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  1. this is true for sure in many cases actualy aot of them are not dumb but so many reailties of life are not exposed to him find some white liberals whom have realy lived aroudn black peopel for example
  2. Who cares lol The usa gov has meddled in elections all the time in past Also u belive that Trump actually swayed millions of voters with the Russians? lol its so hilariouis WE VOTED FOR TRUMP BECAUSE OF HIS IMMIGRATION POLICIES..
  3. another person that debates with only name calling your stupid man
  4. ANYBODY THAT CAN PLAY POKER FOR A LIVING HAS HIGH IQ they are beating over 95% of the population in a mental based game chess is similiar also .. NOBODY COULD MAKE IT TO THE TOP OF THE CHESS WORLD AND NOT HAVE AN ABOVE AVERAGE IQ
  5. whatever u debate so dumb i gotta go i can't stand dumb debate like this for long
  6. Your such an idiot.. u act like u are going to beat me up somehow or something? so the past 120 years of iq testing has prove this is true but u dont like the truth basically right? also u lost in poker cuz your not smart enough Harry to be a champion poker player.. the truth bro
  7. Ok so blacks get lowest iq scores on avearge.. and get lowest grades every single year but u deny that blacks have an iq average of 70 in africa give me a break
  8. Ok but u deny science right? U actually deny iq testing cuz u dont like the results right?
  9. actually harry smart people are not scared of the truth unlike libtards also smart people are curious and like to study things libtards like you are scared to study and be honest about black crime rates, etc also i never talk about Jews ...
  10. People that score high on one part of iq test also score high on average on the other parts ... add me on Mikepolitics101 at gmail on skype if u want a poker lesson but u have to watch some vids in return... with me
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