the evil Rosa Kleb in the Bond film, From Russia With Love. I know the right gets juiced about these writers but they fail to see the obvious connections to Trump.
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