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  1. all my god your a black supremacy type person to say one race is better at something than another means your a HUGE RACIST DUDE
  2. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/09/16/90-per-cent-asylum-seekers-austria-end-welfare/ Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka is resisting EU efforts to increase his country’s migrant quota, claiming that 90 per cent of asylum seekers in Austria end up on welfare benefits and strain the system. The Austrian Interior Minister once again railed at attempts by the European Union to send more migrants to Austria, saying that the vast majority end up claiming benefits, Kronen Zeitung reports.Sobotka says “Austria has borne the main load from 2014 to 2017. Our system is simply overwhelmed,” Sobotka says “Austria has borne the main load from 2014 to 2017,” and “Our system is simply overwhelmed”. He added: “If you look at the asylum seekers, you can see that 90 percent are migrating to the needs-oriented minimum security system,” and said it was still of great importance to maintain border security. advertisement “We had up to 15,000 refugees per day on some days, today it is an average of 30. “It is important to keep the pressure on those who bring migrants illegally to Europe via the Mediterranean and in other ways.” he added saying that if the European Union fails to keep up the pressure it will be a sign for people smugglers who will double their efforts to smuggle more migrants into Europe. He warned that if the European Union fails to keep up the pressure it will send a signal to people-smugglers, who will double their efforts to bring more migrants into Europe.
  3. thats cuz your stupid .. also if thats wrong what will it cost us idiot? i love hw u debate with no counter points lol.. only calling soruces lies all the time
  4. the sources come from the usa gov and the CIS STUDY u tell me ? what % are on welfare? educate me? also 85% of mexican families are on welfare.. families
  5. liberals are scared of the truth on many issues it seems to me
  6. Boy those mexicans are expensive.. 85% of mexican families in usa are on welfare.. btw http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/09/15/nightmare-daca-amnesty-dream-act-will-cost-115-billion-thanks-to-obamacare/ The cost of a legislation to legalize childhood arrivals is likely to be far higher than earlier attempts because of Obamacare’s health insurance subsidies. The Affordable Care Act subsidizes the costs of health insurance for millions of Americans and would likely foot the bill for many of those whose residency in the U.S. would be legalized by the DREAM Act. The numbers are striking. The DREAM Act of 2017, the most likely vehicle for extending DACA protections and making them permanent, would raise federal outlays by $115 billion dollars, according to a Breitbart News analysis. Nearly all of that would be paid for by additional deficit spending. That may come as a surprise to lawmakers. The last time the DREAM Act was seriously considered, the Congressional Budget Office said that the bill would reduce budget deficits by about $1.4 billion over the following decade. But that bill prohibited those it legalized from receiving subsidies toward health insurance until they became permanent legal residents after ten years, while the current version of the bill does not. The DREAM Act of 2017, sponsored by Democrat Senator Dick Durbin and Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, would extend legal residency and a path to citizenship for at least 3.3 million people, according to the Migration Policy Institute. These include 1.8 million illegal aliens who would be immediately eligible, plus 1.5 billion who would become eligible in the near future by doing things such as enrolling in school.
  7. Blacks rioting over something stupid again tonight. The black heroine dealer runs away from police etc... black people rioting over white cops again.... etc
  8. LIBERALS are very very racist towards white people..
  9. "Amnesty Don"????????

    are u stupid? every;thing on breitbart is lies as u know
  10. obviously white c ulture must be best cuz non whites all want to move to live with us
  11. Trump proves whites not superior

  12. 3 Days Of The Squits

    burnt foods is well linked to cancer now eat vegan jim.. i guarantee all this will go away if u just eat the big 4 beans, fruits , vegs, and whole grains eat like that and i bet u my life savings all your health probs will go away very soon try my advice for a month . please study dr gregor on youtube and nutritionfacts.org for more info i'm up to date on nutrition science NEVER TRUST AVERAGE DOCTOR. NEVER about how to eat for optimal health oh and no oils also if u can .. oil in no form is good for the body
  13. i have not studied this much before .. so no big comment on this myself unlike others i actually like to take the time to study things before i talk