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  1. Aww, poor thing. No uterus? Sucks to be you. Concentrate on educating your sex to use slippers and get the fuck off of those of us who you expect to bear the result of your own irresponsibility. We WILL get abortions, or go after all of you sperm depositors for child support, wreck your marriages, destroy your scholarships, whatever it takes. Oh wait, the right to abortion was affirmed by the Supreme Court some 45 years ago! Well I’ll be damned, what I am dealing with is just another man who wants to go back to the years of bloodbaths and septicemia. Abortion did not begin because of Roe v. Wade, and it will not go away if it is repealed. It will just sentence parents of desperate girls to walk in on horror.
  2. You bet she does, and the Supreme Court agrees. All these uterus wannabes have to do is wear a condom, and they wouldn’t be after us. Are they putting their energy towards males to do that?? HELL NO, they just want to bitch about what we do. Idiots.
  3. Actually, us women are in charge of our bodies, we are not a glob of cells once we are born, now are we. Yet you men clearly thing we are. Must sucks to want a uterus so badly that you feel the need to control those of us who have one.
  4. Time for you and all males to wear a condom ALL THE TIME and quit thinking you can force women to bear nine months of pregnancy that will medically affect them forever just so you can pretend you will support those babies once they are put up for adoption. Is that so difficult? That you quit your fake anti-choice crap and go for ALL males buying a freaking condom?
  5. Of course it looks “human”, it is the result of human conception. It is a glob of cells. And whether they like it or not, we have autonomy per the Supreme Court over our bodies. These conservative assholes are withdrawing food stamps, Medicaid, and any other form of welfare they can in order to pay for their wealthy Lords’ tax cuts. So, women, we are on our own once that forced birth is born ... and so is the kid.
  6. Said by a guy who has no clue about the health issues of a pregnancy. Go buy a uterus, install it, then tell all women about your stupid ideology. We do not need you making our decisions for us. Concentrate on making all males RESPONSIBLE and get the fuck off of us for the decisions we make after you men climb on top of us. Okey dokey?
  7. Awww, isn’t that sweet. It is a GLOB OF CELLS.
  8. No shit, idiot. Are you another “too stupid” asshole?
  9. The glob of cells during a D&C? Do you know what that is, genius? And I LOVE “the actions of a woman” comment, because you men have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.
  10. Do you enjoy your uterus envy? Get the fuck out of our lives and mind your own damn business. Your silly dissection of posts sentence by sentence makes you irrelevant and, well, idiotic.
  11. Pretty funny reading the posts of men who feel they should have the right to interfere with a woman, her family, her health issues, her doctor, and her clergy, for no reason AT ALL except to deny all bodily autonomy rights to that fetus the instant it is born .... if it is female.
  12. Well THEY TOLD YOU a thing or two, didn’t they? Bet you are crying in your beer! I like the way they keep making their fonts bigger to get their points across to you, I think it’s a nice touch, don’t you?
  13. How in the heck did you come up with that? It is the best summation I have ever read!
  14. They don't give a crap about any kid. It is ALL about control of women, plain and simple. If they cared about abortion, they would be ALL FOR free contraception for all. Are they? Hell no, they just want to force women to be hamstrung at their demand. They are little men who fantasize about women's body parts to the point of perversion. Plus, they get off on having an argument over it with women such as myself so that they can call me a cunt, an idiot, a murderer, etc. Again ... all about power. Rather their preception of it, since no woman gives a fuck what they think.

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