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  1. harryramar

    I miss hippies

    yes the iraq war is a splendid example of how the left reduced the value of human life as well as demonstrated their piss-poor conflict resoluting skills. oh wait......
  2. oh and happy fathers day granny assuming you know who your father is, or at least have a few suspects.LOL
  3. but why didn;'t jr and the gop do anything? blaming clinton because jr failed to act is like you asssholes blaming clinton because jr failed to protect us on 9/11.it is hilarious that those of you who always thunder at the poor and the black to take personal responsibility are the first ones to never take it yourselves and instead blame everyone else. it';s my faut i caught you in a bunch of lies where you claimed to know who i voted for. it's a mental illness thang with yu cretins on the loon right
  4. harryramar

    deadbeat don

    well since you are an old woman it is irrelevant anyway but you did say you awoke to her riding you to completion, indicating you were ejaculating upon awakening. a normal person would have said they awoke to the gf riding him. sorry old girl, but them's your own words. lying about them only makes you a bigger liar.
  5. hey perfessir...you do know that for 6 long years jr had a republican congress , right? why do ya think he just warned us instead of passing legislation to correct the problem? once again you show that you never think beyond the next move and play checkers in a world of chess.
  6. harryramar

    deadbeat don

    you said you awoke to her riding you "to completion". how you could sleep through a 300 pounder riding you is beyond comprehension, so the logical conclusion is that she mounted you, you immediately woke up and ejaculated , as per your own words. of course had you been drunk again, or in a drug-induced stupor you may not have awakened, but my guess is that, as usual, you didn't think before you posted. besides how did she stap the dildo across your hairy mess without awakening you unless you went to sleep wit it on. by the way i support gay rights so i am with you on that.
  7. why did obama need an economic recovery perfessir? oh, that's right, the bush jr/gop economic collapse. you forgot to mention that for some strange reason. oh, i know, you are dishonest. too funny
  8. rumor has it that trump fired dead eye dottie, aka sara"pass the pork roast despite the lame attempt to spin trumps dismal performance into " sanders for being dumb enough to allow him to be interviewed by anyone other than a fox news asss and ball licker. despite don' dismal performance and the right wing kooks attempt to spin it into " don set a trap" trump came across looking horrible and even as he attempted damage control by later claiming that " of course he would call in the fbi" despite the saps here making up a plethora of reasons why he should not have to call the fbi just because a hostile foreign gumamint tried to compromise him. they were left holding the bag again. the sroty is that trump was flipping out on sara for allowing the interview in the first place. the fact that trump's mouthpiece would not allow him to talk to Mueller tells the tail. admitting that he shltcanned sara would be to admit that he fcuked up royally by talking to Stephanopoulos and of course it was someone else's fault and so he fired sara who lied and lied and lied for him ensuring that her career as anything other than a timeshare salesperson was over,
  9. harryramar

    deadbeat don

    it appears to me that a woman climbing on board to ride the bone would awaken any man immediately unless in some drug induced or drunken stupor. she must have been relly disappointed that it only lasted a few seconds, if true. LOL
  10. harryramar

    deadbeat don

    wow a real man would not be dumb enough to admit he ejaculated within seconds of the old lady humping him. as for the rest of your bulls hit I am a firm believer in the creative ability of the individual and the latent power within each person awaiting only its recognition to be used in the direction given through the power of thought, ie, the sum total of all a person consents to be true. it is the ultmate in personal responsibility that should be taught from the housetops to every child in the world instead of the malarky that somehow believing jesus died for our sins will save us from ourselves
  11. harryramar

    deadbeat don

    howdy killer, how is life treating you? i was thinking that you seem frustrated, borderline hysterical, and angry and that perhaps a nice hairy boner up your asss would make you a tad less unpleasant. when was the last time you got fcuked that big fat asss of yours? i sugest you try it to see if you feel less angry at life. what could go wrong. now you have a frustrating evening and I will answer your personal attacks in the a.m. after my b.m.
  12. Of course it was foreign dirt Sherlock, they were looking at trumps dirty deeds in a foreign land. where did you saps think they would look, Altoona???😆
  13. Trump can’t be on the IOU because his iou’s are worthless😁
  14. It’s the dems fault trump didn’t even try to build the wall for 2 years while he had a republican congress?? interesting....