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  1. JeanMoulin

    Biden is the only hope for beating THE PIG

    Tells me nothing. Obama doesn't decide who will be our next president. The American voters will decide. Would it be helpful if he did, maybe, but it won't be a big of game changer if he endorses no one.
  2. JeanMoulin

    Biden is the only hope for beating THE PIG

    Biden's slogan is let's get rid of THE PIG, and return this country to normalcy. Like it or not this country is a two party system. Who worked with Obama to get the ACA passed into law? Biden will not get everyone free healthcare at this point in time, but he will work to get it affordable. He knows exactly what he's doing.
  3. I'm starting to believe they are all the same person. Read their words and punctuation.
  4. Well he is from Tennessee. Jesus would forgive him because they know not what they do.
  5. Was he a member of this forum? They didn't say.
  6. They like it because they can open carry for protection. Although I don't know who the Hell would rape her. I think she weighs about 450 pounds now. Bubba's all you can eat buffet has not been kind to either of them.
  7. I don't know. My sister in law and her husband moved there last year. They're not too bright if you get my drift. Do they like it? Hell yes. Birds of a feather.
  8. He cares nothing about American sovereignty. He just hates Mexicans. Yet he will hire them if he can get them cheap.
  9. My 12 gauge will do the same thing. The gods forbid I would ever have to use it against another human being. Without doubt , there would be a police investigation , and it may even go to a jury trial. Now I'm just an old man with a shotgun defending his home. How will it look to a jury if I'm armed to the teeth with weapons like that? It would look like I was laying in wait for just an opportunity to waste someone. Pretty stupid to have weapons like that in your home if your intention is to just use them on someone.
  10. JeanMoulin

    Biden is correct

    In the end you will find yourself on the wrong side of our history. This country never needed people like you or THE PIG to be great. It already was and still is despite you.
  11. JeanMoulin

    Stand behind Biden

    To compare Biden to THE PIG is insanity. I don't care what Biden did or said in the past, this is now, and THE PIG is scared of him for a reason. To win a war sometimes you have to get dirty.
  12. JeanMoulin

    Biden is correct

    You will never convince cult members like jefftec. When THE PIG's reign is over they will fade into obscurity.
  13. THE PIG is a threat to the security of our country. To openly claim that he would not use the CIA to use their assets to monitor a known ruthless dictator like Kim is traitorous. Proof that supporters of THE PIG are traitors to our democracy and are nothing more then cult members.
  14. You are not a believer in the teaching of Christ. You are a cult member.