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  1. I WISH SHE WOULD JUST TRY SOMETHING SHE'S NEVER CONSIDERED AS A NEWLY ELECTED U.S. REPRESENTATIVE...HUMILITY AND TEMPERANCE!! The young obnoxious loudmouth should learn and observe, instead of flapping her gums so STUPIDLY all the time!!
  2. "yeah I can actually understand why daddy would date me!!! No big deal really! It's all in the family! Hell I don't mind when Jared bangs Melania... "
  3. Trumps heroes were Roy Cohn, Nixon, and any fascist dictator, past and present, who held or holds absolute power... Enough said.
  4. Deranged Donald KNOWS he's in trouble. He's a weasel CAUGHT in a trap he cannot escape... The POS tRUMP DESERVES the book thrown at him for ALL 17 INVESTIGATIONS! Orange Twittler needs to be in an orange prison jumpsuit!!!!!
  5. Yeah, and right after they banged their oiled up hogs in the ass!!! Redneck reality must suck...
  6. Well then Kelly Ann must be straight up free-basing Richard Pryor style!!! LOL!
  7. So deranged she allows her boss emperor to call her husband, and father of their four kids, "a total loser"???
  8. Well the KKKlown loving slut just had her husband called "a total loser", by her KKKlown boss!!!
  9. Yes they are definetly the ultimate odd couple. I think Kelly Ann secretly also loathes tRUMP but has become so ALL IN she can't admit it... When she goes on Chris Cuomos' show, her act has worn so thin, even she doesn't believe it anymore!
  10. The perfect solution...Melancholia can divorce Mango Mussolini and George can divorce Kreepy Ann. Melancholia and George can then explore a relationship based on their mutual disdain for Orange Twittler...
  11. WTF do the Conways talk about at their dinner table????? Kelly Ann comes home after another long day at the office lying for her Orange Fuhrer... Mr. Conway loathes his wifes boss and repeatedly points out that Donald Trump is severely mentally ill, a malignant narcissist, a phony conservative, and a serial liar... I know the Conways have 4 young kids. Are they staying together for the sake of their children? How does George Conway stay married to a psychotic lying b!tch who works for the most detestable Potus of all time???
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