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  1. She just doesn't quit (yeah, it's faux news, but it's dead on for the most part) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/09/05/clinton-blasts-bernie-sanders-for-inspiring-crooked-hillary-attacks.html this woman cannot accept the fact that she lost because of who she is. She is blaming Bernie and his supporters. I've never met such a sore loser in my life
  2. popular vote is like bragging rights: it's cool but means nothing
  3. Hillary, while smart, is a horrible politician and the sole reason the Democratic Party lost so bad last year
  4. You're talking about the same people who idolize statues of an enemy that lost the civil war.........
  5. I would be for casteration of convicted rapists as well
  6. The bigger question is why a rapist would even get the chance to see their kid (meaning why are they on the street)? personally, I think rape should be a life sentance without parole. As someone who has had this happen to, it really messed me up. My life is forever changed because some sick f*ck need to feel powerful and get his jollies off. I don't understand how her bill is not law......
  7. I agree! And considering she tossed Hillary aside to support who she really believed in says a lot about her character. Maybe we will get lucky and she will be involved in 2020
  8. Because she is an establishment, untrustworthy liar. She and her people stole it from Bernie. I went to one of her rallies in Pennsylvania when I was there visiting my mother. There was no more that maybe 100 people there. It was pathetic. I might be a woman, but she does not represent what I stand for. As I said earlier, she changes her stance based on what's popular at the time. Bernie has had the same message for decades
  9. It would be historic. At this point, there are no strong AA women contenders, but a VP slot would be terrific
  10. Maybe. He is from a crucial state as well. I'd like to see an African American woman personally though.
  11. there is no one other than a young Bernie Sanders type that would be able to pull it off, and know one comes to mind
  12. I apologize about the grammar mistakes. Autocorrect doesn't always work as it's supposed to
  13. I don't blame her either. She's been there and done that. She's a smart woman. Oprah OTOH worked hard to get where she is. She is an inspiration. She lacks political experience though. Realistically, we need a non-establishment candidate that is the liberal version of Trump. I have been a life long democrat (recent liberal democrat) and our party is a mess. Maybe just as fractured as the republicans. No establishment dem will energize the base, and going to far left will push away the people in the middle. Democrats will have the black/Hispanic vote no matter what, it's just the middle of America white people that are the trouble. They put Trump in office and they are too stupid to realize that he is a playing then like a violin. Sounds bad, but I wish you needed a college degree to vote.
  14. Sorry, I didn't read the whole thing. Women wise, what about oprah and someone like Michelle Obama. To be honest, I did not like Barack very much. He, like Hillary, just said what is popular at the time. This is from when he was a state senator. Sound familiar?? I remember this and it has left a bad taste in my mouth ever since. He did a lot of good, but he's just another politician, not a legit activist
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