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  1. Uhh, yeah they can. Know who REALLY cant feel pain? Fully grown ADULTS who may have conditions like paraplegia, or people in comas. You can shoot them in the leg and they wouldnt even flinch. You want to try again on that one?
  2. Murder and theft and extortion are going to happen regardless of ANYONES objections. Your point?
  3. Wait, i thought you said you only supported it in extreme cases, where the life of the mother is at danger. Now its about what the mother "wants"? That sounds a lot like elective third trimester abortion. This is where we are at in this point in the discussion: We are talking about late term abortion. Aside from the extreme cases, there are two options, and you still have yet to make yourself clear on which side you are on. Option (1): ASIDE FROM EXTREME CASES, you either support the woman's choice to be able to kill her child, or. Option (2): ASIDE FROM EXTREME CASES, you do not support elective third trimester abortion. If you are identify with option 2, you STILL have the inability to tell us why you identify that way. I have made this PAINSTAKINGLY clear, and i really shouldnt have needed to, because i thought my questions were relatively easy to understand and straightforward, but you either lack the capacity to inderstand basic english or are intentionally dodging the question. Lets see what you do now.
  4. jrobin15283

    Take my honest republican test

    I already gave you an answer, and you seem to have gone back into your vegative state, where you cannot read. Hopefully you will recover soon. There is yet to be proof of ANY collusion and ZERO, i repeat ZERO indictments have been made for collusion. So all you are doing is speculating, because you dont even know if that is the "truth". Get that through your dense skull.
  5. I am assuming that "baby" in your case means someone who has been born. Why cant a fetus be born and given up for adoption? Why is killing it an imperative?
  6. jrobin15283

    Take my honest republican test

    I already said, dems are using him as a pawn. They will use him to say anything damaging about trump, truth or lie. AND STILL NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION...NEXT!!!!!!
  7. jrobin15283

    Take my honest republican test

    how stupid do YOU look??? the dems are just using him to make trump look bad. Anyone with half a brain should understand that
  8. Again, stop using the marginal case to defend all abortions. Over 99% of abortions occur on healthy babies with healthy mothers. --->WHY<--- dont you support third trimester abortions? I believe in abortions if the mother's health is in concern, but what about the other cases? Why dont you support it?
  9. No, a fetus can be born, then put up for adoption. And why do you not want abortions in the third trimester?
  10. So (to use your language) you like to FORCE women to be parents? That doesnt sound like too much of a "choice"
  11. you never gave me a straight 'yes' or 'no' answer, and if you did, I did not see it. Give me a straight, one-word answer to the question: should a mother be able to kill a child she does not want even after it has been born??
  12. 1: that doesnt answer the question. Stop dodging. I will address this point once you answer my question, because your answer to my question and this rape example are related to each other 2: Most abortions do not occur because of rape. over 99% of abortions occur because THE MOTHER DOESNT WANT TO TAKE CARE OF THE CHILD Now answer my question: should a mother be able to kill a child she does not want even after it has been born?
  13. no, the reason would be that the mother doesnt want to take care of the child. That is why most women have abortions. Should that "right" be extended past 21 weeks and after birth?
  14. i know you libs are generally mentally impared, but I find it hard to believe that you are playing dumb. You know my question should a mother be able to kill a child she does not want even after it has been born?