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  1. The returns that he submitted to the IRS will be clean. If they weren't he would have gone down long ago. That doesn't by any means make him clean. I really don't think we will get much from these returns because they are fraudulent, but in the realm of legal in the eyes of the IRS. Nobody reports laundered money to the IRS. There are other ways to find that money.
  2. After his remark to his salivating cult followers about Biden kissing Obama's ass, I think it's time for him to formally denounce THE PIG. He can't stand for this. Normally this would not have to happen, but these are not normal times. We now have a deranged president. Obama's words will carry weight, and he needs to come down on him hard. No more staying high when he goes low.
  3. Cult members only believe in revenge, not the rule of law. Just like their cult leader.
  4. Neo is a cult member. When THE PIG said he could shoot someone and his followers wouldn't care, people like Neo are who he is talking about. They worship him like a god.
  5. It's about removing an unfit president. A liar and a criminal. A traitor to this country. THE PIG is not good for this country, and I don't care how high the stock market goes. We are a country of laws, and most importantly morals. We don't always abide by them, but we must always strive to achieve them.
  6. What does it tell you when the first thing THE PIG does is put a portrait of his hero Andrew Jackson? A butcher of Native Americans. Someone who defied the supreme court's rulings. A president that allowed wealthy cotton growers to steal land. That in itself tells me everything I need to know about THE PIG's heros, and how much he worships them.
  7. Maybe it's possible that Putin has nothing on THE PIG. It's possible that THE PIG just loves dictators. He definitely believes that he is one, and acts like one. Putin may be using THE PIG's love of these dictators to farther his agendas. If someone knows they have a lover that will allow them to do anything they please, human nature is that they will use that love for their own benefit. Don't tell me that you have never experienced this before. Sometimes it's referred to as hero worship. Sometimes it's called a bad romance. THE PIG has some serious issues going on in his head. All cult leaders do.
  8. You will support THE PIG because you are a cut member. You want a dictator to be the leader of our country. You are a traitor to our democracy.
  9. No one is above the laws of our country. The people are above the executive branch. The house represents the people. Actually I could argue in some ways that they are above the executive branch.
  10. I can't put my finger on Graham. He's either scared shiltless of his job in that redneck state. or he's in love with THE PIG. He doesn't quite fit the cult member mold. He's a hard nut to crack on this one. I can say that he doesn't care about the rest of the country or it's laws.
  11. THE PIG will never be convicted, and he will never resign. It's going to come down to the voters, or he has a debilitating stroke, and dies. I hope for the later so we don't have to pay for his security detail. Unfortunately we will still have to pay for his crime family.
  12. Golfboy is a deep state believer and a cult member. Now he advocates shooting Mueller who he believes without proof that he is a traitor, just like THE PIG does. This is the mind of the cult member. Theses are very dangerous people. We absolutely need for the FBI, the CIA to keep a close eye on all of them. They are being backed into a corner. All animals become dangerous in that situation including humans.
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