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  1. Blue Dog The Coward

    And here I thought it was gun violence in Chicago.
  2. Blue Dog The Coward

    Your best post ever. Bluefog got me put in the penalty box for posting there. [/URL
  3. JTturd Zilla left with teacher???

    If teacher left for good I'm leaving to. I think thats what David_R wants...you know a purely ultraliberal circle jerk. [/URL
  4. Kinda. (got 21 years sobriety this week.) BTW: I'm not going to dance (like a monkey the way ultraliberals do) over your typo.
  5. Al Franken, martyr

    Because he lied under oath about it.
  6. Idiot's By The Dozen

    Homie burn down all the supermarket or robbed them out of business. I've been in these stores...what they need is a armed guard.
  7. Al Franken, martyr

    Steal one hubcap and your a thief.
  8. Al Franken, martyr

    When he lied under oath.
  9. How did admitted coke user Obama get a security clearance ?