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  1. Again, you have no authority to say that.
  2. I know, i never said dogs dont have brains. Do you have an answer for my questions
  3. And, as usual, you have NO answer for my response to your flawed claim. That is a typical sign of somebody who has lost an argument. How many times have you seen that happen to me? ZERO times. Because i will always have an answer for any of your pro choice talking points. There has never been a moment where you have left me silent, because I have come to this conversation equipped with knowledge. But i do leave many of you liberals silent, or you repeat some completely irrelevant information like "you havent convinced anybody". I would hope that you REALIZE THIS, but i wont hold my breath.
  4. No, you havent been convinced, but bystanders to this forum or people on the fence may have. One thing is for sure: you are in no position to say definitively that nobody has been convinced or has become more open to the pro life position. You obvoiusly think i am worth your time, since you are here talking to me, and you most definitely havent convinced me, so what are YOU doing here?
  5. No, its because they are chickens. It has nothing to do with who has a brain. It has to do with the value of humans as a species. We dont fry fetuses on a pan, but we fry eggs. Niether of them have brains. I find this whole "brain" argument to be irrelevant and nonsensical quite frankly.
  6. A few questions then: Would dogs or any other animal, since they have brains, be more valuable than humans without them? And why are there so many "environmentalists" that value trees, which DO NOT HAVE BRAINS, more than the fetus with one? Many environmentalists are liberal democrats who claim to be pro choice. How much brain development is needed to determine value? Why is organ development a necessary condition to determine the value of human life? What about the disabled or those who get parts of their brain removed in surgery? And should abortion be illegal once the fetus has a brain?
  7. If murder is illegal, abortion should be illegal
  8. Taking away the mothers body is entirely different from directly killing the fetus. That demonstrates YOUR ignorance
  9. The US federal tax code doesn't say what life form it applies to. Neither does a job resume, or a real estate contract, or your McDonald's reciept. You are making an incredibly stupid statement here.
  10. And you never answered my question, coward
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