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  1. Better for himself and his family. He's proved that. As far as the economy, that has very little to do with him. It was time for an uptick no matter who would have been president. It's just a cycle.
  2. You're giving these swine too much credit. Just look how they supported him so far. They will never crumble. They would lose their base. They'd be toast.
  3. And what exactly good will that do? Waste of time. Time better spent on giving the American people all the facts about how this con artist operates.
  4. He can't come into power again if he's voted out. The senate will never vote for impeachment. The best the house can do right now is make sure all the facts are out. THE PIG is already in deep shlt with just what we already know. Barr can't fight this too much longer. The wolves are at his door.
  5. He won't get away with it if you vote smart. The presidency is a popularity contest in case you haven't noticed. Always has been. Don't expect the republican swine to care about not respecting the rule of law. Vote for a democrat that has a good chance of winning.
  6. Some here believe they can win an all out war on our democracy, instigated by republican swine, with their hearts. They will not. You win by being smart and hitting back, and hard. Biden is dumb like a fox. THE PIG is scared of him, and the more that comes out in this report, the worse it will be for him.
  7. Hold on there Liz. You haven't even seen the redacted version. You don't have a snowballs chance in hell of being president, and the house will never impeach because the republican swine in the senate will never vote for it. Step aside and let this all come out when we've seen everything. There is more then enough there to cost THE PIG another election.
  8. You want to hand the THE PIG another win? Biden is the only hope to rid the foul stench from the white house. Middle America will not support a woman. They will not support Sanders. Face it. The president at this time, in this country, is chosen by corn and hog farmers. Maybe one day that will change, but not right now. Sad but true. Biden can appeal to them without looking totally progressive. In a debate, he can mop the floor with THE PIG. He will not hold back like Clinton did. He will call THE PIG out on every lie, every failed policy. He may even give some republican voters a "way out" if you can understand what I mean. He was well liked in Washington by both sides. He's not too old. He is in better shape both mentally and physically then THE PIG. All he needs to do is last four years, he can do it easy. Go ahead and throw your vote away, but don't ever come here bitching about it when THE PIG wins.
  9. Why is an AR more deadly? Because anyone can buy one. A 16 is only in the hands of someone licensed to own one. Pretty simple. I can't think of too many mass shooting recently where a 16 was used on U.S. soil.
  10. cross of lorain?

  11. JeanMoulin

    What will fat old bikers do....

    I'm very afraid of old fat bikers.
  12. Why did general Mattis resign?
  13. You won't and I won't, but these people want to vote with their "hearts". They don't understand that this is a war, and that they will hand The Pig a victory.
  14. when they won't be able to afford their portable oxygen tanks because of the cuts to Medicare?
  15. Middle America will never vote for a woman. The south will never vote for a woman, especially a woman of color. It's up to Biden. He will not give you free healthcare. He will not give you free college. He will give you something affordable. How? Because even some of the republican swine in congress can and want to work with him. He may not be respected by any of you little Pig worshipers, but he is in Washington. I believe from talking to other party democrats, part of his agenda will focus on research for fighting cancer. Even republican swine get cancer, or someone they love. It would be akin to Kennedy's moon shot, even though he didn't live to see it, he got the ball rolling. If he fails to remove this crime family from office, we will. The Pig won't be around forever.