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  1. well yeh the white uneducated still are smart av white iq is 101 look at any country thats not white or asian VERY LOW IQ'D AND LOW EDUCATION..
  2. Again trump WAS ONLY ONE tough on immigration bottom line so yes he's very very very smart
  3. Great News More Winning

    way to go trump yes the Un sucks balls hate that place
  4. Angry White Males

    well blacks have highest crime latinos and muslims second whites have 3rd highest rates and asians have lowest rates in usa
  5. Angry White Males

    well i just watched a vid about crime rates in south africa by stefan moly on youtube the rape rates and molestation rates are highest in the world in africa and muslim countries
  6. Angry White Males

    what does the slaved trade have to do with the super high crime and rape rates of blacks in africa?
  7. Angry White Males

    nothing wroing with being racist its a much more honest view of the world
  8. Angry White Males

    yeh right u should see the molesting rates in muslim countries and africa highest in world
  9. Angry White Males

    your scared to study this i'm sure have u ever seen the rape rates in south africa?
  10. Angry White Males

    good ? .. Stefan Molyneaux has a vid on youtube he talks about south africa like 10% of rapes is vs 3 year old kids or younger in South africa
  11. Angry White Males

    i hate to say it .. really do but of course your right i mean i talk about this stuff because we want safe areas to live and living around blacks is scary and fearful.. basically..
  12. YEH LOOK AT YOUR RACE nobody wants to move to the countries u came from
  13. A massive turnout by blacks and Hispanic, who together make up at least 33 percent of voters in the state of Virginia—sealed the Democratic election victory in that state yesterday, reinforcing the reality that unless white Americans start acting in a racially unified fashion, they will be displaced and destroyed within the next few decades. Exit polls in the governor’s race between Democrat Ralph Northam, and Republican Ed Gillespie showed the clear divide on race, with the Democrat gaining the support of 8 in 10 nonwhite voters. The black vote, which already makes up 25 percent of Virginia’s electorate, played a decisive role in the election. The exit polls showed the following patterns: Whites, 67% of voters: Northam (D) 42%, Gillespie (R) 57% Blacks, 25% of voters: Northam (D) 87%, Gillespie (R) 12% Hispanics, 6% of voters: Northam (D) 67%, Gillespie (R) 32% Net Nonwhite vote: 33% of voters, Northam (D) 80%, Gillespie (R) 19% The breakdown by gender showed that the majority of white men and white women supported the Republican candidate: White men, 36% of voters: Northam (D) 36%, Gillespie (R) 63% White women, 32% of voters: Northam (D) 48%, Gillespie (R) 51%. While it could be argued that there is, on the issues which really count (namely the nonwhite overrunning of America, and the influence of the Jewish lobby in US politics), there is little or even no difference between the two parties, the reality is that whites are tending to gravitate towards the Republican party only because nonwhites are overwhelmingly supporting the Democratic ticket. The popular vote totals: Northam (D) 1,404,941, and Gillespie (R)1,180,415, provide a clearer insight in the racial breakdown of the voting patterns. They also show the massive growth in black numbers—mainly due to their profligate reproduction rates, financed by white taxpayer welfare programs, and the massive Hispanic invasion of the past twenty years, have set the stage for the destruction of America—unless both those issues are addressed in a timely manner. A failure to discard the race-denying liberal policies pursued by both Democratic and Republican parties can only lead to America being overrun by the Third World. Share this:
  14. yeh the accusations are prob BS
  15. I know good point this post is dumb .. i mean Democrats have way more criminals than republicans because Dems are mostly non white now and have highest overall crime rates