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  1. We hid the gas in the bus Raggity Man. We just needed you to drive that fat tanker.
  2. Sound about right. Since you mentioned other forums, I have made an interesting observation in rearguards to some of them. I have to go hunt down some parts now, but I will post maybe later today, or tomorrow.
  3. Mell Gibson had to buy a movie to be allowed to be in it. You're a piece of work raggity man.
  4. They don't care about anything but spewing hatred. I see alot of bipolarized individuals here lately. Strange days indeed. One day THE PIG will be gone, and with him many of the people here. Perhaps even this forum.
  5. They'll pack their ass into churches like sardines. Same thing, maybe worse in an enclosed area .I feel safer out on the street.
  6. Kfools wants to blame it on protests, but in reality, even if they did contribute to the spread it would be to soon for anyone to show symptoms. These spikes are the result of his people who just couldn't stand to not get tattoos, or a whore massage months ago.
  7. You should be happy that negros will die of this disease while they are protesting. Maybe some gays too. Don't understand why you are so upset. Wash your hands for atleast 20 seconds, and don't fuck any sluts. You'll live.
  8. Including California which has the strictest regulations. How bad will it get in states that have fewer, or none at all now? I predict this is going to get much worse in the coming months.
  9. You are wasting your time trying to reason with these cult members. Time to walk away and let history deal with them. After THE PIG is gone, we will start to heal this country. It won't change overnight, and not everything, but it will change. The best part, some of these people here will fade into obscurity.
  10. Yes, please do. Do you think that bleeding from his ears is a chronic condition. Has he bled since he was a child? Maybe he was on blood thinners, a leading cause of ear bleeding after being pushed to the cement. You cult members will try to justify anything.
  11. And they will continue to do so. This is a fact.
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