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  1. John McCain has brain cancer

    Spoken like a true dickhead!
  2. John McCain has brain cancer

    Truly sad news. I've always respected John McCain, I wish him the best.
  3. I love to watch asshole cons bitch about dumb shit.
  4. Never heard of it, it must me a Florida right-wing delicacy.
  5. No it doesn't. You must be thinking about lucifershammer. He prefers dicks, but he will settle for balls.
  6. You would make one good target. Come to Houston and I will show you.
  7. Just to let you know, I was warned about mention another poster's family. I haven't reported you; I take pity on the mentally disabled.
  8. I am reloading as I type and I am thinking of you. Could you post a picture of yourself; tomorrow I am going to the range and I need a target. Trump's picture is getting unrecognizable.
  9. My mother's been dead for decades; I'm not surprised you would fuck a corpse though. In South Carolina the morgues are hot spots for swingers I imagine.
  10. Then go fucking die you retard! I wouldn't even bury a Trump supporter. Let the carrion eat their sorry asses. Do your women get jealous of the sheep in South Carolina? Hahahaha
  11. Yet you blame Obama because the republicans have not delivered on their promise. I am on Medicare, it doesn't matter to me if you buy insurance, pay the penalty or fucking die. It's your choice.
  12. People without decent health care who blame Obama will wonder why Trump and the republicans haven't done what they promised to do. When these people are unable to see a doctor they won't give a fuck about the democrats who are out of office now. Just wait and see. How old are you? I am reluctant to cuss at a child.
  13. Have mercy on us liberals here in Texas. With Trump's help we will turn Texas blue.
  14. Of course you do. Tell me, when will the republicans be responsible now that they have both Houses and the Presidency? How long will you Trump supporters give the Orange Sphincter a free pass?
  15. Houston doesn't care what you inbred sheep-fuckers think.