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  1. Just like any average American, Or Brit, I'm pretty sure Boris is getting a little bit better care then the average joe.
  2. Boris is doing really good. Very tremendous, he's a strong guy.
  3. It was a beautiful telephone call. Very tremendous. He praised me and told me what a wonderful job I'm doing. He told me I'm the best president.
  4. The great grandson of Teddy Roosevelt just published a statement saying that Teddy did the same thing during the Spanish American war wanting his solders that were stricken with yellow fever to be removed from Cuba. The secretary of war refused. We have learned nothing from history, have we?
  5. Just to be clear, I don't know anything about Dennis. He's not my friend, he's just another person on the internet. I'm not in a position to defend him, or refute him. He may be what he claims to be, or not. Again, it's the internet man. Everything here may, or be not be true. There are other more serious things in life that may piss me off, and are much more important.
  6. No you have not, but I try very hard not to break any rules here. If Dennis broke any rules you absolutely have the right to punish, but just because he pissed you off, well, that's a different story. I can only going by what you said was your reasoning.
  7. So did he violate any rules, or just piss you off? There's a lot of people here that piss me off. I just ignore them. Sounds to me that you have a pretty thin skin to let some unknown person on an internet forum to get under it. Very similar to your leader when dealing with the press.
  8. I have to stop and think about this for a moment. Should I listen to the healthcare experts, or someone's opinion on an internet forum? I'll get back to you after I've thought this out.
  9. Well, you voted for him. Why? Hated HRC perhaps? You're not the only one unfortunately. I did, and so did 3 million more voters. She wasn't perfect, but she would have made a better president no matter what the right wing cons say. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a liberal Democrat, not a left wing Sanders extremists. I want what's good for our country, and a con artist TV reality show host is not good for this country. I would have accepted another Bush, and I don't say that lightly.
  10. He/ she is full of shit. There might be some atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that doesn't have internet, but I even doubt that. You sound like a smart guy and I'm sure you already figured that out.
  11. I listen to the experts on the radio. Don't watch TV. When he starts talking, back to music, or a good book.
  12. Native Americans in Alaska in the middle of nowhere have internet access for Christ sake. Where the hell do these kids live? In a bunker? I'm thinking it's more like their fucked up parents that won't let them have it because it's the devil.
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