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  1. lkt your piece of shlt president has sown the seeds of hatred and you allowed and enabled him so their blood is on your hands as it is on all of you filthy bastards who beamed with pride at trumps hatred.
  2. you are one sick fcuk. you seek out those to hate. not me loser. see, I am better than you in many many ways. blessings to you
  3. back to the shooting, does anyone know if the gun is ok? I hope the nra is on top of things instead of fawning over ugly Russian spies, and reports the condition of the assault weapon used by someone who exercised their rights to buy an assault weapon.
  4. as a nurse are you that cruel that you would deny medical treatment to a person suffering based on them being illregal. yeah you would because you are filled with hate . yo are too toxic for me. we are done. god luck sorting out your mental issues but I can't deal with people like you]. ta ta
  5. the natives were forced into reliance the did not voluntarily embrace it.
  6. hey tupie...see the letter s on the end of the word racist??? that means it is plural which cannot possibly mean you so shut the fcuk up with the fake umbrage.
  7. name 3 democrats who called for open borders and no bulls hit mistranslations. if an illegal in custody breaks his or her leg, yo as this nurse, would deny them treatment if they had no money? what kind of monster have you become??? welfare is not given to illegals so shut the fcuk up with your psycho lied based on hatred you cannot seem to shake. eh, who cares, I am not your psychiatrist, and I pity the person who is. you are one fcuked up person. at least compared to me. LOL
  8. this from the racists who claim blacks are so stupid they vote democrat t get free crumbs. blacks are smarter than you racists give them credit for. trumps race baiting may impress you but blacks are smarter than you apparently.
  9. can you give us 3 examples of democrats putting a higher value on illegals than americans? the stop the Bad wordig lies if you have any self control left. seriously name 3 examples and no lying .
  10. you are a fcuking loon, man. take some medicine for that
  11. in your fever dreams but not in reality based objectivity. you are claiming that the clown who caused so much damage is better then the man who fixed it because he didn't fix it to your likings. that is seriously funny shlt and doesn't pass the smell test. stop doing this to yourself. it's ok to love bush jr and hate the black guy, it's ok to love the republican fake Christian and hate the democrat, but you don't get to rewrite history based on your confusion. sowwy!!!
  12. god did no such thing. the universal cannot operate on the plane of the particular without become the particular.
  13. I agree, however too many bill themselves as Christian while not christianing and thus give a bad name to all, which is patently unfair since real Christians are wonderful, honorable people of good will.
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