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  1. Sure that works as a general rule for people in any given society. The issue I see with subjective morality is that if one is a moral subjectivist, laws are foolish things to create. If a moral subjectivist was being consistent with his worldview, then he would also make the claim that laws are stupid
  2. So you believe that there are objective moral standards, but you just dont know what they are?
  3. Thats beside the point. I am simply asking if 1. You are a moral subjectivist ( I outlined what that meant in the comment above), and 2. If you think moral subjectivity is a rational worldview. I am not arguing about what the specific objective standards are. The objective standard could be that genocide is permissable for all I care. I am simply talking about the existence of either objective or subjective morality.
  4. by moral subjectivist, I mean that you hold the belief that no moral value has more merit than another
  5. By moral subjectivity, i mean that there is no objective standard for right and wrong, and thus all moral values are equal.
  6. Any moral subjectivist atheists out there? A penny for your thoughts...
  7. Why are you mentioning churches? I never said anything about a church. You are trying to deflect from the question to hide how depraved you are.
  8. There are a ton of people that dont get funerals. Having funerals is irrelevant to the objective value of human life.
  9. Do you think that all innocent human life is valuable and should not be ended (i.e. All innocent humans have the right to life)?
  10. GEESH. Calm down, turbo. Your logic is flawed and I will expose you in public as a fraud. Do you agree that all innocent humans have the right to live?
  11. its okay, maybe you wont get humiliated as badly in another thread.
  12. youre ignorant, and dont even know your basic definitions
  13. I have argued your position into oblivion and you have nothing to say for yourself. The only thing talking here is your ego.
  14. Full retardation on full display here, folks. Get your popcorn and circus peanuts here!
  15. You were beaten into the ground and have nothing to say for yourself after the utter humiliation you just went through. Take a break and come back tomorrow.
  16. you can't even spell "enough". Your idiocy speaks for itself.
  17. now you are just making assumptions. Do you always a complete fool of yourself, or do you just fo it part time?
  18. It has been established that you are an uneducated fraud who has had his argument debunked. Do you have anything to say for yourself, or are you going to let your ego and delusions talk for you?
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