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  1. It is almost six months to the day since the election of Donald Trump as the US President. During this time the internal political struggle, initiated by the losing side, has not abated. On the contrary, it is escalating with each passing day. And it constitutes a real threat to internal stability and foreign policy interests of the USA. Recent survey, compiled by a consulting firm, results of which were obtained by the Wall Street Journal (https://www.wsj.com/articles/state-department-workers-vent-grievances-over-trump-tillerson-cite-longer-term-issues-1499194852) indicates that at this moment, according to most State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development employers, their leadership is far from the reality and engaged predominantly in political infighting, from which the US interests suffer all over the world. "People question if these two groups understand the role the Department of State plays in forwarding the interests of the United States in the world," the survey concludes. Most employers very harshly responded to a request for assessment of the US State Department leadership's work. And this is understandable because main efforts are being made not to protect US values and interests, but to fend off the attacks of the Democratic Party. In some regions it has already led to dismal consequences. For instance, Belarus' ruling regime has practically wiped out local progressive opposition and Belarusian democratic institutions have to wind down their activities, as reported by Matthew Sumpter, USAID Belarus Country Director. To avoid negative impacts on the situation in other parts of the world where our representatives not only defend the US national interests, but also protect local democratic rights and freedoms, the US Congressmen should immediately stop to heat up the situation in the country; otherwise America is in danger of losing control over major political processes inside those countries whose values run counter to the principles of democracy. In the long run it can result in the loss of the US world leadership. In sum, there is only one question I must pose here to Democrats, who have lost recent presidential race: are you really ready to trade off the US national interests for your own ones?