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  1. No collusion was found with trump and russia duh The left looks like dumbasses like they always do. the bottom line.
  2. Hey i run a poker site No limit two dollar game, cheap and fun, at 7pm nighty Est Just go to lowcostpoker.com and sign up .. Lets duke it out and u can crush your low iq'd political opponents and take their money.. who's in ?
  3. Sign up and play me this is my own personal poker website i run games on Tuesday at 7pm ... 2 dollar buy ins.. gets u 200 chips at 1/2 table but u can log in and play around with me and others for play money for now til the cash games start here soon on there
  4. this is true for sure in many cases actualy aot of them are not dumb but so many reailties of life are not exposed to him find some white liberals whom have realy lived aroudn black peopel for example
  5. this site sucks has not had a new member in about five years right? lol am i wrong? why does this site never get alot of people in your opinion?
  6. i can take over site for you but not paying anything this site is good for free speeech but has like nobody on it. .if i owned it i'd try to advertise etc in some manner
  7. i say it all the time in person myself also .. most people will not say it period genius
  8. ARE U STUPID? does meat have sat fat in it? do eggs have cholestrol? have u ever seen bacon fat before?
  9. So why are you so afraid to debate me? verbally on skype? everybody on here is except Kfools ..
  10. getting a colonoscopy is dumb not worth the risk look up Dr neal barnard vid on youtube about this
  11. People that do the whole youtube is lies are idiots there is many political opinions on youtube that u can't find anywhere else because the media will not report anything about racial differences/ and the reality of this stuff .. esp that subject. U ever study Dr Gregor on youtube? u might want to do that if u care about your health
  12. lol most ameicans are overweight u ever study this on youtube ? look up VegSource
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