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  1. AND HANG HIM HIGH!!!!! If this was 1700's France, Trumps head, AND Juniors, Ivankas, Jareds, and Erics, AND Shill Barr and Mnuchins severed heads, would ALL be guillotined and posted on sticks for the world to see what happens to Robber Baron Scum like him and his Crime Family and ASSociates...
  2. Trumps Art of The Steal decades long tax cheat fraudulent "business career" is no surprise. The mans entire life has been a perpetual lie... Meanwhile he's cost the American taxpayers how many MILLIONS with the weekly Mar a Lago trips???? While he complains how much the Mueller investigation has cost taxpayers!! Trump, Mnuchin and the ilk, don't want the truth exposed about Trumps taxes, MAINLY, bc it will show that Tax Cheat Trump has paid little to NO taxes... His game is to go bankrupt, fuk the IRS, while the majority of Americans struggle. Donald Trump is the BIGGEST LOSER/PHONY/FRAUD of all times!! If making a lifetime of being corrupt and dishonest was a crime, Trump would be on Death Row! #Need To Impeach!
  3. Mr. Mueller will defend HIS report from Barrs bull$hit Cover-up... Barr will be burnt to a crisp after Mr. Mueller is done with him. Actually SHILL Barr deserves the Electric Chair...fry his lying demonic psychotic sleazy fat ass and let his lying eyes pop out!!
  4. +1 Barrs bizarre cover-up and subserviency to Trump will return to him via the karma of history. Barrs boldface lying in real time while confronted by sharp questioners is a direct sign of DEEP PSYCHOSIS...RUTHLESS SHILLING will result in Barrs soul-crushing comeuppance, sooner than later. Barrs corruption will eat him alive like worms on a corpse!
  5. Pence believes the Earth is only 6000 yrs old... Pence is Trumpuppet Numero Uno and is a psychotic bigot. His adoring frozen glare while looking at Trump spewing his sewage is equal only to Nancy Reagans stone-faced "love" for RWR! Mike Pence = Most Worthless Brown-nose veep ever! Too bad Mike Flynn didn't drop a dime on Pence's fully knowing about Flynns foreign agent activities during the Trump-Pence scam-paign. MP is just yet another malignant LIAR/ALBINO/WASP!
  6. Barr got Reagan/Poppy Bush/Weinberger off for Iran/Contra 3 decades ago... Today he is merely continuing his legacy of ignoring morality and decency, lying upon lies, and obstructing upon obstruction, for his current Fuhrer- Deranged Donald. Senator Harris NAILED Barr to the wall yesterday in front of the world as he feebly lied thru his yellow teeth. Mueller will expose Barr for the PAID SHILL that he is!
  7. Trump will not dare to offend his Stormfront followers, while condemning anti-Semitism... Trumps ultra-hypocrisy has been his M.O. for 5 decades.
  8. How many times have we heard the Orange Blowhard say that white supremacy is just a "small problem"??? Then there's yet another horrific killing of American Jews. When the blatant liar/hypocrite says anti-Semitic violence is wrong and it should stop, it doesn't change how he's embraced white supremacists multiple times before. Trump has coddled, encouraged, and given safe haven to American neo-nazis AND he thinks publicly condemning violence against Jews should stop? Trump has PLAYED both sides all his pathetic phony life. BTW, to further expose Deranged Donalds hypocrisy- why hasn't he also publicly condemned the violence and murders of American Muslims and African Americans? Why? Bc he doesn't fukking care to. Go back to bed Trump and read some more of Hitlers quotes...
  9. Good points all of them... I don't know how Cheney never got his war criminal head blown off!
  10. It's going to be either BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 or BIDEN/ABRAMS 2020... Crazy Bernie "convicted murderers should vote" Sanders, will fade away in the polls as the far left fukking weirdo/bull$hitter that he is! If the Stupid Orange KKKlown is still Potus he will dump Pence for Nikki Haley... The 14 ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS, and soon to be hearings, will continue to expose Deranged Donald as the sleazy criminal pariah that he has been all his life... Joe Biden will dismember The Liar-In-Cheat as the months go on!
  11. I watched Bernies Town Hall up to that insane moment, then had to change channels. If Bernie thinks MURDERERS, CHILD RAPISTS, VIOLENT FELONS, and even those who are still incarcerated should vote, then for the first and last time... ...I AGREE WITH DERANGED DONALD...He IS Crazy Bernie!!!!! Senator Sanders, in front of the whole country, proved one thing to me when he spewed out that psychotic crap...he's NOT playing with a full deck!!! #NEVER BERNIE!
  12. The media should ALL be no-shows if she's allowed to continue being WH SPOX... Boycott the lying deranged daughter of a preacher/psychotic PIG!!!
  13. Big Preacher Daddy never taught his little girl that LYING IS A SIN????? Btwn her and Kelly Ann ConArtist they gotta be the two most purposely dishonest/mentally deranged she-males ever to work in the WH!!!!!
  14. "yeah I can actually understand why daddy would date me!!! No big deal really! It's all in the family! Hell I don't mind when Jared bangs Melania... "
  15. This swamp trash has lied in Trumpian fashion SO MANY times, as WH SPOX, in front of the press corps, in front of the American public, and now she's been PROVEN a LIAR! Why should that deranged b!tch EVER be allowed to speak in front of a mic again????? The lying weasel should resign immediately!!!!!