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  1. Guess I need to get my goat leggings out of storage. If one needs to belong to cult, this would be 1000 times better then worshiping THE PIG. Satan has no influence on peoples lives, or protecting our environment.
  2. Your people did constantly. Didn't bother me because in the first place, he wasn't, and in the second place Obama is a decent human being who didn't need to accept help from the Russian government to win two elections. You're a card carrying member of THE PIG's cult, and a traitor to my country.
  3. You can say that, but there a lot of jews living in this country that are democrats and hate both those ass holes. They may have family living in Israel I don't want to loose their votes.
  4. Yes, it is. They won't do it though. It would alienate democratic party jews. We really don't want to do that either.
  5. Oh, I believe he very much wants to be buried there. He's eligible. Doesn't that just disgust anyone that isn't a cult member? They probably want him buried at the Vatican along with the saints. Sickening.
  6. Sent an email to Pelosi imploring her to halt all visits to Israel. I would like her to cut some funding, but I doubt seriously that will happen. The democratic members of congress need to unify over this, and send the message to THE PIG that we will not tolerate him trying to control any members of congress.
  7. Yeah I don't know about that. I know you're saying that in jest, and the act would be acceptable to me and many others, but I believe if somebody actually did that, they would be arrested and charged with a federal crime. Not worth it to me.
  8. What does that have to do with THE PIG's disgusting body being buried among honorable men and women?
  9. And trust me, that's where he will want to go. It makes me sick to my stomach. The only way I can at least take some satisfaction is knowing that he is dead.
  10. Reports are that it was only one bone and it was consistent with strangulation, not hanging. Maybe he just wanted to get out of that cell into a mental ward and he went a bit too far. Accidental suicide.
  11. He was OK with letting them come until THE PIG told him not to. Still he went along with it. Netanyahu is a corrupt leader so it figures he would side with a corrupt president. I say no member of congress should go now. Fvck Bebe and THE PIG.
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