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  1. he called cohen an honest and good man at the exact moment trump knew cohen was perjuring himself before congress. there is nothing you can say to excuse trumps aiding and abetting cohens perjury. saying trump called cohen a liar yesterday makes you look silly, like some clown standing there wit his dick in his hand and his teeth hanging out. tell you boss to send reinforcements boris, you need them
  2. hey boris you need to be fired for stupidity. trump called cohen an honest and good man at the very time trump knew cohen was lying to congress. trump called cohen a liar months later after cohen turned witness. you still cannot explain why trump never corrected the lies by cohen to congress. the only answer is that trump was in on the perjury. more grounds to indict and impeach him. boris you are checkmated....trump knew cohen lied to congress, a felony, ad trump did nothing, nada to correct those lies.
  3. but trump knew cohen lied to congress waaaaay before anyone else and he said nothing. please explain away why the dishonest booger allowed the lies to stand imstead of insisting that the matter be cleared up? see you have no excuse because there is none. trump is dirty and was in on the lies. checkmate boris.
  4. keep telling yourself that. LOL
  5. trump is defanged sis. he is a paper tiger, toothless and who no one is scared of his big fcuking mouth. the gig is up.
  6. except preznit nitwit lost control and admitted on national tv that shutting down the gov would e his fault. what a stupid thing to say, but nacy did whack off his little balls so.... oh what is comical is that the dumb fcuk admitted it would be his fault yet you losers are already blaming somone else. I am beginning to supect the cult has serious issues with concentrating on information while conscious.LOL
  7. didn't you hear trump say on national tv that shutting down the gov would be his fault? seriously..... trump got sandbagged and then castrated. he Is powerless like you are powerless. you teaboogers are done. get the fcuk out of the way or get run over. getting trump is glorious. knowing that boogies like you will be flipping out is even better. think of me gloating please. LOL winniong
  8. how does that splain why trumps own doj sad he committed felonies? I guess when one is as immoral as you cultist, felonies are no biggie. can ya see why we not only will enjoy ridding ourselves of trump, but also shoving it down your windpipe? yes it will be a pleasure knowing you clowns are apoplectic and powerless to do anything but crybaby. winning!
  9. if I have to explain it to you it is probably beyond your grasp. may I suggest that you use google and find your own answers? since yo know nothing by your own admission it's kinda foolish for me to splain it to you when you could easier look it up yourself and actually learn something
  10. thing. doesn't that ,make hi so why d you think trump never corrected the lies cohen told to congress. he obviously knew they were lies but said nothing while pipsqueaks like you blame cohen. and then you say we are manipulated. bwahahahhahahahaha you are one funny cultist. keep up the good work
  11. no limpdick, if I was a coward I would make the bet and then welch on it if I lost like your dirtball preznit .
  12. so why do you think trump never corrected the lies he knew cohen told to congress. personreal didn't think of that, of course but how about you. we know cohen lied, we know trump knew he lied, but why didn't trump speak out then? man you clowns are down to grasping the last straw.
  13. trump lies to you on a regular basis so what it the problem? you obviously have no problem being lied to by trump, in fact I suspect you enjoy being humiliated. oh, and since the white house knew in advance that cohen planned to lie to congress why didn't trump try to stop him. good lord you are such an inattentive person. details sis, details. cohen lied to protect trump, trump knew cohen was lying and said nothing, but you blame cohen instead of lying don. pretty pathetic sis.
  14. yeah I am terrified that somehow trump will get his wall after being sandbagged into admitting he would shut down the govt at xmas. you must be new to politics. they will never let him win, especially after castrating him in public. trump is a toothless growly old tiger. watch as the gop turns on him.