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  1. he sure lies a lot about meeting with enemy agents. heck he probably has nothng to hide and just lied and lied and lied out of reflex.
  2. how do you know he didn't collude given that trump and his team lied and lied and lied about meeting Russians many of who are suspected spies???
  3. yeah because trump would never lie to save his ass from a firing squad
  4. olly who to believe.... a serial cheat of 40 years who betrayed all his wives, betrayed his family, betrayed god, betrayed his contractors, betrayed his lenders, betrayed his trump u. victims and betrayed those who donated to his fraudulent foundation, who lied and lied and lied about meeting suspected Russian spies or the fbi and the department of justice. too funny funny shlt
  5. the Christian thing to do would be to forgive her and welcome her back home.
  6. Cheney has run out of transplants and will soon be splainin his bulls hit to the lord of hosts . he must be terrified although one would think Liz wouldn’t be so fcuking arrogant. dirtydick Cheney will be held accountable as we all shall.
  7. Sorry bro you’re so childish I’m gonna have to put You on ignore bye bye
  8. Mitt Romney was part of a group and fatso rush bragged about his support of the war. he would have gone but he had a boil on his asss. Dirtduck Cheney stayed home to raise a lesbian and cheered the war while safe at home. you cannot love the troops while sending them off to die needlessly
  9. and the French paid the price for the stupidity of the morons who allowed jr to lie us into war. and no one who supported the war demanded answers from bush jr. the ultimate betrayal of our military came form the flag waving hypocrites and cowards.
  10. actually the cocksuckers were despised because they supported the war while dodging it themselves. these barfy repubs kept the war going. these dirtballs are allowed the needless deaths all those good men and women that your flag wavers are always fawning over. you should be furious with them instead of honoring their moral cowardice and treachery.. then again you like trump so....
  11. Yeah no one ever calls black people boogers except maybe in that shi thole Tennessee you know then Stick to playing checkers buddy Now you run along I am weary of dealing with you you got sweatboy
  12. harryramar

    Another fake hate crime

    Jesus if you take mel to the car wash she’ll come out looking like some man yuck
  13. harryramar

    Another fake hate crime

    Says the liar who said he lived in California when he let it slip he lives in red state Tennessee 😂 sorry drippy you’re not smart enough to lie even about stupid stuff. stick to sweat labor mammy was right
  14. do you think you are smarter or dumber than Tennessee drippy?
  15. harryramar

    Another fake hate crime

    unless trump resigns in disgrace first.