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  1. Good point. The tooth fairy insanity occasionally gets the better of me. I adore people who need a book for guidance as to right from wrong.
  2. Let’s face it, Demo, we either buy the tooth fairy or we are GOING TO HELL!!!!
  3. Awwwww, so only idiots who agree with the dumb subject matter should respond? Typical religiosity. “Believe it or go away.”
  4. No, I have not. Proclaiming that not believing in a freaking fairytale is hardly that.
  5. Plus the “middle class tax cuts” ... (I am in the top 2%, I know FULL WELL that I benefit, not the middle class or the poor), and the new Trumpcare ... it is the trifecta proving that anyone, other than someone rolling in dough who votes for a republican politician is an IDIOT.
  6. Forgive me if I am being TOO FUCKING HAPPY!!!!
  7. I’m sure he did, but that won’t hide the past .... and you KNOW Mueller has this all plotted out after that cute one-two punch this past Monday. I think he is going to goad Trump into firing Sessions (who is now uncovered), sticking another AG in there, who will agree to fire Mueller. Keep in mind that Trump is an idiot, and Mueller is not. 🤗
  8. I hope Mueller takes Greasy Junior down while he’s gone.
  9. What, he forgot tweet how our “Justice Department is a joke”? I BET he believes that, since he cannot STOMACH our rule of law.
  10. Aww, poor thing. No uterus? Sucks to be you. Concentrate on educating your sex to use slippers and get the fuck off of those of us who you expect to bear the result of your own irresponsibility. We WILL get abortions, or go after all of you sperm depositors for child support, wreck your marriages, destroy your scholarships, whatever it takes. Oh wait, the right to abortion was affirmed by the Supreme Court some 45 years ago! Well I’ll be damned, what I am dealing with is just another man who wants to go back to the years of bloodbaths and septicemia. Abortion did not begin because of Roe v. Wade, and it will not go away if it is repealed. It will just sentence parents of desperate girls to walk in on horror.
  11. You bet she does, and the Supreme Court agrees. All these uterus wannabes have to do is wear a condom, and they wouldn’t be after us. Are they putting their energy towards males to do that?? HELL NO, they just want to bitch about what we do. Idiots.
  12. Actually, us women are in charge of our bodies, we are not a glob of cells once we are born, now are we. Yet you men clearly thing we are. Must sucks to want a uterus so badly that you feel the need to control those of us who have one.
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