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  1. Any semi-decent lawyer can destroy the prosecution on every one of those charges. You dont know what bribery even means in the context of impeachment. Go get a history textbook and do your research
  2. But nobody said that in the hearing, even when they were asked. You have nothing
  3. Your delusions have made you think that you have won, but you havent.....HA!!
  4. I wonder what impeachment shams you will come up with once trump wins 2020. Only a matter of time😅😂🤣
  5. There are no legitemate. articles. They arent going to include anything new that we haven already seen from these bogus hearings. They have nothing. And even though they are grasping for straws because they have nothing, the house democrats dont care because they are still angry from 2016.
  6. Youre an idiot if you think a republican majority senate will remove Trump. Even when you win, you lose......HA❗🤣
  7. Bump, abortion should be illegal. CHANGE MY MIND
  8. I know, i never said dogs dont have brains. Do you have an answer for my questions
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