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  1. he is six foot something and his voters are small little ones trolls under a bridge types
  2. Problem w/employer based insurance

    I was going say that what they need to do is single payer or regulate the crap out of insurance companies really doesn't matter because they will screw you sooner than later at any price happened to me
  3. Is mexico still paying for the wall.

    his word is like a toilet push one out and see if it floats
  4. 5 minutes? pfft I would get a brain bleed
  5. ya giving money and weapons to our enemies has always worked out so well in the past NOT
  6. Is mexico still paying for the wall.

    T That is an idea!! trump can build a wall out of bullshit. Lord knows he do know how to make it.
  7. Is mexico still paying for the wall.

    This whole mess is bullshit. just wondering how long it will take the Republicans to figure it out They let this guy weasel his way in That is on them now glad I don't have to find religion to forgive myself over his win. I did not vote for the idiot.
  8. fox is running with the pack now. media is all about money
  9. Is mexico still paying for the wall.

    Day 1 well trump said loads of crap. he is a verbal crap machine when it comes to promises
  10. I am not left but trump is very wrong for so many reasons
  11. what-does-not-having-health-insurance-make-me-guilty-of? Being broke
  12. Justice Democrats

    Thanks for the heads up on this group. I will pass this onto my wife she is the proactive one in the family. I just complain
  13. My wife laughed over this crap because they are trying the STUPID defense
  14. seems gay stuff really gets you all rolling here. maybe the visual will further scar your weak little brains.
  15. Is mexico still paying for the wall.

    no way is he getting that wall EVER