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  1. uhhhh no the witnesses can either corroborate trumps story or they can prove he did indeed try to extort Ukraine. what is astonishing is that you all have to know he is dirty and a cheat but you don't care. you put a bum like trump above your own country.
  2. who will be left to support the red states??
  3. don't bother, spiritual things must be spiritually discerned so to you it is foolishness. Laura's brother thinks she is a fake as well. https://www.thedailybeast.com/laura-ingrahams-brother-goes-to-war-against-her
  4. again the false witness. have you no shame at all? I mean you give Christianity a bad name with your nastiness. that is the real sin.
  5. I love Christians. I just don't respect you fake ones. you are one of there nastiest people here along with max and a few others. look at your post, you just bore false witness against me as if the 10 commandments don't apply to you. you are a hypocrite of the worst kind.
  6. so what , she is nasty and hateful like so many fake Christians. she is smart enough to make millions pushing here hate but she will be held to account for the hatred she pumps into the psychic atmosphere. see: brietbart,a.
  7. yeah right she is a good christian like all you fraudsters. you fake Christians are a joke. is there anytime you actually side with jesus over trump?> hmmm caging children? check assassinating a foreign leader? check lying about the killing? check cutting off food for hungry children? check bearing false witness? check cheating thy neighbor ? check and this guy was appointed by your god? of course.
  8. I just said it was wrong, now you want me to prove I said it before. you won't name your state because it is most likely a mooch state and you are ashamed. I understand. heck after all that whining if it turns out you live well thanks to handouts, you won't have any cred left. oh wait, you don't anyway. hahahahahahaa I tell what state and city I live in but telling which state you live in is personal? you scared i'll knock on doors at every trailer park to find you? cluck you chcikenboy
  9. is it true that you were once a democrat and voted for fdr in 32?
  10. looks like dirtowitz is a dirty fellow. https://abovethelaw.com/2015/01/alan-dershowitzs-accuser-swears-by-her-story-of-sexual-misconduct/
  11. i'll do that when you admit which state you live in
  12. once again the fellow that calls me a dumbasss is totally ignorant of the facts. the prosecutor was alex Acosta who was trumps labor secretary. Christ it is astonishing how little you know while calling everyone a dumbass in every post. you are almost a caricature of the dopey trump supporter. keep up the good work now dirtowitz got the plea deal that allowed his best pal epstein to rape and pillage more under age girls. and the deal was made by another dirtball republican. and dirtowitz was accused of having sex with an underaged girl. I won't call you a dumbasss i'll let others make that determination but you certainly call attention to your lack of knowledge when you call everyone a dumbasss in every post.
  13. and they do that with evidence and eyewitnesses both which trump withheld for obvious reasons. I don't get why you do not wan to know the truth . I don't get why you don't want the rest of us to know the truth. that kinda makes you an enemy of the truth ain;t it funny how those of you who claim to love the lord so much are the ones fighting the hardest to keep the truth hidden. weird ain;t it?
  14. ofttimes those who repeatedly call everyone a dumbass are insecure in their own level of intelligence. it's kind of a defense mechanism and the more someone uses name calling the more obvious that it becomes.
  15. hunter biden was not an eyewitness to trumps crimes boltonwas. so was mickey m and some others. so why do you not want us to learn the truth from eyewitnesses.
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