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  1. Trump and his puppets will want a female veep running mate to secure the white women vote as Biden will definetly choose Abrams or Warren as his veep choice...
  2. ...to have a nominee who WILL win Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The states that narrowly catapulted Orange Foolius into the WH via the archaic electoral college... Joe Biden WILL win those 3 rust belt blue states. Dem. nominee Bidens best choice for a running mate will be Stacey Abrams, who will help land Georgia and Florida for the Dems, and therefore the Election... Biden will serve one term and pave the way for Abrams to takeover in 2025. F the ass hole Karma-Loud Harris as a running mate, she fukked up badly with her pre-rehearsed hit on Biden, and will be lucky to be re-elected Senator after the Oppo comes out on her as CA. AG. giving cushy sentences and breaks to white racists and copkillers! Considering Biden-Abrams will win California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, D.C., New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and quite possibly Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Ohio... This will put Biden-Abrams in the White House on Jan.20th, 2021, defeating the undoubtable losing GOP ticket of Trump-Haley. Yes Trump-Haley. Pence will be dumped for Nikki Haley, its already in the works... Then on Jan. 21st 2021, public citizen scumbag racist/rapist DonaldTrump can receive his multiple indictments and finally face justice!!
  3. Ivanka Trump-Kushner is as much a diplomat as Bozo The Clown. The foreign leaders staring at her, in disbelief that she was even there, biting their tongues so hard they had to draw blood! Trumps first three clone clowns offspring are as clueless and under-qualified as their Orange Daddy! Just three grifters off the old block... It's a family affair for the Trumps, a freakishly disturbing reality show that REALLY needs to be CANCELLED already!!! The photo-op feckless most corrupt presidency and White House EVER! There will be a better day America. The Trumps will face justice.
  4. Donald Trump, in a just world, should be injected with sodium pentothal, and then we'll just sit back and listen to him fully confess to everything he's done... RACIST, RAPIST, OBSTRUCTOR OF JUSTICE, CAREER CRIMINAL, MALIGNANT NARCISSIST, SERIAL LIAR, ADMITTED SEXUAL PREDATOR, BASICALLY STUPID NUMBSKULL, NEO-FASCIST, ADMIRER OF MURDEROUS DICTATORS... Yeah tRUMP has Made America A $hithole Country.
  5. KARMA-LOUD Harris proved only one thing last night...she's DESPERATE as hell to rise in the ranks and does NOT care how she does it!!! Following in Also Never Gonna Be Potus' Cory Booker's footsteps, KARMA-LOUD Harris managed to put both feet in her mouth while standing up at a podium! Didn't realize she was so good at metaphysics!! This woman is a real disappointment. I thought she had merit and potential, although bizarrely full of herself, but last night all she proved was she can attempt to kick an old man in the nuts! JOE BIDEN has fought for CIVIL RIGHTS AND EQUAL RIGHTS as long as KARMA-LOUD has been alive!!! Her egregiously PRE-REHEARSED HIT on the former Congressman/Senator/Vice Potus was SO CALCULATED AND CHEAP, she only accomplished exposing herself as desperate and amateurish! KARMA-LOUD will take a nose-dive in the polls while Biden remains on top! Her PERFORMANCE last night was way too ORCHESTRATED and below the belt. She CANNOT hold a candle to Bidens experience and FIVE DECADES of fighting bigotry!!!!! KARMA-LOUD Harris is full of $hit, and last night she stunk it up bad! Look for the BACKFIRE on her bullcrap, INCLUDING in the African-American community! There's actually t-shirts being sold right now of young Kamala Harris, who BENEFITTED from bussing, didn't she??? Shame on you Senator Harris, you are just an obnoxious rookie and slammed a DECENT man who has TRULY been by the side of minorities and women for as long as you've been alive!!! BIDEN-ABRAMS 2020 !!
  6. Each individual you named has Jewish constituents... The Dems are not an anti-Semitic body, while the cult known as tRUMPs GOP, doesn't give a fuk when he spews his sewage about Very Nice Neo-Nazis...
  7. I don't fear anything about her. I only wish she would use some HUMILITY and TEMPERANCE based on her epic 6 months in political office... She shoots from the hip. How about learning and absorbing some experience and put a halt on all the knee-jerk comments...
  8. LOL! The moron can never just talk straight. He has some weird superiority complex considering what a psychotic retard he comes off as. He basically trolls most everyones Ops here and tells us how we don't understand anything, while he BORINGLY spews out the same mumbo jumbo B.S. with his every reply...
  9. The tRUMP White House has been the saddest and most corrupt Revolving Door we've ever witnessed... Evil flocks with evil. Then the Head Orange Evil One dumps them or they dump him!
  10. My wife is part Cherokee, as are our kids, and granddaughter... Have you read the book 500 Nations by Alvin M. Josephy Jr.? It is a magnificent work.
  11. Tillerson knows what tRUMP is. They ALL do. Sarah Hucksterbiatch split the WH quick after admitting she lied at the press briefings... Kelly Ann ConArtist should be the next to admit she's lied for tRUMP and then quit! She might have to to save her marriage to her hubbie George Conway, who admirably tells the truth about Orange Foolius!
  12. There's only very few left on the planet with the numbers on their arms. Most survivors got moderate reparations from Germany, but no amount of money can replace their murdered loved ones... I admire your disdain for Trump, but your views on Jewish matters resemble those of the KKK and neo-Nazis. Jews, Blacks, Muslims ARE TARGETED for murder in this country, It is a fact Dennis.
  13. Black on black violence is a real problem in this country and NO, whitey is NOT to blame for all of it... Dennis you don't know me that well, I am not an ultra left leaning lib. I am a middle of the road progressive and quite "conservative" on many issues... But you seem to think that the Jews and blacks are "whiners", while you IGNORE the massive RISE in anti-Semitic violent attacks, and the CONSTANT everlasting White Aryan hatred of blacks...
  14. You strive to type complete mumbo jumbo... You're the most redundant Troll Result on this board. You're word salads are boring and psychotic, at best.
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