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  1. wait, so that proves kav isn't a perv? good luck selling that to white smart women.
  2. he said he was a virgin. that means he never had sexual intercourse . he never got laid. you are a funny old broad.LOL
  3. how stupid does one have to be to not notice the furniture is not the same as when you left home a few hours earlier.
  4. she also shot the furniture because as a trained texas professional she realized someone robbed her own furniture and replaced it with someone else's. good lord and it took how long for these yahoos to fire this mongoloid?
  5. do you rightists know anything aBOUT ANYTHING?? SIGH!!!! http://time.com/5405319/brett-kavanaugh-fox-news-virgin-supreme-court/
  6. wrong again duckie, wrong again.
  7. her ya go duckie, I did your work for ya ya lazy bum. enjoy... oh and fox news to boot. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/09/23/fox-news-poll-record-number-voters-oppose-kavanaugh-nomination.html
  8. look it up. you do know how to do a the google ain;t?
  9. he most certainly did. he said on fox that he never got laid until well into his college years. what business? well this gasbag wanted to really ask Clinton questions like this and now karma has come full circle.
  10. hell? the vast majority are on our side bro. the cult is 34% and coincidentally only 34% want kav on the supreme quart. it don't look so good.
  11. really? because where I sit it looks like the majority don't want or trust kav, bro. hey when your side refers to sexual assault as " adolescent petting" even you have to admit it is all over but the weeping and gnashing of teth.
  12. good lord do you know anything about anything? kav admitted he never got any pussy as a young man. gosh all that boiling over testosterone and manly football coupled with a 5 year drunken bender don't look so good for this turkey.LOL
  13. don't you think it was incredibly stupid to admit he fit the profile of the teen rapist?
  14. pushing back? by admitting he was on testosterone overload while never getting any pussy and being an aggressive drunkard?? I kinda think he fcuked up on that one.LOL this turkey is one cooked goose full of baloney