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  1. i don;t know whether this place is becoming Lord of the Flies or Gilligans Island
  2. so jesus was wrong and trump and bush jr were right? hmmmm interesting
  3. their faith is not placed in the right place and so they cannot be healed by the word
  4. she makes $7 million a year i believe. what kind of work do you do.
  5. yeah right a moron loser who uses the N word and swears like a fish peddler is going to expose me.
  6. you don't think so called christians who support wars of first resort and cage refugee children and want to throw sick children out are hypocrites? huh?
  7. omfg i am so bored i am reading this childish racist crap? go away you moron. bye bye
  8. i see so you call people niggers but you are not a racist? ok that makes sense down at klan headquarters. have you tried that out in ibor city or maybe south miami?
  9. the stars and bars represent slavery as well as treason along with a sore loserman spirit for having lost a war 170 years ago. being proud of your hispanic heritage is not the same as being slave holders. see why i called you a fucking imbecile? you really are one.
  10. how come in all these years you never once called a person who uses the n word a racist? oh , let's see how honest you are or how dishonest you are.. max, buffalo, thbmw, and isidewithweinstein al have called a black man a nigger here recently. are they racist or not. if you pull an elton and slither off, i will assume that you know they are racists but lack the integrity to say so. so your move.....
  11. it depends how you pray. if you pray asking god for a favor or to help someone, that doesn't work and is done mainly for the benefit of the supplicant so he feels pious and goodly. now god will answer those types of prayers but the answer is always NO! jesus said when you pray go in your closet, ie go within, and believe that you have already received and ye shall receive. if you are not believing that they are now made whole you may just be performing a dog and pony show in a vain attempt to impress god and be seen of men.
  12. well you fucking white trash imbecile i call you are racist for the same reason i call you a white trash racist imbecile..you are one. is that hard to grasp?
  13. ok try to focus. trump said it was their latest hoax what was he talking about? we know he called something a hoax and you keep making it about aoc or some other nonsense.' sowhat exactly was trump calling the newest hoax? can you concentrate for 3 minutes of is that to much to ask
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