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  1. Old33....thank you for not shunning me BUT Bush was not a KING !
  2. Insinuating and accusing are two different things. What Bush said was Iraq (Sadam) was partially responsible for Palestinian terrorism...from there; the ultraliberals ran with it.
  3. George Bush never said Iraq was responsible for the 9/11 attacks but ultraliberals use to love to claim he did...just like he said MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !
  4. Am I suppose to be surprised...by the biggest crime couple since Bonnie and Clyde ?
  5. Thats like asking what would you rather get shot in the head with...a 22MAG twice or a .44 once ? Not a lot of wiggle room !!!
  6. Thats like asking who would you rather babysit your kids Jeffery Dammer or Wayne Gacy.
  7. Question about Chris Columbus

    The Original Americans were in a constant state of turf war with each other. They didn't own land per say (?) they fought for control over certain hunting grounds, camping grounds, etc.
  8. Question about Chris Columbus

    Who gave the Original Americans thier land...who did they buy it from ? Who surveyed the property lines and recorded the deeds ???