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  1. he is a gasbag who dodged the draft while supporting the war and made his name calling clinton a draft dodger. all that he has sown will come back to him in spades at the appointed hour as it will for all of us. then he will be forced to judge himeslf
  2. what for he won;t be around too much longer. it looks like hasbeen james woods is jockeying for the hnic of hate radio.
  3. now max you know that is not true. i grasp that you are on the verge of a breakdown, the stress must be terrible. but lashing out like a crazy drunken broad like that only serves to make you feel worse. so you settle down and have a few cold drinks and try to not say such ugly things.
  4. so how does that exonerate trump for not doing his job ? oh so now the official midnut max go to authority and standard is pelosi? hahahahhahaahahahahahaqh oh max you area a wildman. next you will be holding up obama as the standard. i do hope you didn;t stew all day long over lil ol' me roughing you up in the a.m. after my b.m.
  5. hahahahahahhaaa trump is the nations biggest deadbeat. no way he would pay her anything for a shakedown. hahahahahahahaa
  6. right because trump has a reputation for always paying his bills. i am pert sure he would not spent $125,000 to keep mel from knowing.
  7. trump didn;t use a rubber when he fucked hell out of her for a few moments.
  8. so you are equating locking refugee children in cages without their parents with locking down sick infected people. oooooo k
  9. as opposed to paying her $125,000 to fuck her without a rubber
  10. and many on the right would agree if he did it without declaring martial law. and i'm pert sure z was specific
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