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  1. Who here plays GTA???

    I'd say so even though it's still pretty young in the market.
  2. Who here plays GTA???

    I play mostly on my switch nowadays. my ps3 died on me, my 3ds died on me, i played on my ds for years before it gave in. mass effect, pokemon, hard to list them all
  3. Who here plays GTA???

    i played the game so much it broke lol never got another copy
  4. I forgot who said this quote You never really become "adults" you just learn to act like one
  5. Who here plays GTA???

    i use to play 4. i liked nico
  6. What makes a Liberal?

    I go by the etymology. liber meaning free in latin. I think free, act free, believe in freedom for others. As long as the actions don't directly harm others liberties (stealing, assault murder, slander, etc, i'm for it. My profile is full of positions I fight for. Love and kindness is what I strive for, although i'm not perfect. But i've yet to disrespect anyone so i'm doing good thus far.
  7. The God Thread

    If you read the gospels, you'll See Jesus' attitude towards people. How quickly he was willing to forgive, how much he preached on loving thy neighbor, feeding the poor, ect
  8. The God Thread

    Is it the simple belief in a God that does the harm? or is it what people do with that belief? You could say the same thing about political views. Conservative and Liberal. Should one not take part in either since there are people who use their leaning to harm others in both camps? Just because some use a belief in God as a justification o harming, doesnt mean it should be eradicated altogether.
  9. The God Thread

    Yes but not all people who do mimmick that behaviour
  10. The God Thread

    We humans tend to look for God by using nature and science. What athiests and agnostics fail to think about are the possibility of both a scientific and a spiritual realm. What if we won't find him in the scientific realm? Maybe God chooses a spiritual realm to reside in. That could explain the lack of scientific evidence. There is no harm in believing in a God.
  11. I didnt mean for this post to turn political but ok. Yeah its pretty awesome
  12. https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/epa-awards-over-45-million-ohio-water-quality-protection Interesting though
  13. https://blog.ed.gov/2017/11/flotus-secretary-visit-highlights-schools-anti-bullying-efforts/#more-26309 What minimal effort
  14. https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/video/saildrones-cutting-edge-technology-ocean-research This is outstanding technology that will give us much more information on whales, seals, and certain fish