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  1. lets be honest; who didnt see this coming?
  2. bombing syria twice is his folly
  3. https://www.thenation.com/article/want-win-get-black-woman-candidate-qa-melanie-l-campbell/ get on it democrats!
  4. desertloner

    The Wynnscape Coast Act

  5. If I had to pick a republican. (i'd hate to have to) It would of been Senator William Roth. 1. he fought for the release of Rabiya Kadeer from China 2. He sponsored a wonderful trade deal bill with china. 3. He fought to repeal the excise tax on telephones and other communication devices 4. He fought for reducing the marriage tax 5. He fought for medicare and medicaid It's a shame he died tho.
  6. Zimbabwe could use the help. And I think they would be useful for us in the future.
  7. I already said it, giving trump all this attention. I would like to see in the media once in a while people who are at least trying to make the world a better place. Balance is key
  8. although I do not like the Trump administration, we can do better than throwing insults
  9. I kinda have to agree only because I think there are things that need to be addressed. This trump obsession is getting old and i am not even a fan of the guy.
  10. hard to take anyone seriously who has been a guest on coast to coast am
  11. desertloner

    In simple terms, what is a Libertarian?

    maybe not some of the voters, but often those who get in office sure do
  12. desertloner

    In simple terms, what is a Libertarian?

    From my conversations with libertarians over the years its rather simple. The gist of their belief is solitude. As long as no one gets hurt directly the government would not have the authority to interfere. In contrast to republicanism who have much more of an authoritarian view on how to govern, they reject things like the patriot act.
  13. desertloner

    In simple terms, what is a Libertarian?

    A libertarian is one who views that the federal government should be extremely small. Basically what the founding fathers believed or close to it. Personal liberties of private property, little to no taxes, self defense rights, etc. The etymology of libertarian and liberal are quite similar. Interestingly enough the philosophies seem to be quite different than they were 50 or so years ago. They neither claim affiliation with neither liberal or conservative, but their own entity.
  14. desertloner

    The right to abort

    If my post sounded a bit rude I apologize, that wasn't my intention . Hopefully you didn't take it as such
  15. my message issue still hasn't fixed itself.