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  1. Chain migration.

    snow removal on public roads and highways is socialized. ouchie!
  2. it is simple arithmetic but you are too proud to admit it. red states pay into the fed far less than they take from the fed. blue states pay into the fed far more than they take from the fed. where do you think the money is coming from, mother Russia? it's ok to take but a think you once in a while would be nice. by the way, as a libertarian I would think you would agree that the redistribution by the fed is wrong. unless you are a phony.LOL
  3. well then if they are a majority they must have voted republican since the red states are solid gop. yes that sounds like a good excuse. LOL
  4. why did your spiritual leader steve bannon call it treason? gosh he was there and should know. he also said he believes they took the enemy agents upstairs to meet the don. gosh, let's let Mueller do his job and if trump committed a crime I am sure "patriots" like you will find excuses or blame the fbi
  5. But they are a small minority hence the name "red states"
  6. What about the ones who get farm subsidies