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  1. Saw it on CNN. OMG she would be a shoe in! Hopefully the DNC goes for it!!!
  2. DebraBoca

    Thanks Bludog

    I sure do
  3. LOL that comment made my night. Im popping a Tylenol W/codeine and going to be, head's starting to hurt again.
  4. I've witnessed some strange stuff with them. They left their shades open a lot and their house is filled with mannequins dressed in 50's-60's era outfits. I like clothes too, but who the hell has mannequins in their home?
  5. Didn't mean to double post (I forgot I typed the 1st one with all that's going on)
  6. I know. It's hard to sympathize with her bough, but she had nothing to do with it
  7. My thread got derailed so fast that I'm just going to drop it. My neighbor is now in the hospital though (his wife called me). Guess he attempted suicide in jail
  8. DebraBoca

    Thanks Bludog

    I got really confused when I saw that reply on my thread. Nothing but animals in there. I appreciate you letting me know
  9. What is wrong with you people?
  10. It's not funny, I'm a hemophiliac and was lucky. I have to take BC pills just so I don't get my period.
  11. I just got a call from my Neighbor's wife. She is at the hospital with him now. Apparently he tried to commit suicide in jail and she's blaming me. She yelled at me for 30 seconds and hung up. I'm conflicted on what to do.
  12. This. I will not start any violence, but I will defend my life against these jackboot thugs
  13. After what I went through, I prefer the Bill Ayers approach to dealing with enemies. It's the only way to end it. Won't be me doing that though I called the number for the website site I posted and was given the direct phone number to my local organizer (Chicago, but close enough). They said if I "have weapons and was legally able to have them, please bring them, otherwise, It's at my discretion whether I choose to or not". In IL you need a special license to have a gun, which I obviously don't have, so I don't think I'll risk that part
  14. My brother linked me this https://refusefascism.org/get-organized-for-november-4/ I will be involved. My neighbor is out of the picture and I know where he keeps the spare key........