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  1. too funny...you traitors, at a tump resort, played a video of rump murdering people in a church and you say nothing, but my joke abut gillotines makes you huff and puff. thos is why no one respects you except other poorly educated traitors
  2. i am against capital punishment even for traitors like you and trump. a nice kneecaping for old farts like you will suffice. tar and feathers for trump plus life in Guantanamo
  3. my point is that trumps own people are testifying against him. they won't go to jail for the prick like many and cohen. Flynn must be sweating sharks.
  4. i like it when you traitors get mad and lash out like fussy old women. oh and the name calling ,makes you look really smart keep it up pops
  5. hey old man...when yu lash out with the name calling it makes you look like an even bigger loser. keep it up. boy if you are this mad now, think how furious you will be when the truth comes out. i am digging it
  6. i am not tryng to remove him for his crimes, the congress is as per the constitution. trump is dirty and the truth will come out
  7. if he flees to Russia i bet vlad will have him shot, texas style. "ooops we thought it was aburglar in his own home. and he is colored guy." bwahahahhahahahahahaha
  8. oh lookie here...the old man is getting angry because he knows trump is getting the bums rush. that is a joy in and of itself.
  9. i already said that trump won but that doesn't stop you from lying about it, traitor.
  10. trump will be gone sooner than you think. now you have a nice lie down and we patriots will take it from here you rest old man.
  11. john Bolton, hardly a liberal or a demorat, called trumps extortion of Ukraine a " drug deal"
  12. are you a Russian or just ignorant of our constitution?they need no crime although they have one. now sit back and watch as patriots tel the truth,. and you can't handle the truth,
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