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  1. A little about me...

    We have a few things in common. I too know what it's like to be humiliated sexually. My ex-husband (not current one) had similar fetishes. He was also a local politician and I couldn't say anything about it because it would destroy both of us. Some men are just disgusting
  2. I have a crush on Keith. I love when he gets all riled up lol
  3. If it's wrong then why isn't it corrected?? Are they lying on purpose or just plain stupid??
  4. It's more than that. I know plenty of people who are more liberal than even me and make close to a million, then I know some conservatives that make 30k a year. The powers that be (above Cheetoh) are playing us for fools. I hate trump, but he's a pawn. We are stupid if we really think anything matters anymore. Guys like Soros are close to the top (I remember an interview in the 90's where he bragged about destabilizing Eastern European countries). Guys like him need to by hung, and I think the right would agree. If we fight common enemies together (those that want to play games with our lives), then we can settle everything else afterwards
  5. Don't be a fool and let the plutocrats win. Do what I am doing:smoke some weed with your husband and just relax. Really settles you down lol
  6. I don't know, but sometimes I get the feeling that we both are being played and are being forced to fight eachother. I remember years ago that you could disagree and still be friendly. Now, the hate that we have towards eachother is unprecedented. Just a thought I had while "relaxing" to some MJ.
  7. Well if it's not real how come the news is telling us it's easy to convert them into machine guns??
  8. Left Wing Orgs I Disagree with.

    North Korea isn't a threat, if anything we should be supporting them against our insane president
  9. Left Wing Orgs I Disagree with.

    They (Antifa and BLM) are fighting amongst themselves. My brother told me that the same day he injured that woman BLM was there. They fought between themselves and it got ugly. An Antifa member called one of them a"N" word and a brawl broke out.
  10. That seemed goofy, but the fact that removing a few parts that make a semi automatic firearm legal and converting it to full auto is scary and dangerous
  11. Left Wing Orgs I Disagree with.

    Antifa=Nazis (different ideology, same playbook). My brother, who I haven't talked to in months due to his actions, is a member of Antifa in the Oakland chapter. He was part of the riots in Berkeley twice. In July he was in town and we were at our parents house and he was bragging about using a sock full of ball bearings to hit "Nazis" with. He giggled like a little kid when he mentioned hitting a woman over the head and knocking her out. This is my own brother and I hate saying this, but he deserves to be locked up
  12. Left Wing Orgs I Disagree with.

    The real NAZI's are not throwing piss on cops and attacking people, ANTIFA is. I hate them both, but ANTIFA is actually violent. Today's NAZIS are just harmless idiots
  13. Left Wing Orgs I Disagree with.

    I think Antifa are more Facist than conservatives. They are acting like the real Nazis