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  1. hey moochie, which red state do y'all live in? I want to rub it in your face but you are too big a pussy to admit where y'all mooch from. you are worse than the blacks you hate.
  2. nice spin but not even close. I am not talking about law enforcement I am talking about agents of the state shooting dead unarmed citizens and you hypocrites say nothing when the victim is black. you are not even honest enough to address that point. no surprise
  3. so a cop shoots an unarmed black man and the cop is in the right?
  4. right because the cops shooting an unarmed black man is the rule of law. and ya wonder why America is ashamed of you asssholes.
  5. just calling the bluff of an assshole.
  6. f uck you boris. I care about the unarmed victims of police shooting and racist scum like you do not. you were dumb enough to call it a war on law enforcement and your fellow gasbag ran with it without even knowing what he was agreeing with. you libertarians are the biggest hypocrites in the nation. when some assshole libertarians takes the side of the unarmed black men shot by police wake me up
  7. you reacted by attacking me without knowing the exchange. that is sloppy. again he called the state shooting unarmed black men a war on law enforcement and you are too shallow to acknowledge you were wrong. I expect nothing less from rightists
  8. you don't pay attention to details and that makes you easy for trump to manipulate. try thinking on your own for a change. trump is indeed the subject of the Russia./ treason investigation by Mueller calling me a liar just serves to make you look stupid and uninformed. reads it and weep. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/mueller-told-trumps-attorneys-the-president-remains-under-investigation-but-is-not-currently-a-criminal-target/2018/04/03/d7832cf0-36c1-11e8-acd5-35eac230e514_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.9b22728df208 a real man would apologize but you sound like a pussy so lets see.
  9. post your address and I will be glad to demonstrate how easy it is. now I will be driving to Jacksonville florida real soon to look up an old pal. may I stop by on the way down?
  10. fun stuff from the guy who was going to go to maine to beat up a real man. yeah your whole blather is about how tough you are. I say you are a pussy and I could take your gun away in no time
  11. 182 YEARS AGO

    well you dimwit you saw the pictures and called benson a traitor. but thanks for agreeing that only a pussy needs a rifle to eat fast food. you will find it on the wafflehouse murder thread now scroll down half way on page one.
  12. did you even read what he responded to? I asked why libertarians didn't side with the unarmed black victims who were shot dead by agents of the state. he called the cops shooting unarmed black men "identity politics and a war on law enforcement". perhaps you should read before you react with name calling as you look the fool. then again perhaps you agree that the state murdering unarmed negroes is a war on law enforcement. Oooops!
  13. 182 YEARS AGO

    Texans do. benson posted the picture
  14. except trump is the one under investigation for treason . enjoy the show.
  15. if wife beater zimmy didn't have a gun he would not have been brave enough to confront a 16 year old. what a pussy