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  1. No collusion was found with trump and russia duh The left looks like dumbasses like they always do. the bottom line.
  2. Hey i run a poker site No limit two dollar game, cheap and fun, at 7pm nighty Est Just go to lowcostpoker.com and sign up .. Lets duke it out and u can crush your low iq'd political opponents and take their money.. who's in ?
  3. this is true for sure in many cases actualy aot of them are not dumb but so many reailties of life are not exposed to him find some white liberals whom have realy lived aroudn black peopel for example
  4. this site sucks has not had a new member in about five years right? lol am i wrong? why does this site never get alot of people in your opinion?
  5. i can take over site for you but not paying anything this site is good for free speeech but has like nobody on it. .if i owned it i'd try to advertise etc in some manner
  6. Who cares lol The usa gov has meddled in elections all the time in past Also u belive that Trump actually swayed millions of voters with the Russians? lol its so hilariouis WE VOTED FOR TRUMP BECAUSE OF HIS IMMIGRATION POLICIES..
  7. another person that debates with only name calling your stupid man
  8. Hey guys, So i been at the hospital past few days over a small issue. I was telling some of the Nurses etc there about Race and Iq, the numbers on crime rates among race groups, etc. Many of them were very interested and listened to me talk for quite a while and were learning new things. Like one lady we talked over a half hour and she agreed that this was true overall etc... and told me her story about how they moved after their area started letting blacks into the area and how things changed for the worse. .. etc . Also of course many of them.. think they are smart.. but had no study time into Racial IQ stuff so found it very interesting. and it challenged their beliefs because its hard to debate me and tell me i'm wrong when they had no background on this before and for example never even heard somebody say that Black african av iq is 70. Like I told them people CANNOT de bate people like me intellectualy.. they can only call you racist.. because thats all they got. They have not real study time into Crime among race groups, welfare use etc.. many of them seemed to agree.. etc.. and realized this is true after i told them alot of facts. Well def changed some minds/ and also got people thinking about what i call the UNFORTUNATE REALITIES .. OF RACE AND THE WORLD. So yeh i talked about 1. Av iq among race groups 2. Welfare rates among race groups in usa 3. Differences in brain size 4. Iq testing One lady was like thats racist and i said .. yeh notice thats all u can say .. U can't say this is not true.. then she shut up because she knew i was right. She could not debate beyond saying that because she has no real background studying this. Then she said .. something about asians getting good grades. and i was like duh .. East asian average iq is 105.. i asked.. "has anybody ever said that to you before." She said no.. So i kind of made her look dumb there also as as usual i knew more about this than her.
  9. your a Bad wording moron and do not know the first thing about top level poker i turned 500 dollars into over half a million bucks u moron playing poker POKER IS THE ONLY GAME U CAN MAKE MONEY AT IN THE LONG RUN U MORON YOUR SO DUMB U DID NOT MENTION THAT
  10. YOUR NOT SMART ENOUGH TO BE A PRO POKER PLAYER SO NEITHER IS YOUR BROTHER Warning do not gamble your not smart enought to be a pro
  11. we going to play for money five by five he says he wants to play me some
  12. Hey i been playing online poker as my only income for over ten years. Some people like five by five seem to say i'm lying.. its a joke. If u want to watch me play tonight.. log into Teamviewer and punch in these numbers to see my computer screen. I will be playing various online poker tournaments on igniton poker tonight. 11 dollar tournaments up to 55 dollar tournies as of late. 134 845 396 pass 2150 Teamviewer Info I've won half a million bucks playing online poker over the years.. Anybody else around here into online poker and Poker Theory?
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