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  1. harryramar

    Nunes lied

    the 400+ papers released prove that it wasn't, fool. how did they use a dossier in 2013 3 years before it was written. grow up dude, you lost, trump is a crook and you have been conned.
  2. harryramar

    Nunes lied

    the feds had evidence that carter was a spy back in 2013, years before trump even announced he was running and years before the dossier. sorry bro, trump hired a suspected spy as an advisor. just another coincidence I suppose. why do you think trump would hire a suspected Russian spy???
  3. where is the wall? oh, didn't he borrow money for the wall and then keep it for himself as a tax cut?
  4. page is highly educated and a brilliant man so why does he play the role of a silly fellow on tv? he plays stupid to fool the likes of choser and others so they won't believe a giggling buffoon could possibly betray America for the likes of trump. luckily our men and women of the fbi are a lot smarter than choser and other blame America firsters would have you believe. this shows nunes is a fcuking liar and should be held to account.
  5. harryramar

    Brainwashed Libs

    yaaaawn. whenever someone calls anyone a commie I know immediately that they are not a very smart person, since the only commie left are in north korea and trump just got asss fcuked by them to the cheers of the truly stupid. hey where's trumps peace prize for being a stooge of a commie????
  6. harryramar

    Democrats in Crisis mode....

    normal americans are ashamed of trump. you racists and Nazis are not. he says you are fine people. we say you are moral cowards with no brains or spine. see you in November .
  7. harryramar

    Nunes lied

    right there is no such person as carter page . good lord your excuses are getting worse. just admit we told you and move on.
  8. harryramar

    Nunes lied

    a suspected spy is a lame excuse??? are you seriously going to run with that?
  9. harryramar

    Nunes lied

    except they had more than probable cause to believe he was an agent for Russia. 4 separate reub appointed judges agreed. but you know more even tho you haven't seen the redacted part that was hidden to protect sources. thank god for the fbi doing their duty instead of kow towing to trump or you know nothing cultists.
  10. harryramar

    Nunes lied

    you are ignorant of how it works or you wouldn;t say such bulls hit. they had probable cause, more than probable cause back in 2013 to get a fisa warrant on page, years before the dossier was even thought of. the wiretapping allowed by each warrant uncovered more evidence that page was a traitor. why would trump hire a suspected traitor, Elton? are you that dense or just refusing to admit we told ya so? either way you lose, bro. page plays the buffoon on tv but he is a really smart academic type. why does he act like a silly bastard on tv? to fool dopes like you and the other cultists. a smarter person would be angry at trump and page.
  11. harryramar

    2018 mid terms.

    oh shut up!
  12. harryramar

    2018 mid terms.

    yeah run on trump calling our intel people liars whilke trump betrayed America on foreign soil.
  13. harryramar

    Nunes lied

    the dossier was not the sole source or even the most important source for obtaining the 4 fisa warrants approved by republican appointed judges. carter page was investigated back in 2013 so it had nothing to do with trump tower. when investigating page they found more and more evidence which led to ensuing fisa warrants. the evidence of each successive warrant applied for was collected during the investigation by using wiretaps to listen in to what page was up to. when page joined team treason they caught page on wiretaps speaking with either trump or trump officials which trump then lied about claiming he was wiretapped. he was not a target just as disgraced nsa Flynn was not but happened to be caught on wiretaps talking with suspect spymaster kysliak, a suspected spy that sessions forgot to mention meeting as did others and trump met with in private with no other American witnesses present. all this bulls hit that trump was spied on is bulls hit to fool the truly gullible. if I were a trumpie I would be pissed at nunes and trump for manipulating me with untruths and outright lies. the fact is that nunes lied through his teeth and did trump.
  14. harryramar

    The Democrats Betrayed Our Country

    oh look, 123nazi was kid enough to post the places where most people live and voted dem, which explains why Hillary got 3 million more than boris trump. thanks 123nazi. love the picture of your man Goebbels. he would have loved trump, liebchen!