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  1. hard to take anyone seriously who has been a guest on coast to coast am
  2. In simple terms, what is a Libertarian?

    maybe not some of the voters, but often those who get in office sure do
  3. In simple terms, what is a Libertarian?

    From my conversations with libertarians over the years its rather simple. The gist of their belief is solitude. As long as no one gets hurt directly the government would not have the authority to interfere. In contrast to republicanism who have much more of an authoritarian view on how to govern, they reject things like the patriot act.
  4. In simple terms, what is a Libertarian?

    A libertarian is one who views that the federal government should be extremely small. Basically what the founding fathers believed or close to it. Personal liberties of private property, little to no taxes, self defense rights, etc. The etymology of libertarian and liberal are quite similar. Interestingly enough the philosophies seem to be quite different than they were 50 or so years ago. They neither claim affiliation with neither liberal or conservative, but their own entity.
  5. The right to abort

    If my post sounded a bit rude I apologize, that wasn't my intention . Hopefully you didn't take it as such
  6. my message issue still hasn't fixed itself. 

  7. great post skans, but shouldn't this be in the water cooler? it's not political
  8. The right to abort

    because chasing the money changers was definately a pacifist thing to do......
  9. The right to abort

    However I do not appreciate being threatened. I ask to be treated with the same respect I treat you Harry hands.
  10. The right to abort

    A very unliberal concept....
  11. The right to abort

    Etymology liberal. From the latin word Liber (free) Meaning to be open to new ideas, and sometimes willing to discard traditional ideas. One cannot tell me what I am except myself. I hold most liberal views, just not every single one. There was a time where that was considered okay. Today, people act like being part of a political view is like being part of some high school clique. (dress exactly the same, same music, same enter topic.) What's interesting is today people call themselves tolerant and liberal, but many of them act quite the opposite. Not the same people from the 2000s or before. It's "believe everything i utter or you are a conservative nut." I just think no one has the right to kill anybody based on inconvenience. I am for food stamps, ssi, humane treatment of animals, the poor, the elderly, etc. I am also for stopping pollution on things like air and water, yes my views are a little old school but are still valid.
  12. Oprah possibly running for president?

    Almost any celebrity could beat trump except maybe andy dick
  13. The right to abort

    I am part of the small liberal camp that is against abortion. No one should have the right to end a lie based on inconvenience
  14. Why is InfoWars considered fake?

    No, that's not "all" he does. He interrupts people mid sentence. Often not letting them finish their point. He made fun of people during a screaming protest. I never used the term idiot, i just said the guy is immature. I ask kindly not to put words in my mouth
  15. Republicans to GUT Social Security

    not just republicans. Prohibitionists, constitutionalists, and a few more parties i cant remember the name of